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Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling displays for over ten years now and feature reviewed over 5,000 displays. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll be posting a brand new assessment right here on Wrestlingrumors.web. It may well be anything else from fashionable WWE to old skool to indies to anything else in between. Note that I charge the use of letters as a substitute of stars and I don’t charge suits below 3 mins as in reality, how excellent or dangerous can one thing that quick be?

Judgment Day 2002
Date: May 19, 2002
Location: Gaylord Entertainment Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Attendance: 14,521
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

The corporate is ice chilly entering this display and I will be able to’t believe that is going to make issues any hotter. Raw has changed into a large number with the outdated guys doing no matter they would like whilst Smackdown is set Vince by some means failing to sleep with Stacy Keibler as a result of he can’t simply get a room someplace. Let’s get to it.

The opening video is slightly irritating with a host of nooses and young children speaking about loss of life. What a good way to get me in a a laugh spirit for the display.

Intercontinental Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam

Van Dam is difficult in a rematch from closing month’s identify alternate. They get started rapid as you possibly can be expecting with Eddie being despatched outdoor in early frustration. Back in and Eddie tries to duck a crossbody however will get head faked, permitting Van Dam to drop a break up legged moonsault for 2. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker assists in keeping Eddie in hassle and we hit a surfboard. Lawler: “That looks more like my dating strategy.”

The announcers check out their palms at Spanish as Eddie takes over with proper palms within the nook. A monkey turn sends Eddie flying and remains on his again so Rolling Thunder can get two. It’s too early for a Five Star even though as Eddie crotches him at the best. A powerbomb can’t arrange Eddie’s frog splash even though as Eddie spends just a little too lengthy dancing on best.

Van Dam nonetheless can’t hit the Five Star even though as Eddie strikes away, leaving the announcers to marvel tips on how to say RVD in Spanish. He can then again hit a prime crossbody for 2 (Lawler: “Mama Mia. Is that Spanish?”), adopted via a backslide for a similar. Ever the cheat even though, Eddie grabs a backslide of his personal and places his ft at the ropes for the pin to retain.

Rating: B. Now why can’t those two get this sort of time on Raw? I do know you’ll’t give a unmarried fit twenty mins per week however would it not kill them to have ten mins on an episode of Raw and minimize out one of the most a couple of suits that don’t even get 3 mins as a result of they don’t subject? Anyway, excellent stuff right here, as you possibly can be expecting from those two.

Reverend D-Von and Batista are with Vince and Stacy, the latter of whom they pray for prior to her fit in opposition to Trish. Vince, who seems to be at Stacy whilst they’re praying and tells D-Von to wrap it up, asks if Bubba goes to be right here. D-Von doesn’t suppose so, in spite of Vince pronouncing Bubba could be right here and Bubba being proven at the graphic.

GET THE F OUT! Did they just file that one gardening bit for the marketing campaign?

Women’s Title: Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler

Trish is protecting and Lawler freaks out over her shorts. D-Von, Batista and Bubba pop out after the entrances, leaving me time to marvel how we went from Trish vs. Molly to Trish vs. Stacy. Maybe as a result of Stacy is extra keen to put on leather-based shorts and a tied off leather-based best? Stacy kicks Trish within the head for 2 to start out however will get pulled down right into a Boston crab they usually’re no longer even hiding what they’re going for with the visuals.

Trish will get in a kick of her personal to knock Stacy outdoor, permitting her to slap Bubba within the face. Batista makes use of the distraction to slam Trish and provides Stacy a two rely. That’s in any case sufficient for Trish as she baseball slides Stacy and hits a bulldog (extra like the sort Jericho makes use of to arrange the Lionsault) to retain. Stacy obviously had no trade available in the market however to be truthful they didn’t attempt to act like she did and were given them out of there rapid.

Bubba and D-Von get in a struggle put up fit with Batista serving to put Bubba via a desk.

Vince is available in to peer Ric Flair and Arn Anderson and the bosses proportion their hatred of Austin. Remember like two months in the past when the corporate used to be break up in part on account of their feud?

Hardy Boyz vs. Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman

Thankfully Heyman is in complete frame exercise tools. The brothers are good sufficient to take out the monster for all of ten seconds however don’t have Matt beat the tar out of Heyman or simply roll him up whilst Jeff slows Lesnar down for causes that aren’t transparent. Brock saves his friend and begins beating on Matt because the lovers chant for Goldberg. Please, don’t make me take into accounts that fit.

The backbreaker has Matt reeling however he grabs a handy guide a rough twister DDT to scare Heyman part to loss of life. Jeff will get the tag and the whole lot breaks down with the brothers going after Heyman. Brock will get uninterested in those flies and throws Jeff into Matt, putting in the F5. Heyman is available in and grabs the pin like a rooster heel must.

Rating: D-. What had been you anticipating right here? Lesnar in reality wishes to transport directly to one thing else, even though to be truthful he squashed a perfect tag crew greater than as soon as they usually made him seem like a monster. He wishes to transport approach up the ladder in a rush even though as a result of this type of act is most effective going to paintings for goodbye.

Booker T. is now in an NWO blouse however cancels an interview to hit on a lady who simply occurs to be status off digital camera. The girl has one thing in thoughts and provides Booker her resort room key. I odor shenanigans.

We recap Steve Austin vs. Ric Flair/Big Show, which is simply the newest Austin vs. McMahon clone. Flair and Austin had been nice at the speaking however there’s simply no warmth to this feud as a result of we all know it’s warmed over leftovers. They even display Austin vs. Vince clips within the construct. Show is right here as a result of he’s mad about no longer being on Wrestlemania, which is after all Austin’s fault in wrestling good judgment.

Steve Austin vs. Ric Flair/Big Show

Based at the entrances, I’m lovely certain Flair isn’t within the NWO. I’m additionally rather certain that Show’s low minimize one piece girls’s go well with apparel is one of the dumbest tools of all time. Just have him in shorts and a Big Show blouse. Austin slugs away at each guys to start out however comes to a decision to take a look at a Figure Four on Show. Instead he has to knock Ric out of the air first and put him within the hang.

Show misses an elbow drop and Austin correctly grabs a chair. The referee takes that away so Austin will get some other one and has a seat. We in any case get began with Austin punching Flair out to the ground, which means it’s time for beer. A take on dropdown is going neatly for Austin and an alternate of chops give us a Flair Flop. Show is available in and since 2002 is a abnormal 12 months, Austin isn’t certain what to do. His determination: push-ups. Not partial to workout, Show chops him down and throws Austin into the nook, permitting a tag to Flair for an extremely low blow.

Flair is going up and is slammed proper backtrack (JR: “From no man’s land to Parts Unknown!”) however Show comes again in with a powerslam. The crew begins taking turns at the knee as this isn’t precisely exciting. It’s no longer a nasty fit or anything else nevertheless it’s simply there. The thought of Flair taking somebody’s knee aside has labored for years however I don’t purchase the tale in the back of the fit and a fit being simply adequate isn’t sufficient to make up for that more or less a drawback.

Flair will get the Figure Four till Austin turns it over, most effective to have Show wreck that up as neatly. Austin’s again is ok sufficient for punches vs. chops, giving us WHAT vs. WOO in one of the most extra eye roll inducing chants. Austin begins in with the spinebusters as X-Pac comes out. Show no sells a Stunner for some reason why however X-Pac’s overlooked superkick places him down. Huh? The Stunner places Flair away a couple of seconds later.

Rating: C+. The fit used to be utterly nice nevertheless it’s in reality arduous to shop for Austin on this midcard function. I are aware of it’s one of the most best tales on Raw however that is midcard degree stuff at absolute best. Austin vs. Flair isn’t attention-grabbing and Austin beating up the NWO week to week is even worse. Big Show and Booker T. are the massive names within the department and there’s no reason why both of them could be an actual danger to Austin within the ring. What’s attention-grabbing about seeing Austin preventing midcarders like X-Pac? The feud used to be lifeless from the beginning and it seems like they’re losing what Austin has left.

We recap Edge vs. Kurt Angle, which is over Edge messing with Angle’s new blouse. For some reason why this arrange a hair vs. hair fit.

Kurt Angle vs. Edge

They get started rapid with Edge getting an early rollup and getting stomped within the ribs for his efforts. That’s nice with Edge who ties Angle up within the ropes for a spear, most effective to have Angle suplex him approach excessive. Back in and a spinebuster will get two for Angle (no longer one thing you spot him use that regularly) because the announcers talk about the shapes of the wrestlers’ heads.

We hit the chinlock for just a little prior to Angle pulls him down via the hair. That’s a pleasant little contact, albeit no longer essentially the most delicate. Edge comes again with a stomach to stomach of his personal (JR: “He ain’t wearing a hat!”) and an Edge-O-Matic will get the similar. Angle is shipped outdoor for a dive from Edge so it’s time for extra suplexes. JR: “That suplex was finer than frog hair split four ways.”

An Edgecution will get no quilt for no logical reason why as Edge is going up best, permitting Angle to hit a perfect having a look pop up superplex. Edge DDTs him out of the nook for 2 of his personal however spears the referee via mistake. That method the spear most effective will get two on Kurt, who spears Edge proper again. The Angle Slam seems to be to arrange the ankle lock however Edge small applications him for the pin.

Rating: B. These two paintings in reality neatly in combination and it’s a good way to make Edge seem like a celebrity as he pinned a former World Champion blank to win the feud. The corporate in reality wishes some contemporary stars in the principle match scene and Edge makes as a lot sense as somebody else. As same old, Angle could make other folks glance nice and that’s so precious in wrestling.

Angle is going after Edge however will get an Edgecution. It takes too lengthy to get him to the chair even though and Kurt escapes.

We cross to the Marriott the place Booker is in mattress. The girl joins him and the lighting cross out….so Goldust can say he needs Booker to depart the NWO and are available again to him. The lighting come again on and Goldust is in mattress with them. Booker runs off together with his undies striking down. Goldust: “I bought this nightgown for nothing!” They discussed that Goldust deliberate the entire thing however I may just opt for him simply randomly showing within the room with them. It fits him that approach.

The Cell is reduced.

We recap HHH vs. Chris Jericho. These two have feuded since Wrestlemania with HHH successful nearly the entire suits. HHH then went after Vince, who set this fit up as punishment.

HHH vs. Chris Jericho

Even with a decrease degree fit like this, it’s cool to peer the Cell in any shape. HHH begins in with the knee and a few proper palms within the nook. They head outdoor so neither may also be despatched into the cage, adopted via Jericho’s flying forearm to take over. Jericho misses a fee into the put up even though and HHH takes him outdoor for a whip into the cage wall. Neither can stay a bonus once more even though as Jericho whips HHH over the nook for some other crash to the ground. HHH comes proper again with a whip to ship Jericho’s bloody arm into the stairs. At least they’re bringing the violence early on.

The Pedigree onto the stairs is countered right into a catapult into the cage wall. Since the Cell isn’t sufficient, Jericho brings in a ladder to damage HHH within the face, drawing extra blood. Jericho throws the ladder excessive at HHH in a place that at all times seems to be excellent. I’m in fact shocked via how a lot they’re giving Jericho right here. I are aware of it’s HHH in a large fit in opposition to an opponent he owns however they’re doing a in reality excellent task of constructing Jericho glance sturdy right here.

HHH’s chair shot doesn’t get him out of hassle however the drop toehold to ship Jericho into the stairs works just a little higher. To make it just a little worse, HHH simply throws the stairs at Jericho for a painful sounding thud. Now we get to the dangerous a part of the fit as HHH whips Jericho into referee Tim White, knocking White off the apron and into the Cell. The bump badly harm White’s shoulder and mainly ended his in ring occupation.

Jericho beats White up much more (if he wasn’t harm prior to, he’s now) and busts him open for an extraordinary visible. Since White has the important thing, the opposite referees have to chop the door open to test on White. That’s sufficient for HHH and it’s time for a sledgehammer off Jericho’s head. No referee after all even though so Jericho crawls out of the Cell, proceeding the working shaggy dog story of THE CELL DOESN’T WORK.

They head to the announcers’ desk (after all) the place Jericho quite a bit up a Pedigree (after all) however HHH counters (after all) right into a DDT during the desk. HHH pulls out the barbed cord 2×four and Jericho is going up the Cell wall with HHH following. For causes of natural stupidity, HHH THROWS THE BARBED WIRE UP BOARD UP FIRST, permitting Jericho to take it away and hit HHH within the again.

With HHH’s again busted open, we hit the Walls of Jericho at the roof, which means a referee has to climb up. You know, as a result of now falls rely on best of the Cell. HHH kicks away and hits Jericho low, adopted via a barbed cord shot. A Pedigree onto the roof (that used to be horrifying) in any case ends Jericho.

Rating: B. That’s almost certainly the most productive HHH vs. Jericho fit ever and it’s in reality no longer nice. They did a significantly better task of constructing me imagine Jericho may just pull it off, which is one thing those two have by no means been ready to do. I imply, would you imagine that this Jericho may just beat HHH in a big fit? That being mentioned, this nonetheless felt love it used to be lacking a large chuck within the center. They did the Jericho beatdown however then they had been at the outdoor for the general act. It’s nonetheless excellent even though and a suitable blowoff, even though it could had been nice as a normal cage fit.

Angle runs from Edge in a goofy having a look chase.

Get The F Out, set to Mark Henry’s Sexual Chocolate theme and going down behind a steamy automotive. At least that solutions my query.

Maven and Torrie cross on a date at WWF New York. Mutual nakedness is implied.

Tag Team Titles: Billy and Chuck vs. Rikishi/???

Welcome to the loss of life slot. Billy and Chuck are protecting and Rikishi’s thriller spouse is……Rico. This is formally Vince’s determination so he certainly likes the wacky companions. Billy’s DDT has no impact on Rikishi to start out however Rikishi’s fees misses each champs. Rico gained’t tag in even though and the champs take over within the nook.

Chuck will get a slightly spectacular overhead stomach to stomach for 2 because the lovers aren’t precisely being concerned, which means the loss of life slot resides as much as its identify. The giant guy fights again once more with some Samoan drops prior to sitting on Chuck’s chest for 2. A HORRIBLE having a look one guy 3-d (which JR calls a headbutt in mid air, which is almost certainly nearer than what Rikishi used to be going for) will get two on Billy however Rico kicks Chuck via mistake. Rikishi kicks Chuck as neatly and will get the pin for the titles. No response or anything else, however he were given the titles.

Rating: F. The tale is drained, the result’s predictable and the fit sucked. I’m in reality no longer certain what else you had been anticipating right here as Rikishi is by some means the outdated veteran on Smackdown. Hopefully this isn’t a protracted reign and we will be able to get ANYONE else as higher champions someday quickly.

Angle assaults Edge (as a substitute of LEAVING) and brings him again to the world. Edge reverses right into a sleeper and Angle will get the massive haircut. Edge needs the brand new chant to be YOU’RE BALD and it sounds as dangerous as it sort of feels.

We recap Hulk Hogan vs. Undertaker, which is a sport of ways dangerous are we able to in reality make this. Undertaker gained a fit closing month to turn into #1 contender they usually’ve messed with each and every others’ bikes since. The query this night is how embarrassing can Hogan in fact be with Undertaker having to hold the fit.

Undisputed Title: Hulk Hogan vs. Undertaker

Undertaker is difficult and has Hogan’s weightlifting belt. As at all times, Hogan takes too lengthy coming in and will get whipped over the again. Hogan no sells (duh) and hammers away prior to doing just a little whipping of his personal. We get the outlet bell and it’s time for Hogan do do his stuff whilst Undertaker does many of the promoting, which is each the suitable name and a big stretch on Undertaker’s section.

Undertaker is whipped into the stairs and issues are made even worse when Old School is damaged up. I’ll give them this: they’re 3 mins in and Hogan hasn’t horribly botched anything else but, which means we’re going neatly up to now. Hulk in fact hits a superplex (largest spot he’s achieved in YEARS) for 2 prior to settling again in for some proper palms.

A chop block provides Undertaker a goal even though and it’s time to slowly paintings over the knee. That after all method a couple of kicks to the leg and laying on it in a leglock. Yeah it’s dull nevertheless it’s additionally one much less factor they may horribly botch. Hogan fights up and hits the massive boot however the legdrop is countered right into a dreadful part crab. Some rights and lefts have Hogan in hassle, even though I’m no longer certain what’s scintillating about them.

Undertaker grabs him via the throat and Hogan slightly strikes, leaving Undertaker to loudly shout JUMP prior to hitting one of the most worst chokeslams you’ll ever see (This is COMPLETELY edited at the Network as Hogan no longer transferring is edited out together with Undertaker shouting. It’s additionally a unique digital camera attitude.).

That’s sufficient for the Hulk Up and the standard will get two for the champ. The working DDT will get the similar for Undertaker as that is in fact choosing up just a little. Cue Vince as Hogan kicks a chair into Undertaker’s face and drops some other leg for no quilt. Instead Vince is dragged in for a legdrop of his personal however Undertaker cracks Hogan with the chair. The chokeslam (higher however nonetheless dangerous) is sufficient for the pin and the identify.

Rating: D. The absolute best factor they may have achieved right here used to be stay this gorgeous quick (about twelve and a part mins) as a substitute of getting both man available in the market for the marathons that they had again at Backlash. Undertaker is a shell of his glory days at this level however he’s WAY forward of Hogan and isn’t as prone to embarrass himself within the ring. Boring and acquainted is far better than the nightmare that used to be staring at a Hogan fit so this used to be the one imaginable name within the choices that they had.

Vince is excited and Undertaker will get in some extra chair photographs for revenge to finish the display.

Overall Rating: C+. There’s crucial lesson to be discovered right here: as dangerous as WWE may also be round this time, there may be excellent stuff value trying out. Van Dam vs. Guerrero, the Cell fit, Austin vs. Flair/Show and Edge vs. Angle had been all excellent to superb suits. That’s part the cardboard and a large bite of the display that may be thought to be entertaining. Unfortunately there’s the whole lot else and that stuff begins at terrible and is going downhill from there. I don’t suppose this adjustments a lot about TV going ahead however a minimum of we had a excellent two hour and 40 minute display to experience.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has noticed over 50,000 wrestling suits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 complete displays coated. You can in finding his paintings at, or take a look at his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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