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Another kind of match. There are a lot of ways to describe a wrestler but one that would come up as often as any other might be tough. Wrestlers are athletes who have to make you believe they are in a real fight, which can be rather tricky at times. On occasion, they have to do something very legitimate, and that was the case in a much more serious situation for a wrestling legend.

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During a new interview with, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Duggan revealed that a man broke into his home on December 8 at around 6:45pm, armed with a gun. Duggan took the man down and took the gun from him, holding him at gunpoint until the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department arrived to arrest the man. Duggan said that the intruder was frightened as people from a nearby home were attempting to kill him and entered the home after pounding on several other nearby doors. Following the arrest, Duggan declined to press charges against the man.

Duggan had a career of taking people out. Check out some of his better moments:

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Opinion: That is a situation that could have been a lot worse and thankfully nothing went too wrong. The fact that someone was so scared that he broken into someone else’s house is quite telling, but at least no one was hurt in the end. Thankfully Duggan was able to take care of things and nothing went too bad, because this could have been a complete disaster if it had gone another way.

What is your favorite Duggan moment? What was the best part of his career? Let us know in the comments below.

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