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There’s a flashback. Stables are something that have done a lot of good for wrestling over the years. Putting a group of wrestlers together under a common banner is something that has worked for a long time and it continues to do so to this day. There have been some very interesting ones over the years but now one of the lesser remembered ones has made a brief comeback.

The New Brood had a reunion in a tag match at a Big Time Wrestling event on Saturday night in Prince George, Virginia. The match saw the Hardys faced Gangrel and Joey Janela, who billed themselves as the New New Brood. Gangrel and the Hardys teamed together in 1999 in the WWF against Edge and Christian, the former members of Gangrel’s Brood. Following the match, Gangrel and the Hardys posed together as part of the reunion.

The New Brood has REUNITED.


Opinion: This is one of those things that came out of nowhere and was good for a nice smile, as the New Brood is an idea that didn’t last long in the WWF but is still fun for some nostalgia. It is the kind of reunion that you are only going to see on the independent scene and it worked out well here. Just have some fun and don’t overstay your welcome, which is how they made this work.

What do you think of the reunion? What is your favorite short term stable? Let us know in the comments below.

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