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Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling displays for over ten years now and feature reviewed over 5,000 displays. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll be posting a brand new overview right here on Wrestlingrumors.web. It might be anything else from fashionable WWE to old skool to indies to anything else in between. Note that I price the use of letters as an alternative of stars and I don’t price fits beneath 3 mins as truly, how excellent or dangerous can one thing that quick be?

Backlash 2003
Date: April 27, 2003
Location: Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts
Attendance: 10,000
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz, Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler

If WWE held the least necessary pay in line with view in contemporary reminiscence, does it topic within the slightest? This is a glorified Raw pay in line with view with a handful of Smackdown fits thrown in to fill out the cardboard. It’s a truly dangerous time for WWE this present day and I don’t bear in mind taking a look ahead to a pay in line with view lower than this one in a very long time. Let’s get to it.

The opening video appears to be like at Rock vs. Goldberg, which is billed as a dream fit (honest sufficient) however the construct truly hasn’t achieved it any favors. No different fits are discussed.

As an aspect notice: Scott Steiner beat Rico in the dead of night fit. I do know you pay attention about how large of a cave in his WWE run used to be however my goodness I by no means learned it used to be this dangerous.

Smackdown Tag Team Titles: Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros

Eddie and Chavo are difficult. Team Angle brings out a framed image of Kurt, whole with medals placing off the nook. Haas begins with Eddie with the champ getting rolled up a couple of occasions for some early close to falls. It’s off to Chavo, who stops to put excessive rope for a bit of of a laugh.

Benjamin is available in as smartly and Chavo in reality wrestles him down, which simplest turns out to offer Benjamin a bit of extra of a major glance. A knee to the again slows Chavo down however Eddie will get in one among his personal to stay Benjamin in bother. What’s excellent for the champ is excellent for the Guerrero in all probability? Eddie will get in a couple of reasonable pictures at the ground and places one thing into his boot. The slingshot hilo will get two as this has been all Guerreros to start out.

For some explanation why Eddie shall we Shelton tag out and a few choking from the apron shall we the champs take over. Shelton does the soar over Haas spot for 2 ahead of slapping on one among his personal. A powerslam units up any other chinlock because the fit has slowed significantly. Haas is available in to stick at the again however a couple of kicks to the top permit Eddie to make the recent tag.

Heel miscommunication places each champs within the nook however Shelton offers Chavo a excellent taking a look powerbomb. Eddie is true again in with Three Amigos to Charlie and Chavo will get an overly close to fall. A perfect taking a look frog splash crushes Haas so Chavo can get two extra with Shelton making the ultimate minute (in all probability put up ultimate minute) save. Chavo tries a suplex however it’s the Bobby Heenan Wrestlemania V end with Shelton protecting his foot so Haas can get the pin to retain the titles.

Rating: B-. Good selection for an opener right here with the most commonly fast moving motion and a couple of sizzling close to falls close to the top. They were given a while to make this paintings as smartly and it used to be a greater fit in consequence. Eddie and Chavo can be effective as they’re so clean within the ring that they are able to make virtually someone glance higher than they are able to on their very own.

Post fit, Los Guerreros soar the champs and thieve the belts, leaving in a super taking a look inexperienced automotive.

Torrie Wilson tells Test to forestall calling her however he assists in keeping hitting on her anyway. Test calls her a tease for being in Playboy and insists that she desires him. Being a human, Torrie says no as a result of A, he’s Test and B, she’s Stacy Keibler’s buddy. Torrie is going to depart however Test pulls her again and kisses her. She storms off as Sable appears to be like on with a slightly evil smile. This storyline simply went from silly to REALLY dangerous n close to report time.

Before the following fit, right here’s Roddy Piper with a basket filled with coconuts. Piper: “I have a loverly bunch of coconuts.” He introduces Sean O’Haire and guarantees that he’ll train Rikishi that everybody can pay the piper. When buying coconuts in all probability?

Sean O’Haire vs. Rikishi

Rikishi wins a slugout at the ground to start out and throws O’Haire within for the outlet bell. An early Samoan drop will get no quilt as Rikishi has to move after Piper, permitting Sean to get in a superkick. We hit the neck crank with some kicks to the again thrown in for excellent measure. The lovers stay booing one thing within the crowd as Rikishi fights up and splashes O’Haire within the nook.

Sean beautiful simply kicks away the Stinkface as Piper will get within with the coconut. That is going nowhere as a double superkick places each guys down. Piper is available in once more however will get coconutted to the top. The distraction is sufficient for O’Haire to hit the opposite Death Valley Driver for the pin.

Rating: D-. Terrible fit in fact however issues for placing any individual younger over. I do know the focal point is on Piper (now not a marvel) however a minimum of they’re looking to push any individual contemporary. I’d get a hold of one thing rather than the Snuka vs. Piper feud from 20 years in the past, although a minimum of they don’t have Snuka getting again within the ring. Yet a minimum of.

Sable tells Stacy that Torrie kissed Test or even gave him the improvement replica of Playboy a couple of weeks in the past. I’ve began typing a couple of various things about how silly that is however I feel it speaks for itself. I imply…..Eugene used to be introduced as ten occasions smarter than Stacy on this section.

Rob Van Dam likes being a champion however says it doesn’t topic what occurs this night as a result of Chief Morely (visitor referee, as introduced on Heat) received’t let he and Kane retain. Kane says they’ll take everybody down with them.

Raw Tag Team Titles: Rob Van Dam/Kane vs. Dudley Boyz

The Dudleys are protecting and Morely is visitor referee. Bubba jumps Van Dam from in the back of to start out however a snappy leg go back and forth will get him out of bother. A standoff slows issues down however extra importantly lets in Van Dam to hit that signature pose. Bubba drops him with a proper hand and does the similar pose to a slightly detrimental response. It’s off to D-Von vs. Kane as that is already feeling like a glorified Raw fit. The plentiful quantity of empty chairs would appear to again up that principle.

A large boot offers Kane two and it’s again to Bubba to switch issues up a bit of. The lovers need tables however must accept Kane getting two off a spinebuster as an alternative. Morely hasn’t been a lot of an element thus far. Van Dam’s break up legged moonsault is excellent for 2 however it’s time for some excellent old style dishonest. D-Von is available in sans tag to attract Kane in as smartly, that means Van Dam has to take What’s Up.

It’s off to a chinlock and Bubba in reality is available in with a basement dropkick. Rob after all will get in a kick to the face and the recent tag brings in Kane. Everything breaks down and it’s Rob’s most sensible rope kick to D-Von’s face. Rolling Thunder hits Bubba however Kane comes again in with the highest rope clothesline to D-Von.

Morely after all does one thing through hitting Kane low however a 2d swing hits Bubba within the jaw through mistake. That’s sufficient for D-Von who beats on Morely however Lance Storm is available in with a springboard clothesline. Bubba dispatches Lance with out an excessive amount of effort and it’s a 3-d to Morely. Kane grabs a chokeslam on Bubba and the Five Star is sufficient for the pin from any other referee.

Rating: C-. Overbooking apart, this wasn’t part dangerous however it used to be truly only a longer model of what they do on Raw more often than not. The tale is out of fuel at this level and sadly that finishing is prone to see it proceed for no matter explanation why. The department wishes extra groups and optimistically the evil French guys can lend a hand out a bit of.

Since this tale hasn’t long past on lengthy sufficient, Stacy is going to look Torrie, who says Test kissed her. Stacy doesn’t purchase it and a cat combat is on. I do not know why a majority of these girls are right here after they’re now not at the card, nor why Ivory is in a towel in spite of now not having a fit.

Women’s Title: Jazz vs. Trish Stratus

Trish is protecting and is available in banged up. We get a staredown early on till Trish in reality takes her down with out an excessive amount of effort. A backbreaker will get Jazz out of bother and we hit the double chickenwing. Trish will get thrown down through the hair and Jazz sits on her ribs for excellent measure. The comeback is brief lived as Trish fees right into a boot within the nook and the Stratusphere is countered into one thing like an excellent Styles Clash.

Jazz is going with a vulnerable part crab however Trish reverses into the total factor. The Chick Kick will get two and Stratusfaction will get the similar with Teddy Long throwing in a shoe (make your individual Austin Powers shaggy dog story) for the save. The referee believes that Teddy didn’t do it, even though HE’S ONLY WEARING ONE SHOE! Trish tries a sundown turn however Jazz sits down on it and grabs the rope for the pin and the name.

Rating: C+. Rather forged fit with a end that felt find it irresistible belonged within the NWA. Above all else although they each appeared comfy in the market, which is a large step up from lots of the girls round this corporate. Good little fit right here and the end must optimistically lend a hand arrange some contemporary challengers for the name within the now not so far away long run.

Booker, Shawn and Nash comply with agree with each and every different however Nash desires HHH for himself. Well they will be the simplest ones to wish that fit.

We recap Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio, which is solely constructed round a unmarried 619 that knocked Show down. For some explanation why, this warrants a pay in line with view fit.

Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey journeys him down to start out and Show is pissed off once more, incomes Mysterio a toss into the nook. One of the toughest chops you’ll ever see or pay attention has Rey’s eyes bugging out of the masks and he rolls outdoor. Back in and Show stands at the chest for a bit of till Rey slips out of a gorilla press. Some proper palms stagger Show however Rey heads outdoor once more, this time for a chair. The referee is very easily knocked away so Mysterio can get in a chair shot, adopted through the springboard seated senton for 2. A 619 to the leg units up a 619 to the face however the West Coast Pop is countered into the chokeslam to offer Show the pin.

Rating: D-. Well that took place. I do not know why this had to be on pay in line with view as they might have both achieved the very same factor on Smackdown or had Mysterio face Matt Hardy for the Cruiserweight Title right here. But no, the answer used to be to offer Big Show a squash win, most probably so he could have a large fit subsequent month. And in fact Mysterio is the one particular person you’ll installed right here towards him as a result of you’ll’t have display win a aggressive fit towards a reputation of equivalent worth (Benoit would had been a more sensible choice). Putting this on pay in line with view on this shape used to be ridiculous and extra reserving that makes my head harm.

Mysterio does a stretcher task however Show choices him up and swings the backboard (with Rey nonetheless connected) towards the put up. Just in the event you didn’t get all of the concept from the fit you spot. The bump appeared nice although.

HHH, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho are able for the healthy trio this night.

Torrie and Stacy get in any other combat till Scott Steiner saves Stacy. Test FINALLY returns to yell at Steiner for elevate Stacy to the instructor.

We recap Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena. Lesnar received the name at Wrestlemania and Cena has been calling him out each ahead of and for the reason that name win. Cena then received a match to earn the shot so it’s an in reality smartly constructed fit. Unfortunately it’s additionally the largest fit at the Smackdown facet and appears like a somewhat glorified TV major tournament.

Smackdown World Title: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Cena comes out in a Yankees jersey which will have to have his pores and skin crawling. His rap talks about how he’s going to be added to the record of serious champions, that means he’s loopy like Mankind and coming at you from such a lot of angles that you simply’ll name him Kurt. Cena jumps him on the bell and slugs away however you’ll simplest do this for goodbye towards Brock. Two backbreakers right into a fall away slam has Cena in bother and Brock on the reduce on his brow from Smackdown.

A entrance facelock assists in keeping Cena in bother as Tazz is going into his uncommon but helpful clarification of the way to get out of a dangle. Brock stomps away within the nook and there’s a gorilla press for excellent measure. Cena correctly bails out to the ground and grabs a chair however settles for throwing Lesnar into the stairs as an alternative. The reduce is busted open so Cena slugs away again within. A operating shoulder sends Lesnar to the apron and there’s the center rope Fameasser to place him absolutely outdoor.

Back in and we hit a chinlock for a excellent whilst ahead of a DDT offers Cena two. Lesnar grabs a spinebuster to place each guys down for a breather as Cole begins speaking about momentum. Tazz thinks whoever is up first may have the merit. Thanks for that evaluation there pal. Cena is again up with a chinlock and a bodyscissors for a slightly lengthy whilst.

Back up and Cena will get pushed into the nook for the damage and it’s comeback time. Some clotheslines and a powerslam give Lesnar two. Cena makes sense sufficient to nearly ship Lesnar into the referee, permitting John to hit a low blow for 2 extra. It’s chain time however a snappy F5 keeps the name.

Rating: C-. Pretty watchable fit (save for that lengthy chinlock) however there used to be no hiding the truth that Cena used to be in far more than his head and had virtually no likelihood to win the name. Lesnar did what he may and bought so much, although there’s simplest such a lot you’ll do when the finishing isn’t unsure. Cena would have his day in fact however it simply wasn’t right here but.

We recap the six guy tag, which used to be all about who’s Nash’s perfect buddy. In different phrases, it’s a tale that every one of 5 individuals are fascinated about and for some explanation why we need to do that six guy tag as an alternative of HHH vs. Booker T. II right here and Nash doing his hair someplace as an alternative. This is little greater than a pit prevent ahead of Nash will get his large singles name fit that isn’t hobby in and nobody desires to look anyway. This will get the track video remedy as it’s the massive fit within the eyes of the individuals who topic probably the most round right here.

Kevin Nash/Shawn Michaels/Booker T. vs. HHH/Ric Flair/Chris Jericho

Nash desires to begin with HHH however fortunately we do Shawn vs. Jericho as an alternative. Jericho punches away within the nook however Shawn speeds issues up and begins a pinfall reversal collection. A Walls try is damaged up and it’s off to Nash to hammer at the arm. Jericho skins the cat (I nonetheless need to understand how it were given that title) however Nash makes sense sufficient to be proper there with a large boot.

It’s off to Booker, who ratings with a kick to HHH’s jaw, simplest to get stuck within the facebuster. The spinebuster places Booker down and it’s off to Flair for the old-fashioned portion. Shawn is available in off a neglected elbow drop and area is readily wiped clean. Sweet Chin Music connects however HHH is true there with a Pedigree for the save. HHH and Flair take turns beating on Shawn till it’s off to Jericho for a troublesome abdominal to again.

Now the villains get started in at the knee however an enziguri places Flair down. That’s sufficient for the recent tag to Nash and we get the showdown with HHH. I’m positive the lovers are all going to start out cheering as quickly because the surprise wears off so forget about that silence factor. Snake Eyes and the facet slam are excellent for 2 on HHH with Flair making the save. The chops haven’t any impact with Nash solving his hair whilst Ric fires them off.

Everything breaks down and Booker ax kicks Jericho to arrange the Spinarooni. Sweet Chin Music is damaged up and Flair grabs the Figure Four as Nash quite a bit up the announcers’ desk. He is available in for the save as an alternative (how great of him) however shoves Flair into the referee. The sledgehammer to the top places Nash away.

Rating: D. So yeah, as an alternative of doing HHH vs. Booker and Shawn vs. Jericho or Flair, we’re caught with HHH beating Nash to most probably arrange HHH vs. Nash for the name. As same old, 2003 makes my head harm and in some way we’re now not even just about achieved with this tale. The fit wasn’t the worst through any stretch however candy goodness it used to be dull and now not make me need to see anything on Raw.

We glance again at Mysterio being destroyed in the event you didn’t get the speculation the primary time.

The replace on Rey: there is not any replace.

Long recap of Rock vs. Goldberg, which doesn’t truly have a lot of a tale. Rock is coming off beating Steve Austin at Wrestlemania and Goldberg simply confirmed as much as assault him. The fit used to be agreed to and Goldberg has been chasing him since. It’s principally Rock being an enormous famous person and any individual getting to overcome him ahead of he heads to Hollywood completely.

Rock says he’ll win and doesn’t care a lot about Goldberg. This felt like not anything however the time filler that it used to be. The lovers chant for Rock everywhere once more.

The Rock vs. Goldberg

The entrances take a very long time and Rock hits the ground ahead of the bell as they’re hitting the stall button exhausting right here. They stare each and every different down because the fit hasn’t in reality began but. We’re after all able to move after a number of mins of killing time, which isn’t what this display wanted. Goldberg shoves him away off the lockup, which isn’t that sudden as Rock isn’t referred to as an influence man.

They do it once more with Rock falling to the ground this time round. Back in and Rock slaps him within the face, simplest to get run over with a shoulder. Rock bails once more because the announcers debate track. We hit any other lengthy stall till Rock snaps him throat first around the most sensible. Goldberg grabs a Rock Bottom however takes means too lengthy at the spear, permitting Rock to ship him into the put up. The Sharpshooter is going on for a bit of ahead of Rock is going with a low blow.

That method not anything both and it’s a spear to chop Rock down. No Jackhammer although as Goldberg will get two off a slam as an alternative. Good grief END THIS SHOW ALREADY. Rock hits a spear of his personal (referred to as a spinebuster through Coach, which isn’t that a ways off in reality) and the Rock Bottom will get two. Now the spinebuster in reality connects and the People’s Elbow will get two extra. Goldberg pops up, hits a spear, ignores the GOLDBERG SUCKS chant, provides a 2d spear, and finishes with the Jackhammer.

Rating: D-. This used to be about as dumb as they might have long past with Goldberg doing the similar roughly fit that each WWE major eventer has with the a couple of finishers and buying and selling strikes as an alternative of doing the components that were given him over within the first position. It used to be an absolutely horrible debut fit with Rock’s promoting by myself utterly outshining the entirety Goldberg did.

Compare this Goldberg fit to his contemporary go back (true tale: he wrestled extra on this fit than in a fit, a Royal Rumble look, a name win and a name protection) and have a look at which were given higher reactions, extra entertaining fits and simply extra good fortune total. It’s now not exhausting to determine why one used to be higher than the opposite and a large number of it has to do with reserving Goldberg like Goldberg and now not like another famous person.

Overall Rating: F. The downside here’s a lot more primarily based round this display now not being essential, a minimum of now not on this shape. The Smackdown stuff used to be utterly pointless with lots of the blue fits being TV worthy at perfect and terrible at worst. If you’ll’t even have compatibility Chris Benoit, Matt Hardy and Undertaker at the display (but there used to be time for FOUR Stacy/Test/Torrie segments), simply reduce the Smackdown phase out and let it’s a Raw pay in line with view. Turn the six guy into HHH vs. Booker II for the name and do Shawn vs. Jericho II with Jericho getting his win again whilst Nash is visitor enforcer or one thing.

Then there’s the display itself, which peaked at a simply relatively above moderate Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros opener. The wrestling used to be horrible all over with fits both now not desiring to exist or being so dull that there used to be no explanation why to care about them. This display felt find it irresistible used to be operating additional time and didn’t even make it to 2 hours and 45 mins. It used to be an terrible display which can have both been a standalone Raw display or simply now not existed and I don’t suppose someone would have truly spotted. Just terrible stuff throughout and a truly dangerous signal of items to return.

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