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Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling presentations for over ten years now and feature reviewed over 5,00zero presentations. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll be posting a brand new evaluation right here on Wrestlingrumors.web. It might be anything else from trendy WWE to oldschool to indies to anything else in between. Note that I price the use of letters as an alternative of stars and I don’t price suits below 3 mins as in reality, how just right or unhealthy can one thing that quick be?

In Your House #7: Good Friends, Better Enemies
Date: April 26, 1997
Location: Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska
Attendance: 9,563
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler

This one is all about the principle match of WWF Champion Shawn Michaels protecting towards Diesel in a No Holds Barred fit. Diesel grew to become on him and it used to be time to battle, as Michaels wanted a primary large time identify protection. Other than the sector identify fit, there in reality isn’t a lot to discuss in this display. There are some Wrestlemania rematches and a couple of thrown in combination suits, with the largest being the Intercontinental Title fit. Champion Goldust can be protecting towards the returning Ultimate Warrior, a former superstar of the 1980s who hasn’t been an ordinary competitor since 1992. He returned at Wrestlemania and beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a few minute, which it seems that is sufficient to earn a identify fit this night. Let’s get to it.

The opening video sums up the principle match and highlights Diesel working over everybody in sight at the trail again to the identify.

Owen Hart/British Bulldog vs. Jake Roberts/Ahmed Johnson

This is a rematch from Wrestlemania minus Vader and Yokozuna at the respective groups. Apparently Davey Boy Smith has a terrible worry of snakes as discovered on a up to date excursion of Germany. Naturally Jake the Snake Roberts has a snake with him, however Camp Cornette’s legal professional Clarence Mason has an injunction to forestall him from bringing it out. Jake responds by way of pulling the snake out and throwing it on Cornette, who faints consequently. The snake must be taken to the again however the harm has been executed.

Jake kilos away on Owen as Ahmed, a VERY muscular and intimidating having a look strongman, continues to be making his front. Owen bails to the nook and brings in Smith to stand Johnson. The Bulldog sees him are available and instantly tags again out to Hart in a humorous bit. Ahmed simply launches Owen into the nook as a result of he needs the Bulldog one on one. He nonetheless doesn’t get his want even though as Hart grabs a headlock and is towards tossed around the ring.

Here’s Roberts once more however Owen is readily out the again door to keep away from a DDT. Owen bails to the nook to keep away from some other try and now it’s off to Bulldog to slam Roberts down. Smith runs from Johnson once more with Hart getting frustrated at having to battle the monster time and again. A check of energy is going badly for Owen and Johnson clotheslines him down comfortably. Owen will get in a shot tot he ribs to take Johnson down and it’s in the end off to Smith for some affordable pictures.

Ahmed shrugs off all the offense and scares Bulldog into the nook for but some other tag off to Owen. Johnson simply slams the Canadian down and it’s off to Jake who will get dropkicked within the face to offer the villains regulate once more. Smith comes again in to stomp Jake down, permitting Owen to get in some additional choking at the aspect. Jake avoids a fee within the nook to ship Owen chest first into the buckle ala his large brother. Roberts will get poked within the eyes to prevent his scorching tag bid and it’s again to Owen with a most sensible rope elbow to the face for 2.

We hit the chinlock because the fit slows down a little bit with Owen nonetheless in complete regulate. A leaping again elbow to the face seems to be to arrange the Sharpshooter however Jake kicks him away. Bulldog cheats from the apron and springs again in for some other chinlock. The enthusiasts are staying into the fit with their cheering for Jake however this time Owen cheats from the apron to stay him within the ring.

Jake will get stuck in a sleeper however he suplexes Hart down to flee. Now we get the new tag off to Ahmed who cleans space at the start breaks down. Owen and Bulldog are despatched to the ground however Smith will get in a tennis racket shot to Jake’s knee. A easy leg lock is sufficient to make Roberts post.

Rating: D+. WAY too lengthy right here and it dragged the fit down so much. The fit wasn’t going to be a lot to peer within the first position however this will have to were about 5 mins shorter. Bulldog and Owen are turning into one of the crucial longest working tag groups within the 90s and so they’re achieving a reasonably prime degree in a rush. Match used to be nonetheless too lengthy even though.

Intercontinental Title: Goldust vs. Ultimate Warrior

Goldust has an unnamed bodyguard right here and is protecting. This fit principally turns into a recreation to peer what number of film references Jerry Lawler could make in below ten mins. He makes such a lot of that I will’t even stay monitor of them however I’d say it’s a minimum of twenty of them. Now right here’s the issue with the fit: Goldust has a valid knee damage and will’t have a fit, however we’re going to have a “match” anyway. Warrior’s front is sufficient to fan the flames of the gang (Lawler: “He’s like a raging bull.” Just image about 25 of the ones roughly traces and also you’ll get the speculation.) however that’s about all the just right.

Goldust (“He’s got such a brave heart.”) limps into the hoop however hides again at the ground earlier than looking to depart together with his girl Marlena. Warrior takes Goldust’s cigar and puffs away like an actual hero does. He brings Goldust’s director’s chair into the hoop whilst dressed in the champion’s blonde wig and gown as a result of a alternative wrestler used to be too sophisticated I assume. Goldust is strolling up and down the aisle whilst this is happening and I’m now not even certain the fit has began but.

After strolling round for roughly 5 mins Goldust grabs a mic and threatens to come back into the gang and kiss everybody within the target market in the event that they don’t close up. Warrior holds up the rope like a bullfighter’s cape as Marlena will get within the ring for some reason why. There’s been no touch in any respect to this point.

Goldust will get within the ring at the back of Marlena and Warrior holds up the gown so the champion can put it on. This has been happening for almost 8 mins now. Now he’s sitting within the chair together with his legs crossed as Warrior puffs at the cigar. Goldust holds out his hand and will get burned, incomes himself a clothesline. That’s sufficient to ship him to the ground and there’s a countout to FINALLY finish this.

Rating: N/A. I will’t price this as it wasn’t a fit. This used to be some peculiar efficiency piece and I do not know who concept this used to be the most efficient concept. There used to be not anything right here for the enthusiasts to look at and it used to be principally a option to rip them off whilst realizing that there used to be not anything to supply them in any respect. This is likely one of the maximum peculiar issues I’ve ever noticed in wrestling which covers numerous floor.

Post fit Warrior beats up the bodyguard which might have made for a significantly better fit.

British Bulldog is ranting and raving about one thing whilst looking to get into Shawn Michaels’ dressing room. We’ll come again to that later.

Razor Ramon vs. Vader

Vader lately broke Yokozuna’s leg so Ramon is right here as his subsequent goal. Cornette additionally manages Vader so Razor has somebody else to fret about. Razor is definitely introduced excessive and out to the ground earlier than being shoved down within the ring. Vader is uninterested in throwing him round now even though so listed below are some exhausting punches to the ribs. A difficult shot places Razor down onto his knees and there are some heavy punches to the top as smartly.

Razor comes again with some rights of his personal however will get simply clotheslined down by way of the monster. Ramon hits a working proper hand however a Razor’s Edge try is definitely blocked with a backdrop out to the ground. Back in and Razor kilos Vader down within the nook for his first actual merit and a discus punch drops Vader. A clothesline does it once more and a 2nd clothesline places Vader to the ground. Razor is WAY over with the gang right here.

Vader slides in to damage a couple of close to countouts because the fit slows manner down. A Cornette distraction shall we Vader come again in however Razor catches him with some other proper hand to the jaw. Vader is uninterested in this being on protection stuff even though and takes Razor down with some other stiff clothesline. Razor geese some other clothesline and hits a pleasing stomach to again suplex for 2 however can’t practice up.

The monster drags Razor over to the nook and hits his Vader Bomb however Ramon come what may kicks out at two. That’s an overly uncommon sight to peer. A stomach to again places Razor down this time however Vader simply takes him into the nook and kilos away to bust up Razor’s insides much more. Razor in fact comes again with a vertical suplex for 2 however Vader snapmares him go into reverse. A center rope clothesline is stuck in a powerslam for 2 by way of Razor however he nonetheless can’t practice up as a result of the punishment.

Razor will get two off a center rope bulldog however a shoulder block places him proper go into reverse. Another Vader Bomb is countered right into a Razor’s Edge try however the unhealthy ribs give out to prevent Razor in his tracks. Vader quite a bit up the moonsault however Razor pulls him down in a pleasing having a look electrical chair drop. Razor tries the Edge once more however Vader backdrops him down and drops down onto the unhealthy ribs for the pin.

Rating: B-. This used to be a a laugh fit as Razor used to be the very best selection to place Vader over. He’s very talked-about however on the identical time he’s large and robust sufficient in an effort to throw Vader round and make it glance just right. Vader used to be without a doubt a monster even though and used to be on for larger and higher issues within the close to long run.

The fit alternatively is extra necessary for being Razor’s final important fit within the WWF till 2002, as he used to be wooed away by way of thousands and thousands of greenbacks to WCW. This could be an enormous blow to the corporate and we’ll get into how large of a deal it used to be in a short time. Razor wouldn’t be the one one to take off after this display.

Doc Hendrix tells Vader and Cornette that Vader will face Yokozuna on the subsequent In Your House. Cornette freaks.

Tag Titles: Godwinns vs. Body Donnas

The Body Donnas, the champions, are health lovers Skip and Zip and controlled by way of the completely stunning Sunny. The Godwinns are Henry and his cousin Phineas (Middle initials O and I respectively, which means their complete initials are H.O.G. And P.I.G.) with the latter having a large weigh down on Phineas. The Body Donnas gained the titles in a event ultimate at Wrestlemania so this can be a rematch.

Henry throws Zip round to start out however has to double clothesline each Donnas down. Off to Phineas who bites Zip’s arm and cranks on it a little bit earlier than tagging Henry again in. Skip, the extra gifted of the champions, is available in and jumps into one thing vaguely akin to John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment (fireman’s lift slam). A pleasing wheelbarrow suplex sends Skip out to the ground as that is one sided to this point. Zip tries to sneak in however the referee catches them because the Body Donnas aren’t precisely twins.

Back in and it’s Phineas vs. Zip with Phineas getting some kicks to the top and grabbing a headlock. Skip low bridges the hog farmer to the ground and the champions take over for the primary time. The Donnas get two off a slingshot suplex because the digicam assists in keeping having a look at Sunny however I will’t say I blame them a lot this time round. Off to a chinlock from Skip adopted by way of a status hurricanrana for 2.

Phineas will get all riled up (Vince’s phrases) and cleans space as the whole lot breaks down. Sunny runs to the again and springs again with a framed picture of herself to offer to Phineas. Why he’s eager about the picture when the true factor is true in entrance of him isn’t defined however Phineas wasn’t all that shiny. Henry hits the Slop Drop on Zip however the distraction at ringside lets in Skip to sneak in and small bundle Henry to retain the titles.

Rating: D. Much like lots of the Body Donnas’ suits, Sunny used to be the most efficient factor happening. She used to be simply so just right at being evil and the appearance didn’t harm anything else in any respect. The tag department used to be simply this kind of mess at this level even though and this didn’t do it numerous favors. The department wouldn’t be mounted for years yet to come both.

Marc Mero needs a work of Hunter Hearst Helmsley over Helmsley mistreating certainly one of his valets named Sable. Helmsley interfered in Mero’s fit at the preshow and laid Mero out with a Pedigree. Mero says Helmsley unleashed the wild guy.

We recap Shawn vs. Diesel. The concept is discreet: they was once pals however now Diesel needs the identify and can do no matter it takes to get it again. Shawn is in WAY over his head in a no holds barred fit as it’s now not his area of expertise, however he’s were given a large center and gained’t go into reverse it doesn’t matter what.

Shawn assured a win previous this night.

WWF World Title: Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel

Remember that is no holds barred so anything else is going. We see Omaha resident and mythical wrestler Mad Dog Vachon at ringside who will transform necessary later. No flashy front from Shawn as he simply energy walks to the hoop and takes the belt off at the manner. He kilos away at the a lot larger Diesel however a knee to the ribs places the champion down. A large dropkick sends Diesel to the ground and a moonsault press takes him down onto the concrete.

Shawn steals a boot from the Spanish’s announcer and lays out Diesel again within for 2. Back up and Diesel whips Shawn up and over the nook earlier than hammering him off the apron and face first into the barricade with an uncongenial bump. Back in and Diesel runs Shawn all over again earlier than strolling round very slowly. Snake Eyes (a face first drop onto the buckle) drops Michaels once more and Diesel yells at Shawn’s teacher Jose Lothario that that is how we do it within the 90s.

A large aspect slam drops Shawn once more and Diesel chokes the referee together with his wrist tape for no obvious reason why instead of evil. Diesel steals the referee’s belt to whip Shawn much more earlier than wrapping it round Shawn’s neck and striking him excessive rope. He even ties the belt across the center rope so he can seize a chair to blast Shawn within the again. They get again within the ring and some other chair shot to the again places Shawn down another time. A 3rd shot hits the highest rope, sending the chair bouncing again into Diesel’s head.

Now Shawn grabs the chair however Diesel hits him low earlier than Shawn can swing it. A BIG backdrop assists in keeping the power on Shawn’s again and will get a two rely. Diesel cranks on Shawn’s neck however Michaels fights up, most effective to be dropped with a sequence of forearms, knocking him out to the ground. In the massive spot of the fit, Diesel Jackknifes Shawn throughout the announce desk (large deal again then), additional destroying his again. That appeared AWESOME and Vince begging Shawn to “just let it be over” makes it even higher.

Diesel tries to drag Shawn again in however Michaels unearths a hearth extinguisher below the hoop and blinds the massive guy so he can pound away. The enthusiasts are going NUTS over this comeback. Shawn pulls in a chair and is going to the city on Diesel however shall we Diesel get again up for a clothesline and a large boot to the jaw. Diesel quite a bit up some other Jackknife however Shawn punches his manner out of it and drops a most sensible rope elbow to the massive guy’s chest. Shawn tunes up the band for the superkick however Diesel blocks the boot and clotheslines Shawn down once more.

A 3rd clothesline places Shawn at the ground as Vince will get within the very virtually well-known line of “We said it would be no holds barred but we didn’t expect this.” Diesel drops Shawn throat first at the barricade earlier than going over to Mad Dog Vachon. He chokes Vachon down and RIPS OFF HIS PROSTHETIC LEG. Back in and Shawn hits Diesel low, blasts him within the face with the leg and hits Sweet Chin Music to retain the identify and blow the roof off where.

Rating: A+. This used to be a WAR and one of the crucial absolute best brawls you’ll ever see. They have been beating the tar out of one another available in the market with Shawn bumping round like a maniac and making Diesel’s offense glance nice. This gave Shawn the credibility that he wanted as champion to turn he may just battle in addition to combat and it used to be a perfect efficiency in addition. It’s certainly one of my all time private favourite suits and nonetheless greater than holds up over seventeen years later. Probably the most efficient In Your House fit up to now.

Unfortunately for the WWF, this used to be additionally Nash’s swan music as he and Razor have been the 2 that left for WCW not up to a month later. We’ll be speaking about that during a lot higher element quickly.

Shawn poses with an amazing glance on his face that claims he can take at the global.

Overall Rating: C+. The remainder of the display isn’t nice however the principle match greater than makes up for it. That’s a big perk of getting presentations below two hours: a fit that runs about fifteen to 20 mins like Shawn vs. Diesel can save a foul card and this one saves it in a large manner. The most effective different just right fit on this is Vader vs. Ramon or even that’s simply adequate. Shawn vs. Diesel alternatively is a vintage and bordering on a masterpiece, making it smartly price seeing for those who haven’t earlier than.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has noticed over 50,00zero wrestling suits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,00zero complete presentations lined. You can to find his paintings at, or take a look at his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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