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Roddy Piper made a TV apperince and talked about Hulk Hogan situation


Hall of Famer Roddy Piper talked about Hulk Hogan in a Interview and made some very bizarre comments. He said that he not trying to hurt somebody’s feeling because he is also a dad but people now are too sensitive and don’t remember all the good that have been done in all the years of his career, it was hard to get the point in all Roddy’s talking as expected of the Hall of Famer who was called Hot Rod. you will have to watch the video to get more of what he was saying. He also told some nice stories and that he himself has been fired Five times by Vince Mcmahon.

John Cena is reortedly looking for acting roles outside WWE



John Cena is trying to extend his reach outside of WWE, Cena says that he wants to do some work not related to Action. Stuff that will connect him with different type of Audience that might not know who him. he added that roles like he had in Parks and Rec are not that hard and can be done easily but the other projects that are coming now are more challenging. His recently comedic love making secne in “Train Wreck” had made a positive buzz and is being praised. It seems that John Cena has finally decided to put his feet in Hollywood.

Hulk Hogan made racsist comments, WWE takes immediate action and Fires Hulk Hogan.


Hulk Hogan has been fired from WWE and will not appear in WWE upcoming 2k16. It is due to the latest scandal which as arise from a tape transcript released from some time ago in this tape Hogan has made racist comments about a Black guy who his daughter was seeing at that time. This has turned into a big matter because of the seriousness of the content. WWE has cut all ties with Hulk Hogan, TNA however still has not taken any actions regarding this.

UFC fighter makes Pro Wrestling debute and shares how he felt


Elias Theodoru a UFC middleweight fighter just made his pro wrestling debut and said it was a fun night. he shows respect for pro wrestling and the skills needed for it. he also added “I’m a professional athlete and really didn’t want to get hurt. The last thing I want to do is have to tell anyone at the UFC ‘Yeah, I’d love to fight but I broke my ankle doing pro wrestling”. He debuted at SUPERKICK’D  King of the 6ix event held at Toronto, Ontario. He did his training for a month with Superkick‘d.

Daniel Bryan rumoured to be back to Wrestling ring


Undoubtedly, Daniel Bryan one of the most successful superstar in history of Pro wrestling is set to appear back to the squared circle. Bryan has suffered  multiple injuries in past left the world thinking if he ever wrestle again. Bryan is cleared by doctors to return to wrestling. Bryan who is married with WWE Diva Brie currently hosting season  of Tough Enough.

“The whole problem with this process is getting cleared by the doctors. I’ve been cleared by one doctor in Phoenix, but the WWE doctor is hesitant to clear me. It’s a very complicated situation, that I guess they don’t really want me talking about.”

Daniel Bryan will be back at Summerslam??

Jushin Thunder Liger Appiering on NXT!! NJPW,, ROH being “double crossed”


International Wrestling Legend Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger is going to appear at NXT takeover in Brooklyn on 22 August, 2015. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter this has become a political hornet nest because Liger is a part of NJPW Which is currently in a working relationship with ROH. ROH have a show on the same night in Brooklyn as a face off with NXT and also have NJPW star on there show. WWE said to be making moves related to ROH. ROH was not aware of Liger being booked by WWE and NJPW is promoting it. Liger being booked by WWE could be a start of a relationship between WWE and NJPW. WWE have not been working with a Japanese promotion for quite some time now. The Observer reports even from pro wrestling stranded it was quiet a double cross.wwe_default

Alberto el patron vs. Brian cage be live in America And Canada


CJ9_yAeVAAAV2txAfter parting ways with WWE both Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio have joined “AAA” the leading Lucha Libre promotion. Their biggest PPV “Triplemania” will be live in America and Canada. This PPV is loded with Two big Main Events First ALBERTO EL PATRON (ALBERTO DEL RIO) VS. BRIAN CAGE Alberto and cage both have put their hair on the line for this match. Second being REY MYSTERIO VS. MYZTEZIZ (Sin Cara), it is a dream match for wrestling fans because both of them are one of the Greatest Lucha wrestlers and fans have waited a long time for there collision. WWE tried to put this match together many times but wasn’t successful because of various reasons but it is finally happening in AAA.

Jeff Jarrett’s “Global Force Wrestling” has started Tapping and he has some very new and Unique talent to Show.







We all are familiar With the Wrestling Legend and now promoter Jeff Jarrett. We all saw him Investing a lot in the Indian Wrestling show “Ring ka King“. Now he has started a new wrestling promotion Named Global Force Wrestling and after a long wait he has finally started TV Taping. Although the number of episodes are still uncertain its seems the have a TV deal at last. Jarrett has started Four tournaments at the start and one of them is The Nex-Gen Division. He says that there are a lot of Wrestler in 2015 who wrestle like Next Generation and will be a household in the future even if they are not right now. The tv taping will be PG but will be different from WWE it will have story-lines bit will be more like a documentary style. The already have videos out for guys like Mordetzky, the Akbars, the Bollywood Boys, and PJ Black.

Former WWE superstar “Dave Batista” is staring in the upcoming James Bond movie “Spectre”.


Former WWE superstar Batista‘s star seems to be shining right he is staring in  the upcoming James Bond’s Movie – Spectre. The trailer shows Batista in action seens and looks very impressive. After his last disasteres run in WWE Batista’s luck seems to have come back his last film “Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)” was a very big hit and now “Spectre”. In his last WWE run he was very much rejected by the fans and his small run was very disappointing and he quit. But it had done him good afterall and his Hollywood career is looking fine.

The Dead Man “Undertaker” is back for revenge against The Beast “Brock Lesnar”


This year’s Summerslam Will be on a totally different level as the main event is going to be Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. Ever since the night Brock Lesnar did the Unthinkable and Break the streak and Beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, it has been on the minds of wrestling fans that is Undertaker gonna take     his revenge, Will he take on Lesnar again but More than a year was passed and Undertaker  was fighting Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania and Lesnar’s been WWE World Heavyweight Champion so it seemed like its all in the past now. But We all got our answers in the main event of Battleground when Brock Lesnar was about to pin Seth Rollins and The Lights went out and we all heard the Gong.. and The Undertaker was standing in the ring when the lights came back. He had the fire of revenge in his eyes and for the first time Brock Lesnar had fear in his eyes because he knew that after a whole year of Paul Heyman rubbing the Loss in Undertaker’s face The Reaper of death valley is out to hunt him down.