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Rock Bottom: In Your House #26
Date: December 13, 1998
Location: General Motors Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Attendance: 20,042
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

We’re remaining out 1998 with this and we’re as soon as once more within the demise slot to finish the 12 months. December has nearly all the time been a foul month for pay in line with perspectives as the vacations most often imply other folks have much less cash to spend on wrestling. It additionally doesn’t assist that the primary match is a rematch the place a brand new champion can be a big wonder. Let’s get to it.

We open with a video of the grave being arrange for later this night.

Rock was once at Planet Hollywood the day past and introduces us to his PPV as a result of we want to get used to all of the rock themed PPVs: Rock Solid, Rock and Roll, and Laying the Smacketh Down. The enthusiasts simply want to sit down again and experience his pay in line with view, when you scent what he’s cooking.

The opening video presentations Undertaker speaking about taking Austin’s soul and giving it to the Ministry of Darkness. He guarantees to take Austin thoughts, frame and soul.

Rock is injured entering the display however Vince has assured that he’ll shield the name this night.

Supply and Demand vs. Mark Henry/D’Lo Brown

Supply and Demand is Val Venis and the Godfather who’s now a pimp and brings his girls to the hoop with him. I feel you’ll work out the shaggy dog story your self. Godfather says the vacation season is upon us and Val will probably be striking some mistletoe, so this night the women have the evening off and get Val as a gift. Val says he has the xmas log if they have got the hearth. Henry and Brown have the Pretty Mean Sisters (Terri and Jacqueline) with them right here within the get started of a tale that went on manner too lengthy and didn’t paintings. In quick, the women hate males and assume they’re best round to do the Sisters’ bidding.

Brown kilos away on Venis to start out however stops to stroll round, permitting Venis to clothesline him down. A spinebuster places D’Lo down once more and it’s off to Godfather for some chops. Another clothesline drops Brown and a hook kick to the shoulder (known as the chest via Cole) has nearly no impact. Off to Henry who powerslams Godfather down and chokes him at the mat. Back to Venis who tries a German suplex and will get elbowed within the face for his efforts.

A dash within the nook drops Venis and it’s again to Brown who will get two off the Sky High. The Low Down (frog splash) best hits mat despite the fact that and a double tag brings in Henry and Godfather. Everything breaks down and a double suplex takes Henry over. The two units of ladies get in an issue at the flooring and Jackie is available in to drag Val’s trunks down. Henry runs Venis over and splashes him for the pin.

Rating: D+. This had its moments however the finishing wasn’t the most productive. It made issues really feel like a comedy event which most often best works if the preferred crew wins. Terri and Jacqueline would cross on hectic other folks for months whilst now not actually undertaking the rest. Not horrible right here however Brown vs. Venis would were a better option.

We see a clip from Heat the place Mankind attacked Rock, injuring the champion’s ribs within the procedure.

Rock says he’ll strive against this night it doesn’t matter what as a result of if he doesn’t, Mankind is the champion.

Headbangers vs. Oddities

The Oddities are a bunch of fellows who’ve some kind of deformity. In this example it’s Kurrgan, an enormous known as insane, and Golga, who allegedly has ridges and bumps on his head, necessitating a masks. He additionally carries a doll from some new display known as South Park. They’re accompanied via the abnormally massive Giant Silva and Luna who is solely unusual typically. Luna is the rationale the event is occurring after the Headbangers minimize her hair just lately. Kurrgan throws Mosh into the nook to start out however Mosh snaps his throat around the best rope to get a breather.

A sidewalk slam places Mosh proper back off however he avoids a large boot to usher in Thrasher. Another sidewalk slam places Thrasher down this time and each Headbangers are despatched into the nook for a large splash from the 400lb+ Golga. A legdrop will get two for Golga on Thrasher and it’s again to Kurrgan who misses a center rope splash.

Both Headbangers are available once more for a double suplex and paintings on Kurrgan’s again slightly. The massive after all will get uninterested in the thrashing and shrugs them off, permitting the recent tag off to Golga. The monster cleans area and powerslams Mosh down however Thrasher springboards in with a pass frame for the pin out of nowhere.

Rating: D. This was once actually uninteresting and didn’t do a lot to select up the bored crowd. The Headbangers wouldn’t be round for much longer and the Oddities would best be round a couple of extra months as smartly. I will be able to’t say it fails despite the fact that as Kurrgan and his silly dancing are responsible pleasures for me.

Pat Patterson provides to deal with one thing for Vince.

Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman

The thought is {that a} superhero named the Blue Blazer has been operating round in recent years. Blazer was once Owen Hart’s previous gimmick and everybody accused the then retired (because of injuring Dan Severn’s neck) of the usage of it to get again within the ring. This ended in a months lengthy try to end up Owen is the Blazer however no person has been in a position to drag it off but. The enthusiasts LOVE Owen right here and he is taking over briefly with a snap suplex and a legdrop.

Owen comes again with some photographs to the chest and a kick to the face for just right measure. Hart bails to the ground for a stroll up the aisle however will get clotheslined from in the back of to position him down. Back in and Blackman places on a surfboard which best lasts a couple of seconds. Owen comes again with an enziguri and a knee drop for 2 however stomps on Blackman’s ribs as an alternative of masking.

Owen is going to the center rope however jumps right into a boot to the chest and Steve takes all over again. A noisy US SUCKS chant begins up as Blackman drops an elbow for 2. Hart begins to go away once more however comes again and will get stuck via a baseball slide. It doesn’t appear to subject that a lot despite the fact that as he comes again in and kilos away on Blackman and will get two off a spinwheel kick. A best rope elbow will get the similar close to fall for Owen and we hit the chinlock.

Blackman fights up however will get stuck via an enziguri, permitting Owen to take away the buckle pad. Owen finally ends up going chest first into the metal and a Blackman kick to the again of the top places him down. Steve’s sleeper is going nowhere and Owen reverses right into a dragon sleeper. Blackman escapes so Owen DDTs him down and is going up best, however his missile dropkick is countered into the Sharpshooter. Owen bails to the ropes for the break out and heads out of doors once more the place he after all will get away for a countout.

Rating: C. Good event whilst it lasted however the finishing harm it so much. Also the crushing of the enthusiasts continues with all 3 of the suits going to the heels to this point. The event was once just right for probably the most phase despite the fact that with each guys taking a look just right and Owen shifting round smartly sufficient to make the dull Blackman bearable.

Vince is searching for Mankind for some reason why. He is going as much as the boiler room door which has a work of paper taped on, studying “Mankind’s Office.” Vince is permitted within and advised to drag up a chair as Mankind is sitting within.

Brood vs. J.O.B. Squad

The brood is Gangrel, Edge and Christian whilst the J.O.B. Squash is Bob Holly, Scorpio and Al Snow, who’ve united in combination after you have unwell of continuously dropping to greater stars. Edge kilos on Holly to start out however walks right into a powerslam and a falcon’s arrow for 2. A clothesline places Holly down and it’s off to Christian, who misplaced the Light Heavyweight Title to J.O.B. Squad member Duane Gill with assist from Snow.

Scorpio is available in to kick Christian within the face and get a two rely off a center rope flipping legdrop. Off to the Squad’s chief Al Snow for some headbutts to the chest however getting stuck in a opposite DDT. Gangrel will get the tag and kilos away within the nook sooner than clotheslining Snow down. They’re now not precisely getting out of first tools right here. Snow comes again with a wheelbarrow suplex however Gangrel DDTs him down and brings in Edge. Off to a chinlock on Snow however he briefly fights up and a double clothesline drops each guys.

Scorpio and Christian are available to hurry issues up however the whole lot briefly breaks down. Holly and Christian are left within the ring with Christian being dropped lengthy sufficient to permit Snow to blast him with Head. Scorpio hits a moonsault legdrop for 2 as Edge makes the save. Edge follows that up via diving excessive to take out Holly and Snow sooner than Christian hits what would turn into the Unprettier after which the Killswitch for the pin on Scorpio.

Rating: D. This actually didn’t do a lot for me because it was once an excessively uninteresting event with a wild finishing. Also, this makes the heels 0-Four at the display this night which isn’t tips on how to get the gang into issues. The Brood would get well at some point whilst the J.O.B. Squad would by no means quantity to the rest, that means they’re dwelling as much as their title.

Vince and Mankind stay up their assembly.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Goldust

This is a striptease event the place if Jarrett wins, Goldust has to strip but when Goldust wins, Jarrett’s valet Debra has to strip. Therefore, Goldust is as over as he’s ever been in his occupation. Jarrett is taken down two times in a row to start out till Goldust grabs a headlock to ship him to the mat once more. Jeff fights up and elbows Goldust out to the ground however loses a handy guide a rough slugout. Back in and Jeff ratings with a swinging neckbreaker for 2 adopted via a center rope fist to the face. Even Lawler, an established Jarrett supporter, is cheering for Goldust right here.

Goldust comes again with a suplex however walks right into a dropkick for some other close to fall. Jarrett grabs a sleeper and the enthusiasts loudly cheer for Goldust. Back up and Debra sends within the guitar however the referee catches it, permitting Goldust to hit the Curtain Call however there’s no person to rely. Jarrett will get bulldogged down for a detailed two and will get loaded up for Shattered Dreams, best to have Debra are available and hit on Goldust. The distraction….doesn’t paintings and Jarrett will get kicked anyway, best to have Debra sneak in with a guitar shot, giving Jarrett an opportunity to hit his entrance face legsweep (later named the Stroke) the inexpensive pin.

Rating: D+. The event best labored as a result of the conditions however their hopes were dashed once more, similar to the whole lot else this night. Debra dropping her closed was once teased for months if now not years however in wrestling that’s now not one thing you’ll’t precisely ship on. Still despite the fact that, now not a really perfect event however the enthusiasts carried it.

Post event right here’s new Commissioner Shawn Michaels to mention that the guitar was once a overseas object, that means that’s a DQ loss for Jarrett, that means Debra has to strip. Debra is mad to start with however will get into it as the garments come off. She will get right down to her undies and is going for her bra (Shawn: “I LOVE MY JOB!”) however right here’s the Blue Blazer to hide her with a blanket and get her to the again sooner than the rest immoral occurs.

Vince leaves the boiler room, more than happy.

Tag Titles: New Age Outlaws vs. Big Bossman/Ken Shamrock

The enthusiasts are actually reciting Road Dogg’s opening speech with him in a horny cool second. The Outlaws are protecting right here in fact. Shawn has barred DX from ringside and involves the hoop with the challengers. The enthusiasts are everywhere Shamrock to start out and Road Dogg is as smartly, pounding him into the nook. Shamrock comes again with a large clothesline and it’s off to Bossman to head after Road Dogg’s ribs. The Dogg avoids a dash despite the fact that and brings in Gunn to a large ovation.

Billy cranks at the arm for slightly sooner than it’s off to Dogg for an uppercut and a two rely. Shamrock comes again in however misses a kick to the face, permitting Dogg to hit the Shake Rattle and Roll (collection of punches) and the shaky knee drop for 2. Back to Gunn for a Fameasser sooner than Dogg is available in once more, best to stroll right into a abdominal to abdominal suplex. Bossman is available in to pound away on Road Dogg within the nook and shout trash communicate to the gang. Dogg fights out of a double arm entrance facelock however will get kneed within the ribs.

Back to Shamrock for a leaping again elbow to the jaw for 2 as Gunn will get in an affordable shot on Bossman at the flooring. Shawn threatens to fireplace Billy as Shamrock kicks Dogg down and kilos away on him within the nook. Off to a entrance facelock at the Dogg as the thrashing continues. Bossman comes again in to pound away and placed on some other entrance facelock. Shamrock kicks Road Dogg in his again to forestall a comeback bid and we hit the entrance facelock once more. Road Dogg after all drives him into the nook for the tag to Gunn however the referee was once with Bossman.

Billy and Shawn get in some other argument however the specter of unemployment stops Gunn once more. Road Dogg blocks a piledriver with a backdrop and sends Bossman to the ground. He’s too spent to observe up despite the fact that and Shamrock will get to pound away much more. Ken runs right into a boot within the nook to stagger him however Dogg can’t recover from to make a tag.

Gunn FINALLY will get the tag and cleans area, together with countering a hurricanrana right into a powerbomb for 2 on Ken. Shawn pulls the referee out of the hoop, permitting Bossman to hit Billy with the nightstick for 2. Gunn tries a suplex however Shawn journeys him up, best to have Gunn roll over and land on best of Shamrock for the pin to retain.

Rating: D. Good evening this was once a protracted and uninteresting event. The event runs over 16 mins and was once basically spent at the lengthy beatdown phase on Road Dogg. That makes for an excessively dull event, particularly whilst you believe what number of entrance facelocks we had to sit down thru. DX vs. the Corporation would cross on for a very long time, with the Outlaws dropping the titles to Bossman and Shamrock within the rematch the next day evening. That would make either one of them double champions since Shamrock was once Intercontinental Champion and Bossman was once Hardcore Champion (created just a few months in the past).

We recap the WWF Title event. Rock and Vince pretended to feud till the event the place it grew to become out Rock was once in league with Vince all alongside and it was once Mankind being strung alongside. We get a event recap appearing how simple Rock had it till he gained the name. Mankind is in fact livid and this night is the rematch.

Vince talks to Shane and Rock, announcing “he” simply desires witnesses and to have one thing whited out.

WWF World Title: The Rock vs. Mankind

Rock is protecting however has unhealthy ribs. Mankind involves the hoop with a freelance in hand. He thinks Vince can settle this affair like a gentleman however didn’t convey a pen. Apparently he desires to do away with the clause announcing he will get the name if Rock can’t strive against, as a result of he actually desires to take Rock out himself. Mankind, calling Vince dad, says Vince is aware of Rock didn’t make him surrender at Survivor Series, and that Vince must get on his knees and admit it. Vince insists any person mentioned I Quit so Mankind rips up the contract. Rock jumps Mankind and we’re able to head.

Mankind comes again with some proper palms of his personal and takes it into the ground, sending Rock into the stairs. A whip into the barricade and clothesline drop the champion and Mankind sends him into the announce desk for just right measure. Vince grabs the mic and says if Mankind assists in keeping it up, he’s disqualified. Back within and Rock clotheslines Mankind right down to take over. He chokes within the nook and at the flooring as smartly sooner than punching Mankind within the jaw.

Back in and Rock fees into a large boot to the face and will get backdropped out to the ground once more. A baseball slide sends Rock into the announce desk however Shane grabs Mankind’s leg sooner than he can dive off the center rope. Instead Rock slams him right down to the ground and grabs the headset to do a little mid-match observation. Rock calls Mankind a work of trash and Lawler asks for a prime 5. Rock: “How about I slap you in the face?” Mankind has water spat in his face so he dives over the announce desk and kilos away at the champion who nonetheless has his headset on.

Mankind grabs a chair however Shane takes it clear of him, permitting Rock to clothesline Mankind down for 2 within. The People’s Elbow will get two as they’re rolling round at the ripped up contract. A swinging neckbreaker places Rock back off and a discus lariat will get a close to fall. Those clotheslines are widespread once more this night. There’s a legdrop for 2 extra on Rock and some other between Rock’s legs so Vince requires the bell. Mankind piledrives the referee and beats up the timekeeper sooner than the bell may also be rung, however Rock takes Mankind’s head off with a chair shot.

There’s the Rock Bottom again within however there’s no referee. Rock throws the referee to the aspect and requires some other referee as Shane will get within with the belt. His shot hits Rock within the head as some other referee comes out for a two rely. Vince is at the verge of a center assault as Rock hits the floatover DDT for 2. Mankind hits a double arm DDT of his personal for a close to fall because the enthusiasts are WAY into this. There’s the Claw with Socko and Rock is going out to offer Mankind the name in a large wonder.

Rating: C. This took time to get going however the finishing with the second one referee coming in had the enthusiasts going loopy. It’s a just right event and beautiful simply the most productive factor this night, however once we’ve had all of the rubbish to this point this night, that’s now not a big accomplishment. These two would stay preventing for months and this was once only the start. Also realize one thing: Austin and Rock each gained the name and had been paired with Mick Foley for his or her first main feud. The identical factor can be carried out in 2000 for HHH’s first main name feud. Foley wasn’t the most productive, however he may make any person glance as nice as they ever can have.

Vince says now not so rapid despite the fact that, as a result of he by no means heard Rock surrender. Therefore, Mankind wins however since there was once by no means a real submission, Rock assists in keeping the name. Mankind destroys everybody in sight till Bossman and Shamrock pop out to overcome him down.

We recap Austin vs. Undertaker, as a result of as same old, the individual the display is known as after doesn’t primary match the PPV. If my reminiscence is correct, best DX were given to primary match a display named after them/their catchphrase. Anyway, Undertaker is mad at Austin as a result of the refereeing task at Judgment Day (recycling the storyline from the former 12 months) so he’s attempted to kill Austin a number of occasions now. He’s promised to make use of his Ministry to ruin Austin or even crucified him on Raw. This was once the start of Undertaker’s demonic section which might get WAY extra intense. Tonight it’s Buried Alive for a place within the Royal Rumble.

Steve Austin vs. Undertaker

Bearer is with Undertaker. Austin fees at Undertaker to start out and the struggle starts within the aisle. Undertaker is choked over to the grave and despatched into the barricade sooner than kicking the lifted barricade into Austin’s face. They struggle across the filth mound and over close to the gang sooner than going within the ring for the primary time. The Thesz Press takes Undertaker down and Austin drops the center finger elbow on his face.

Undertaker’s leg is wrapped across the put up and Austin sends him into the stairs, best to have Undertaker ship him over the Spanish announce desk. Back within and Austin’s arm is wrapped across the put up sooner than they struggle as much as the barricade. They head to the grave website with Steve ramming him with a work of the barricade. Undertaker is distributed into the grave however he comes again with a wreath shot to the face to knock Austin in as smartly.

Austin is choked in opposition to the filth whilst nonetheless within the grave they usually slug it out within the hollow. It’s Austin out first however Undertaker places him down once more as they head to the opposite aspect of the sector. That doesn’t get them anyplace so that they head again to the hoop with Austin in keep watch over. Undertaker rams him into the barricade and grabs a chair to position Austin down once more. After Steve is thrown into more than a few different items we head again within and Austin kicks away, best to be chokeslammed down.

They head again as much as the grave website with Austin being knocked into the grave for our first close to finishing. Undertaker begins to bury him however Austin will get to his toes in the back of the Dead Man. Austin unearths a fuel can and whacks Undertaker within the face two times sooner than a Stunner places him within the grave. A wheelbarrow filled with filth most commonly covers Undertaker however Austin is going after Bearer. He alerts to start out one thing however Undertaker will get out of the grave and grabs a shovel.

Undertaker hides whilst Austin comes again…however the grave explodes and Kane climbs out to overcome on his brother. Austin is nowhere to be noticed as Kane tombstones Undertaker at the filth. He rolls Undertaker into the grave as Austin drives a backhoe filled with filth into the sector. The filth is dropped on Undertaker (after a LONG time) and Austin provides a couple of shovels complete to complete the task.

Rating: D. Long and dull right here with the finishing taking manner too lengthy to get thru. These suits are best as just right because the brawling sooner than the finishing and that phase right here was once best rather just right. Kane coming out of the grave got here off as silly and the backhoe took WAY too lengthy to drop the filth.

Austin beverages a lager at the grave to finish the display.

Overall Rating: F+. I do know no person was once going to look at this display, however that doesn’t imply they want to utterly waste our 3 hours like this. This display was once horrible with not anything being complicated rather then Austin getting a place within the Rumble. Seriously, what else took place right here? A number of nugatory midcard suits, no name adjustments, and a screwy end to the sector name shot. Horrible display right here.

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