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Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling displays for over ten years now and feature reviewed over 5,000 displays. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll be posting a brand new evaluation right here on Wrestlingrumors.web. It might be anything else from fashionable WWE to old-fashioned to indies to anything else in between. Note that I price the use of letters as an alternative of stars and I don’t price fits below 3 mins as actually, how excellent or dangerous can one thing that quick be?

Worlds Collide
Date: January 25, 2020
Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness

It’s a large night time in Texas, and now not simply because I after all remembered that the display isn’t referred to as When Worlds Collide. This is NXT vs. NXT UK and the cardboard is in fact stacked, with a number of fits that may be superior. If they are living as much as the hype, it’s a display of the 12 months contender. Let’s get to it.

Kickoff Show: Mia Yim vs. Kay Lee Ray

Non-title. Mia knocks her into the nook to start out and hits a Cannonball for 2. Ray will get chopped towards the ropes however Mia takes her down via the leg and will get two off a kick to the pinnacle. A faceplant provides Ray her personal two and the chinlock is going on. Mia fights up and chops her approach out of the nook so Ray superkicks her for 2. The Swanton misses despite the fact that and Yim ratings along with her personal superkick.

The springboard DDT provides Yim two extra and Ray will get hit with a suicide dive. Ray is correct again up with a most sensible rope turn dive of her personal they usually’re each down at the flooring. Back in and Code Blue will get two however Ray is correct again with Eat Defeat for her personal close to fall. It’s Yim’s flip now and a Batista Bomb give her two extra. A Canadian Destroyer is excellent for a similar however they cross to a sequence of rollups. Yim will get two extra however will get reversed, with Ray grabbing the rope for the pin at 9:18.

Rating: C+. It used to be excellent motion and a nice end, despite the fact that I nonetheless can’t deliver myself to care about Yim. She simply isn’t attention-grabbing and there’s not anything that she will be able to do to mend that. Maybe she’ll catch hearth in a while however to this point it’s been numerous boring stuff from right here the place they push her smartly however not anything clicks. Ray is best, despite the fact that I’m nonetheless ready on her to step as much as some other degree.

The opening video options narration via Winston Churchill, speaking about how we will be able to battle far and wide over video of Imperium and the Undisputed Era. The remainder of the cardboard will get some consideration as smartly, however the 8 guy tag is the focus, correctly.

The announcers welcome us to the display.

Finn Balor vs. Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov comes out to a couple close to silence. Balor grabs a headlock to start out and takes Dragunov down, most effective to get reversed with a headscissors. Dragunov begins plodding away however will get despatched out of doors for a baseball slide throughout the ropes. Back in and Dragunov knocks him down, putting in place a backsplash for 2. The armbar is damaged up as Balor makes the rope however he misses his apron enziguri.

Balor bails to the ground so Dragunov hits a crossbody from the apron. A most sensible rope ax care for misses despite the fact that and Balor stomps away, putting in place an elbow for 2 again within. Balor stomps away within the nook and the enthusiasts are VERY happy. A operating chop will get two and we hit the chinlock to stay Dragunov down. 1916 is countered right into a suplex despite the fact that and Dragunov hits a operating knee within the nook.

Dragunov hits a number of knees to the chest and a large one to the face will get two. Balor is one step forward of him despite the fact that and hits the leaping double stomp to the ribs. They slug it out till Dragunov hits an enziguri. The Pele is stuck however Balor is again with a Nightmare on Helm Street.

The Sling Blade appears to arrange the John Woo dropkick however Dragunov grabs a bridging German suplex for 2 extra. Dragunov’s discus lariat places Balor at the flooring for some other crossbody. Back in and Balor is draped over the ropes for a missile dropkick to the aspect of the pinnacle. Balor’s nostril is busted however he’s nice sufficient to get his knees as much as block a backsplash. The John Woo dropkick units up the Coup de Grace into the 1916 for the pin at 13:50.

Rating: B. The perfect signal of the fit is they overcame an apathetic crowd to start out. The enthusiasts didn’t care about Dragunov and have been cheering Balor right through, however the vital phase right here is they were given the enthusiasts being concerned. Dragunov isn’t in a position to defeat somebody like Balor so the loss isn’t a foul factor, however what issues is that he used to be aggressive they usually had a heck of a fit. Really excellent opener.

The Broserweights and the Grizzled Young Veterans are within the entrance row. They’re informed that the winners will obtain a Tag Team Title shot at Takeover: Portland and Gibson isn’t happy. He’s observed the Broserweights’ resume and there’s not anything there. The Veterans must win the event as a result of they’re the most productive group on the planet.

Matt Riddle talks about how they must be at liberty over the brand new prize for the winners. Dunne is stone confronted, however Riddle says that’s his satisfied face. Dunne: “I’ll be blunt.” That makes Riddle VERY satisfied and we even need to pause for his mini birthday party. Dunne guarantees to smoke the Veterans subsequent week as it’s their trophy to win. Riddle got here off like a celebrity right here.

Cruiserweight Title: Isaiah Scott vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks vs. Angel Garza

One fall to a end with Garza protecting. The enthusiasts are at the back of Scott and all 4 take hold of fingers to start out. Garza asks for a pause so he can TAKE OFF HIS PANTS but it surely’s a triple suplex to chop him off. Devlin Rock Bottoms Scott and Banks and moonsaults onto either one of them. Scott is again up with the rolling Downward Spiral on Banks, adopted via the dropkick to Devlin. Devlin and Scott cross out of doors so Garza hits the large turn dive, leaving Banks to hit a stomp from the apron.

Banks kicks at Scott’s chest again within however Garza joins in, incomes himself some Banks kicks as smartly. Scott kicks Garza into the nook however will get suplexed into a distinct nook as banks continues to dominate. Scott is distributed into Garza within the nook and Banks hits a suicide dive on Devlin. Back in and Banks sends Devlin into the nook onto the opposite two. Devlin is again up with a loopy spinning twister DDT on Scott and a Spanish Fly to Garza, most effective to have Banks dive in with a double stomp for the save.

They slug it out from their knees till Garza sends Banks into Devlin. That way GARZA CAN TAKE OFF HIS PANTS prior to catching Banks’ crossbody. Devlin can’t hit a hurricanrana on Garza, who holds them each up directly. Scott dives in with a double stomp to Devlin and everyone seems to be down. The House Call to Garza is damaged up via Devlin however Banks is again up with a Canadian Destroyer to plant Devlin and everyone seems to be down.

Garza and Scott cross up most sensible however get pulled down with a double tremendous Spanish Fly from Devlin. Banks is correct again up with the Slice of Heaven into the Kiwi Crusher for 2 on Devlin to position everybody down once more. Banks tries a headscissors out of the nook however Scott flips him ahead into one thing like an Iconoclasm for 2. Garza hits a opposite hurricanrana on Scott and the Wing Clipper connects, most effective to have Devlin headbutt him down. The Devlin Side finishes Scott for the pin and the identify at 12:08. Devlin’s birthday party is superior as he seems like he simply received the World Title in the primary match of Wrestlemania.

Rating: B. I had this one fallacious however I will be able to cross with this because the Cruiserweight Title doesn’t imply anything else on NXT. Devlin has wanted a large win for a very long time now and that’s the correct name right here. He’s misplaced a number of large fits now so giving him a big win and a identify is a great transfer, particularly when there isn’t a lot for Garza to do with the identify in NXT. If not anything else, this may put Devlin on 205 Live, despite the fact that I’d get a snigger out of him simply by no means appearing up there and having 205 Live faux the display serves any goal (love it does now).

Post fit Devlin says he informed you all and also you must imagine him. Never wager towards the Ace.

Keith Lee, Mia Yim, Chelsea Green and Robert Stone are right here.

We recap DIY vs. Moustache Mountain. There isn’t a lot of a tale however they’re each the signature groups in their manufacturers so it’s time to have a dream fit.

DIY vs. Moustache Mountain

This might be excellent. Maybe. Possibly. Gargano and Bate get started issues off with Gargano taking him down for an armbar. A headlock helps to keep Bate down and he can’t energy out of a entrance facelock. He can on the other hand turn out of a hurricanrana strive and check out the Tyler Driver 97, most effective to have Gargano slip out this time. Gargano misses the rolling kick to the pinnacle so Bate grabs his leg on an tried kick to the ribs.

Bate is sweet sufficient to position the foot down and it’s a double tag to Seven and Ciampa. They have a moustache off after which a pose down with Seven conceding the second one spherical. Ciampa takes him t the mat however the turn over armbar is countered right into a rollup for 2. Bate comes again in and he’s prepared to pose with Ciampa. We cross old-fashioned with a take a look at of power and the taller Ciampa will get the simpler of items.

They turn over to the mat and bridge up at two every. Bate a lot up Bop and Bang however will get hit within the face in a rush. Ciampa knees Bate to the ground and Gargano superkicks Seven out with him. The Brits are despatched over the announcers’ desk and DIY have a seat at the apron. Back in and Gargano mocks Bate’s pose prior to kicking him at the back of the pinnacle for 2. Ciampa elbows Bate down and we’re off to the chinlock.

Bate after all fights up and flips out so he can tag Seven in for the chops. A DDT drops Gargano and the powerbomb into the Seven Star Lariat will get two on Ciampa. Another lariat is blocked with a leaping knee to the face, which will have knocked out Seven’s enamel. Gargano is again in with a Downward Spiral/DDT aggregate, adopted via the slingshot spear for 2 on Bate.

Willow’s Bell hits Seven and Gargano’s slingshot DDT will get two on Bate. Gargano and Seven battle to the ground and Ciampa knees Bate within the head. Project Ciampa and the Tyler Driver 97 are countered so Bate hits the rebound lariat as an alternative. Now the Tyler Driver 97 can attach for 2 with Gargano making the save and kicking Ciampa right into a rollup for some other two on Bate. Everyone is down till Bate muscle mass Gargano up right into a suplex.

The status taking pictures superstar press will get two and it’s off to the aircraft spin. That’s reversed into the Gargano Escape and it’s Ciampa coming in with the turn over armbar to Seven on the similar time. Both are reversed into stereo aircraft spins, putting in place a stomach to again suplex/clothesline aggregate for 2 on Gargano. Bate is knocked down within the center so Seven has to avoid wasting him from Meet In The Middle.

DIY tries it anyway however stroll into Bop and Bang, putting in place the Birminghammer for 2 on Ciampa. A double Birminghammer hits Ciampa so Bate is going up for Spiral Tap, with Ciampa pulling Seven into the trail to scouse borrow his personal close to fall in an excellent spot. They slug it out with DIY getting the simpler of it and superkicking Bate out of the air. That leaves Seven to take Meet In The Middle for the pin at 22:54.

Rating: A-. The starting felt love it used to be going to be a comedy fit however then issues were given critical they usually beat the fireplace out of one another for the following fifteen or so mins. Moustache Mountain can cling with any person, together with DIY, but it surely most effective is smart to have DIY cross over right here once they’re most likely going after the Tag Team Titles over Wrestlemania weekend. Either approach, unbelievable stuff right here without a transparent winner virtually all of the approach thru.

Post fit, admire is proven.

Mercedes Martinez and Dakota Kai are right here….and Tegan Nox jumps Kai from at the back of. They battle to ringside till safety breaks them up, a lot to the enthusiasts’ annoyance.

We recap Toni Storm. They’re previous opponents with Storm having crushed her two times and now short of a shot on the new champ. Storm leads the sequence 2-1 so Ripley desires to even issues up and stay her identify.

#1 contender Bianca Belair is right here.

NXT Women’s Title: Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm

Ripley is protecting. They battle over a lockup to start out and the enthusiasts are cut up. That is going nowhere so Storm forearms away, most effective to get blasted with a chop. A staredown units up some clotheslines from Ripley however she walks right into a superkick within the nook. Storm suplexes her into the nook and Ripley wishes a breather at the flooring. With her neck reputedly good enough, Storm grabs a suplex for 2 and it’s off to an STF variation. That’s damaged up so Storm hits a DDT for 2 extra.

The chinlock doesn’t closing lengthy however some photographs to the again have Rhea in additional bother. They slug it out with Ripley getting the simpler of it and kicking her into the nook. The status Cloverleaf is going on however Ripley can’t get it on in complete as a result of her neck. Riptide is countered right into a crossbody to offer Storm two. Storm’s German suplex drops Ripley on her head for 2 extra however they hit heads for a double knockdown. It’s Storm up first however she misses a frog splash, putting in place Riptide for the pin to retain Rhea’s identify at 10:09.

Rating: C. Well that used to be….quick. I’m now not certain if Ripley used to be in fact banged up in there or now not as a result of that’s a lovely rapid finishing to what may have been a for much longer fit. What we were given used to be great sufficient and Ripley successful is the easiest way to move, however that used to be very quick for what may have been an extended fit. The enthusiasts weren’t precisely into it despite the fact that and that disappoints me a excellent bit.

During the former fit, Johnny Gargano used to be doing an interview when Finn Balor jumped him. Tommaso Ciampa and Moustache Mountain made the save.

We recap Imperium vs. Undisputed Era. The Era jumped them on the finish of Takeover: Blackpool II after which Imperium price them their Dusty Classic fit. They’re the large faction in each corporations and it’s time for a showdown.

Undisputed Era vs. Imperium

Aichner throws O’Reilly round a bit of to start out so O’Reilly is going for the arm. That’s damaged up so it’s a kneebar as an alternative, with Aichner making the rope in a rush. Back up and O’Reilly hammers away within the nook, most effective to stroll right into a powerslam. Barthel is available in for 2 off a pop up uppercut, most effective to have O’Reilly knee him within the chest. It’s off to Strong, who will get chopped into the nook for a bit of. That’s damaged up so Fish is available in for part of a double gordbuster on Wolfe. Fish and O’Reilly hit stereo kicks…and Wolfe is down.

The medics are available in and take him to the ground so it’s Walter vs. Cole as an alternative. Walter throws him down so Cole makes a decision to slap him for some explanation why. The risk of the large chop sends Cole bailing into the nook however Walter will get knocked into the Era’s nook. Walter is correct again up with a leapfrog over Strong into a large boot, which means Aichner can are available in to face at consideration. Cole saves Strong from a powerbomb and takes over on Barthel with some elbows to the pinnacle.

It’s O’Reilly unleashing the moves within the nook and Strong blasts Barthel so arduous within the jaw that it brings Walter in for a couple of seconds. There’s the slingshot hilo from Fish and Cole slaps at the chinlock. O’Reilly kicks Walter at the apron and Walter simply glares at him. The distraction we could Barthel get in a Russian legsweep despite the fact that and it’s Walter coming in, which means O’Reilly hits the panic button. The moves are countered right into a German suplex however O’Reilly reverses the powerbomb right into a guillotine.

Just to blow their own horns, Walter suplexes Strong and O’Reilly on the similar time. Barthel elbows O’Reilly within the face for 2 and it’s Aichner striking on a chinlock. It’s again to Walter for a operating seated senton and the LOUD chop takes the spirit out of O’Reilly’s eyes for 2. The operating double dropkick within the nook rocks O’Reilly once more however he dives round Walter for the tag off to Strong. He chops it out with Walter and in fact knocks him into the ropes for the operating elbows.

That’s damaged up with a unmarried clothesline so Aichner is available in. A heck of a tiger bomb units up the Strong Hold however Aichner is out in a rush. White Noise provides Barthel two however Fish will get away and brings in Cole to pick out up the tempo. The Panama Sunrise is blocked so it’s a fireman’s elevate neckbreaker for 2 on Barthel as an alternative. Walter comes again in so everybody however Cole kilos him down on the similar time.

The announcers’ desk is loaded up however Walter fights them off and a lot up some other desk. O’Reilly and Strong need to get a divorce a powerbomb and it’s the Angle Slam to position Walter throughout the desk in an enormous crash. Back in and it’s an alternate of moves to the face, together with Cole superkicking Aichner out of the air. Cole hits the brainbuster onto the knee to Barthel for 2 and the operating knee to the face will get the similar. Aichner comes again in and will get kicked down in a rush.

O’Reilly will get Barthel in a kneebar however a move slowly makes the rope. The dangle continues to be on so Aichner moonsaults in to damage it up. Aichner will get crushed down at the flooring however Walter is again at the apron. An enziguri lets in the new tag to Walter to break the whole lot in sight. Cole hits a superkick however the Last Shot is damaged up with the massive chop.

The powerbomb hits Strong and the frog splash crushes him however Cole breaks it up with the Last Shot. Aichner and Barthel ruin that up at two and everyone seems to be down once more. Everyone will get up for the staredown and the battle is on. Walter will get taken down via High/Low and Strong turn dives excessive onto Cole, O’Reilly and Barthel. Aichner follows that with a dive of his personal however Fish’s moonsault misses Walter. The powerbomb finishes Fish at 29:53.

Rating: A. Even with one of the vital 8 other folks out of the fit, those guys placed on a medical institution with nice drama right through with the Era the use of a method of divide and overcome. The drawback with this is that they had no resolution for Walter, who got here again up and wrecked where, which is how you will have offered him right here. It’s going to take a monster to take the identify from Walter and I’m now not certain who this is at the moment. This used to be a exhibit for everybody concerned despite the fact that and the fit used to be nice up and down. Hopefully Wolfe is fine despite the fact that as a result of that’s an important factor.

A spotlight bundle wraps us up.

Overall Rating: A. The girls’s fit is the one factor on right here that isn’t nice or even that used to be utterly watchable. This is person who in fact lived as much as the hype and that’s arduous to do given how excellent the display used to be taking a look on paper. It even added one thing to the longer term as a result of NXT is sensible sufficient to do one thing like that. This display flew via at about 3 hours general, making it a very simple take a seat with some superb fits. Check this one out needless to say.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has observed over 50,000 wrestling fits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 complete displays coated. You can to find his paintings at, or take a look at his- Amazon writer web page with 30 wrestling books. Get the most recent and biggest in skilled wrestling information via signing up for our day by day e-mail e-newsletter. Just glance beneath for “GET EXCLUSIVE UPDATES” to enroll. Thank you for studying!

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