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Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling presentations for over ten years now and feature reviewed over 5,00zero presentations. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll be posting a brand new assessment right here on Wrestlingrumors.internet. It may well be the rest from trendy WWE to oldschool to indies to the rest in between. Note that I price the usage of letters as an alternative of stars and I don’t price suits beneath 3 mins as truly, how just right or unhealthy can one thing that brief be?

Hell in a Cell 2017
Date: October 8, 2017
Location: Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

It’s time for the Shane McMahon Does Something Stupid Show. The primary tournament this night is Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens within the display’s namesake construction as Shane fights to shield his circle of relatives’s honor. Other than that we have got the Usos difficult the New Day for the Tag Team Titles within the Cell too. Let’s get to it.

On the Kickoff Show, Tye Dillinger mentions to Daniel Bryan that he beat Baron Corbin on Smackdown however Corbin is getting a US Title shot this night. Therefore, Tye must be added to the fit. Bryan has the same opinion and we get a YES/TEN trade with each guys doing the opposite’s factor.

Kickoff Show: Hype Bros vs. Shelton Benjamin/Chad Gable

Shelton works on Mojo’s arm to begin prior to it’s off to Gable, who eats a crossbody. Ryder and Benjamin are available with Shelton scoring with a spinebuster and the Bros heading to the ground as we take a ruin. Back with Ryder nonetheless in hassle as Benjamin and Gable take turns suplexing him. Shelton’s superplex is damaged up and it’s a missile dropkick to Benjamin. The sizzling tag brings in Mojo for shoulders and a tilt-a-whirl slam to Gable. A clothesline takes Mojo down and Gable has to take a look at a moonsault, best to land on his ft when Mojo strikes.

Instead he abdominal to bellys Rawley and hits the second one strive at a moonsault for 2. Ryder will get knocked off the apron as Mojo begins….uh….hyping up. The Hype Ryder is damaged up (which Ryder turns out in charge on Mojo) and Paydirt offers Shelton two on Ryder with Mojo making the save. The powerbomb/best rope clothesline mixture places Ryder away at 10:22.

Rating: C. Just a tag fit right here that you might want to have noticed on any given Smackdown. That’s the type of Kickoff fit you need regardless that because the enthusiasts have been into the Hype Bros, even though it kind of feels that they’re splitting. You know, as a result of this department is so deep that they are able to cut up groups up at this time.

The opening video seems on the energy and devastation of the Cell itself prior to having a look at many of the suits this night. Standard but it surely nonetheless works.

Tag Team Titles: New Day vs. Usos

The Usos are difficult within the Cell. Before the Usos pop out, New Day talks about the way it’s going to be a jail ruin this night once they ruin the Usos aside. It’s Kofi because the abnormal guy out they usually don’t even hassle ready round prior to discovering the guns. Two kendo sticks (rainbow coloured for Xavier), a chair and a series are introduced in with New Day getting the easier of it and Big E. shedding Woods (and the chain) onto Jimmy’s face for an early two.

Big E. is distributed into the Cell regardless that and Jey dives excessive to take Woods down. Back up regardless that and Big E. spears Jey into the Cell for a heck of a crash. Woods breaks Francesca II over Jey’s again however Big E. pulls out Francesca III for a similar outcome. And now, a cowbell is introduced in with Woods hitting Jey within the ribs. If that’s now not sufficient track in your style, it’s time for a gong (Mortal Kombat reference) however Jimmy throws a chair at Woods’ head. Big E. will get superkicked down and it’s time for the kendo stick beating.

The working Umaga Attack drives Woods up towards the Cell however Big E. is again up with a Rock Bottom off the apron right into a Backstabber from Woods at the flooring. Woods grabs about six kendo sticks and pins Jey up within the nook, sliding the sticks in the course of the Cell like jail bars. It doesn’t remaining lengthy but it surely’s a heck of an artistic spot. Jimmy throws Big E. onto his shoulders for a spear in the course of the ropes from Jey, using Big E. into the Cell once more.

Back in and the double Superfly Splashes get two and the Usos are pissed off. They bust out some handcuffs and cuff Woods across the put up for some stick pictures to the ribs ala Orton vs. Cena at Breaking Point again in 2009. They dump on Woods with about twenty pictures in a row prior to letting him off the nook. That’s fairly dumb no?

Big E. is again up regardless that and cleans space, together with using Jimmy into the Cell so exhausting that the entire thing strikes. He does it once more, using Jimmy into Jey this time round. The Big Ending will get two on Jey however Jimmy is again in with a couple of superkicks. A double superkick units up the double Superfly Splash however Woods come what may dives in for the save. The nonetheless handcuffed Woods will get all fired up and shrugs off the kendo stick pictures however they in any case beat him down. With a chair put over Woods, the double Superfly Splash at 21:56.

Rating: A. The referee pronouncing “three” when Woods used to be being destroyed at the put up and the fit finishing 3 mins later apart, this used to be a GREAT fit for 2 primary causes. First of all, the stuff they did felt recent. There have been a ton of amusing spots in right here that you simply haven’t noticed prior to and that’s a lot better than the repetitive stuff that occurs so continuously in those suits.

Second, and extra necessary, it felt like they sought after to harm each and every different. So continuously the Cell suits are simply large suits that don’t have the rest equivalent to violence or carnage, which makes for some unhealthy performances. This used to be a heck of a brawl and probably the most higher Cell suits ever. If they only need to stay feuding regardless that, give us a couple of weeks/months off. Let Breezango get some other shot or Benjamin/Gable or anyone. Just give us a breather.

AJ Styles isn’t fearful in regards to the fit being made a triple risk (with Tye Dillinger being added) and quotes just a little Tom Petty in a pleasant contact.

Quick recap of Rusev vs. Randy Orton, which is their 3rd fit after the primary two didn’t mix to remaining thirty seconds. Orton attacked Rusev when he used to be being given the important thing to his native land to arrange a 3rd fit.

Rusev vs. Randy Orton

An early RKO strive sends Rusev bailing to the ground however he comes again in and fires off shoulders within the nook. Orton stomps away regardless that and tries the placing DDT however they head outdoor once more. Rusev drives him into the barricade and grabs a chinlock again inside of. A spinwheel kick offers Rusev two however he appears to be favoring his again.

Some large elbows are just right for 2 however a ignored price sends Rusev face first into the put up (CHECK HIS TEETH!). An RKO strive doesn’t paintings so Orton settles for the snap powerslam for 2 as an alternative. A fall away slam offers Rusev two extra however the Accolade strive sends Orton bailing to the ground. Back in and the placing DDT connects however Rusev kicks him down once more. The Accolade doesn’t paintings once more regardless that and it’s an RKO to position Rusev away at 11:43.

Rating: C+. Is there some degree of getting Rusev round? It’s transparent that WWE isn’t going to present him the rest equivalent to a push anytime quickly (or for future years more than likely) and I do not know why they maintain placing him in those spots. Oh however on the identical time, we get Jinder Mahal being unfunny and boring as a result of an India excursion in December. Another eye roll inducing finishing as Orton is identical with a win or a loss whilst Rusev takes a large hit.

US Title: Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles

Styles is protecting and Dillinger used to be added to the fit previous this night. Dillinger had attempted to respond to the USA Open Challenge however Baron attacked him, putting in place a mini feud between the 2. Corbin used to be scheduled to be the challenger however Tye beat him on Smackdown, incomes a place on this fit too. AJ and Tye stare Corbin out to the ground and glance to head at each and every different, best to stomp Corbin down when he tries to sneak again in.

They ship Corbin outdoor once more and AJ rolls Tye up for 2 prior to scoring with with the drop down dropkick. Corbin punches Tye to the ground and avoids AJ’s dropkick to take over for the primary time. A difficult whip sends AJ ribs first into the put up so Corbin chokes Dillinger within the nook. They head outdoor with Corbin whipping Tye into the barricade after which slugging him down.

Back in and AJ wins a slugout with Corbin (little bit of a wonder) prior to scoring with the Phenomenal Blitz. Tye comes again in with a sizzling shot and backdrop to AJ, adopted by means of that one knee Codebreaker for 2. Back up and AJ slaps at the Calf Crusher however Corbin pulls Tye to the ropes for the ruin.

AJ dives excessive with a slingshot forearm however his 2nd springboard is countered right into a chokebreaker for a fairly close to fall. Tye comes again in and kicks each guys within the face till AJ Peles him onto Corbin for a heck of a false end. The springboard 450 connects with Corbin however Tye makes the save. That simply earns Tye a Phenomenal Forearm, best to have Corbin throw AJ out and scouse borrow the pin and the name at 19:30.

Rating: B-. Good fit right here regardless that it went it just a little longer than is had to. Hopefully this units up AJ within the World Title image once more (if Mahal keeps this night) because it’s the logical approach to get us to that time. Tye being added used to be a good suggestion because it stored this from feeling like a lifeless name protection. It additionally opens the door for some challengers to the name, together with one Sami Zayn someplace in there.

We recap Charlotte vs. Natalya, which fortunately isn’t some other Bret vs. Ric feud. Natalya is champion and Charlotte gained a multi-woman fit to get the shot.

Women’s Title: Natalya vs. Charlotte

Natalya is protecting and this fit offers her the document for many pay in line with view suits in ladies’s historical past. They business early leg hang makes an attempt however Natalya settles for some kicks to the leg to truly take over. Charlotte makes use of the nice leg to kick her away however nonetheless will get stuck in a leglock.

That’s damaged with out an excessive amount of effort and Charlotte makes use of the nice leg for a large boot to the jaw. A powerbomb doesn’t paintings because the leg is just too banged up so Charlotte tries a backslide for 2 as an alternative. She’s nonetheless ready to strut on one leg however tries a moonsault for some explanation why, permitting Natalya to hit her within the knee a couple of instances. Natalya will get two off a sitout powerbomb however eats some other large boot.

This time it’s with the unhealthy knee regardless that and Charlotte is going down, even wanting to move outdoor. The leg is knocked into the stairs and Charlotte is in large hassle. Back in and Natalya a lot up the Sharpshooter, best to have Charlotte turn her into the buckles for the ruin. Natalya heads outdoor once more so Charlotte moonsaults down onto her, banging up the knee once more. Not that it issues as Natalya grabs a chair to hit Charlotte’s knee for the DQ at 12:18.

Rating: C. Good from a technical point of view however I’m fairly in poor health of seeing those two battle. Charlotte has overwhelmed Natalya time after time and now we’re more than likely having a look at a submission fit subsequent month the place Charlotte in any case wins the name. The suits are just right however candy goodness the promos to set them up are nightmares and we’re going to be sitting via them for weeks.

It’s Fashion Files time! Their bulletin board contains Cesaro as Tooth Fairy three and Raven as That’s So Raven. They’ve solved the 2B case and tease a flashback however finish up in the similar position. Ascension, in unhealthy disguises, are available with a supply. It’s a tube, which Breeze thinks way 2B.

Inside the case is an Ascension poster with the message “we want 2B your friends”. Breeze says there’s no approach it’s Ascension as a result of they’re idiots. Ascension takes to the air the disguises and go away having a look very unhappy. Breeze: “Those disguises were incredible!” There’s some other knock on the door but it surely’s only a black briefcase. They open it up and the contents are sparkling ala Pulp Fiction. It’s a brand new case, that means Pulp Fashion starts on Tuesday.

We recap Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jinder Mahal for the Smackdown World Title. Basically Mahal is overconfident and thinks Nakamura is humorous having a look so he made some semi-racist jokes at Nakamura’s expense. Nakamura additionally has to maintain the Singh Brothers to make issues even worse.

Smackdown World Title: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal is protecting and grabs a wristlock to begin. Nakamura takes him down with out an excessive amount of effort however can’t get a go armbreaker. Back up and Nakamura says COME ON prior to the specter of the Kinshasa sends Mahal bailing to the ground. The champ sends him again first into the put up and we hit a camel seize again inside of. A difficult whip into the nook has Nakamura in additional hassle and it’s off to a chinlock.

Nakamura fights up with a spinning kick to the top for a breather, adopted by means of kicks to the chest. The working knee within the nook will get two and Nakamura provides a knee drop from the apron, best to bang up his personal knee once more. Back in and the Khallas is damaged up, adopted by means of a center rope knee to Mahal’s chest.

Cue the Singh Brothers for a distraction however Nakamura grabs a rollup for 2 anyway. The referee in any case ejects the Brothers and there’s Kinshasa to Mahal however he grabs the rope at two. Another Kinshasa hits knee regardless that and it’s the Khallas to stay the name on Mahal (once more) at 12:05.

Rating: C-. And sure, it continues. Ignoring how they’d again to again suits taken with running the knee, this used to be your usual boring Mahal fit without a warmth and the enthusiasts rolling their eyes when he keeps the name once more. They’re greater than prepared to have Smackdown proceed to sink for the sake of the ones India presentations in December and if we don’t adore it, recover from it as a result of not anything is converting. Boring fit, however that’s all you’ll be able to be expecting from Mahal.

Kevin Owens doesn’t need to pay attention about what he did to the McMahon Family as a result of Shane has brought about Owens’ circle of relatives hurt for the sake of feeding his bottomless ego. Tonight, Shane has to pay.

Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler

It’s a struggle over entrances. Ziggler cuts off his personal front and springs out to silence and no video. A headlock slows Roode down to begin till Roode snaps him throat first around the best to truly take over. Some chops within the nook have Ziggler even additional in keep watch over and we hit a chinlock to stay Roode down.

It’s off to a sleeper for a just right whilst as this is without doubt one of the worst techniques they may move about having Roode’s pay in line with view debut. Roode fights up and sends Ziggler shoulder first into the put up for his first primary offense. A swinging Rock Bottom offers Roode two however Ziggler’s leaping DDT is just right for a similar.

Just if you happen to idea this fit may get attention-grabbing, Ziggler grabs the sleeper AGAIN. A bulldog (referred to as a Fameasser) will get two on Roode however the superkick is countered right into a spinebuster. The Glorious DDT is countered right into a rollup to present Ziggler two they usually business rollups for a host of close to falls till Roode grabs the tights (which Ziggler used to be doing each time) for the pin at 11:35.

Rating: F. Nope. Not the fit high quality however this used to be the definition of a failure. Roode appeared like he were given fortunate to scouse borrow a dishonest win and Ziggler ruled 90% of the fit whilst killing the group within the procedure. This used to be as unhealthy as it will were and each unmarried drawback they’d with Nakamura’s debut towards Ziggler. Terrible fit and it’s totally at the structure and reserving.

Ziggler instantly hits the Zig Zag on Roode to arrange a rematch.

Long recap of Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens. Kevin claimed a conspiracy towards him for months and attacked Vince after securing a fit with Shane within the Cell. Shane is combating for his circle of relatives and is mainly preserving up a large signal pronouncing “I’m going to do something stupid.”

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon

Inside the Cell and with falls depend anyplace for causes of Shane must do one thing outdoor. Owens steps into the Cell so the bell rings and Shane baseball slides him in the course of the door. That way the unhealthy punches make an early look and Shane follows up with a clothesline off the barricade.

Owens heads into the cage for protection so Shane kicks the door into his face. Back in and Shane will get knocked off the apron and into the Cell wall, permitting Owens to rub his face towards the cage, proper in entrance of Shane’s youngsters. Owens grabs the stairs however will get kicked within the chest. That’s it for Shane’s offense nowadays regardless that as Owens drops a backsplash for 2. There’s the Cannonball for 2 as the group is solely looking ahead to Shane to begin doing one thing so they are able to care.

The Swanton Bomb hits Shane’s knees regardless that and his legs are too banged as much as do the rest. Why is that one thing no person else can perceive? Back up and Shane peppers him with some extra punches, best to pass over the taking pictures megastar press. Owens’ frog splash will get two however the Pop Up Powerbomb is countered into a gorgeous messy having a look triangle choke.

A powerbomb onto the stairs will get Owens out of hassle and it’s desk time. The desk is leaned up towards the desk however Owens’ Cannonball off the apron misses Shane and sends him in the course of the desk for a crash. Shane hits him with a work of the damaged desk and tosses a garbage can into the hoop. Coast to Coast connects on Owens however his foot is at the rope, which totally defeats the purpose of falls depend anyplace.

Shane cuts the door open with bolt cutters, permitting Owens to DDT Shane at the ramp with a thud. Owens places him at the announcers’ desk and climbs onto the barricade….prior to having a look up on the Cell. He is going up, seems down at Shane….and will’t carry himself to do it. Instead Shane will get up and climbs to the highest as smartly and it’s time for a slugout at the roof. Shane grabs a Russian legsweep and bangs his personal head prior to slamming Owens at the metal.

There’s a suplex at the Cell to stay teasing the massive spot. Owens takes him down for a metamorphosis and drops a backsplash. The powerbomb is reversed right into a backdrop however Owens will get the Pop Up Powerbomb, which nonetheless doesn’t ruin the Cell. Owens teases throwing him off the highest however Shane punches his approach out of demise.

Thankfully Owens begins mountaineering down and Shane follows him for some kicks to the again, adopted by means of a ram to the cage to ship Owens in the course of the desk. EMT’s come down to test on Owens however Shane selections him up and places him on the second one announcers’ desk. Shane is going up however dives in the course of the desk as Sami Zayn popped as much as pull Owens off the desk. Sami throws the EMT’s away and places Owens on best for the pin at 38:18.

Rating: C. I’m going with proper within the heart as I were given the drama right here however I HATED the stunt display stuff. I’m fearful of heights within the first position and I will’t stand this type of stuff instead of having a real fit. Sami turning on the finish is a great factor as he doesn’t have the rest going for him nowadays and being Owens’ proper hand guy is the most efficient factor he may do. We knew it used to be going to be the massive stunt on the finish and I’m satisfied Owens gained, however candy goodness it took too lengthy to get there. I am getting the drama and all that however I truly didn’t maintain this for essentially the most phase, as is in most cases the case within the WAY too lengthy Shane suits.

Overall Rating: B-. This is a difficult one to grade as I liked the opener, couldn’t stand the Ziggler fit and sought after to show off the display all the way through the principle tournament for causes that experience little to do with the real fit. The display used to be higher than I used to be anticipating however the greatest drawback used to be it confirmed how little megastar energy Smackdown has. They want to spice up some other people and expectantly the principle tournament begins us down that highway. AJ vs. Mahal is the most probably name program regardless that Owens/Sami would be the best heel act going ahead. This display leaves me cautiously positive, however I’ve been in that position prior to.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has noticed over 50,00zero wrestling suits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,00zero complete presentations lined. You can in finding his paintings at, or take a look at his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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