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UFC President Dana White explains his “wrestling is fake” comment


Dana White appeared as a guest on Chad Dukes Wrestling Show Podcast to promote the upcoming UFC 191. During the interview the host asked Dana about his opinion on the twitter controversy arising out of his description of pro-wrestling as “fake”. This led to many wrestlers, including Taz and Austin Aries responding to Dana and Bubba Dudley asking for an apology.
To put a rest to all the controversy, White says that his comments were only meant towards a twitter heckler and he doesn’t care if he has offended someone in the process.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:
“Listen, try to do anything today without pissing people off. Try it. I mean anything you say people get mad, you just gotta not care and I don’t care. Anything you say on Twitter or Instagram oranywhere these days every week I have a different group mad at me so you know it’salways something, but it’s still the world we live in today. My Twitter and social media has beenexactly the same since the day I got on it and one of the things, you said it best, the more successfulyou become, the bigger something gets, the harder it is to be yourself and to really speak honestlybecause somebody ends up getting mad. You literally just have to get to the point where you justdon’t care who gets mad and that’s that’s that’s how I am.”

“I’ve had my, you know, my battles with Vince [McMahon] behind the scenes with some stuff thatwe’ve worked on but I respect all the guys in the WWE in the wrestling profession. We have so manyguys that are that are fans of the UFC and when they come to the events we take very good careof ’em, we treat ’em with respect, I have yet to meet a bad guy from the wrestling world. Everybodyis really classy and everybody’s really cool. My wrestling thing was just a response to an idiot onsocial media that was talking smack so I kind of gave him a zinger back and the whole wrestling world went crazy on me. But it is what it is, to be honest with you I really don’t care.”

Here’s the link to the show:

Brock Lesner to return to Madison Square Garden after 10 years, to face Big Show


According to the official website of Madison Square Garden Arena, Brock Lesnar will be facing Big Show in his return match to the most famous arena in the world. Both men have faced each other here before in Survivor Series 2002 when Big Show defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship with an assist from Paul Heyman as he turned on Lesnar.
Other Matches advertised are John Cena vs Seth Rollins for US Championship, Randy Orton vs Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev, Chris Jericho vs Owens.

Bret Hart blasts Kliq, says the group was a Cancer


WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was recently interviewed by the Fight Network in which he discussed various topics including the death of Roddy Piper, release of “The Kliq Rules” DVD and the upcoming Owen Hart DVD. Below are the excerpts:

Om Kliq and their latest DVD:
“They were literally a cancer in the dressing room, all of them. I don’t doubt that Shawn Michaels is sorry for a lot of that kind of behaviour. Kevin Nash was a great wrestler and a good guy, but I don’t think he could be that proud of that association. It was a cancerous environment in the dressing room with those guys and they certainly did more negative than positive to the business. Scott Hall, all you have to do is just look at him. He’s a train-wreck with his own life and he was a malcontent, or a guy that when you were close to him long enough you start to feel the same way he did; you just felt so self-destructive and unhappy with your life and your job and everything. He was a guy that was infectious with his bad, bad sort of moods and unhappiness in his own life that would spread to all the other wrestlers. And you know, I’m glad I’m not remembered for that kind of stuff. I’m remembered – I think if you talk to different wrestlers from that era, the Savio Vegas and those kinds of wrestlers that were on my cards – they’re all pretty proud of how I conducted myself, how I related to them and how I may have been the top guy but I didn’t act like a superstar; not to my friends and not to my peers.”

On death of his friend Roddy Piper:
“Roddy’s a really hard one; that’s like losing a brother. I can’t say I’ve gotten over it. If anything, I haven’t even really absorbed it yet. I find myself reaching for the phone all the time to give Roddy a call. He was so much more than any of the other wrestlers who worked with me. He was a guy that mentored me and helped me in the very beginning of my career. He gave me advice back at a time when nobody was giving advice to me. Always good advice. When I wrestled him at WrestleMania VIII, I look back at those times – Mr. Perfect would be another one – there’s a few guys who would reach down and help pull someone like me up to the next level. You can take your Jake Roberts and your Hulk Hogans and your Ultimate Warriors and a lot of these guys that were big names back then, but they never did anything for me. They never helped me, they never thought of helping me, and when they had a chance to help me they never did. But Roddy Piper was a guy that looked after guys like me, and a lot of the younger talent when the opportunity came for him to help make my career and pull me up to the next level. I owe a lot to Roddy Piper.”

On the upcoming DVD about his brother Owen Hart:
“I’m looking forward to it but I’m not really optimistic that it’s going to be a great job. Martha [Hart, Owen’s widow] handcuffed them so much. I don’t know if they’re even allowed to use any pictures from the past. It’s a poorly done DVD because of all the restraints and the limitations that Martha put on it. To me, that’s such a lousy thing to have happen. I think Owen would turn in his grave if he knew how much trouble Martha has gone to erase his career and make sure that nobody enjoys anything about his career today. It’s a bitterness and selfishness that I can’t stand by anymore. I think Martha’s taken the wrong approach and she should understand that, you know, we all miss Owen. I lost a brother, I lost a great friend and maybe one of the closest people I knew on this earth. I want to celebrate his career, I want to watch his matches back – not just with me, but with everybody he worked with. His time with WWE, they got so much footage and so many great memories with Owen, and here she is standing in the way of that saying, “Nobody can see these videos. No one should see anything that brings back any of his career.” […] They couldn’t use any pictures from his childhood, they couldn’t use anything from Stampede Wrestling. They had so many restraints. Even the interviews, the questions that they did with me were so bulls–t. The whole thing was so bulls–t that sure, there’s an Owen Hart DVD, but it’s the s–ts. […] I think WWE maybe had good intentions, but I’m not very impressed with the quality that it’s going to be. I haven’t seen it, I’m not optimistic but I’m hoping that it’ll be better than I think. But I could tell by the questions that they asked me and the interview that they did with me that it was a very short version of [Owen’s story]. I’m not really gonna hold up hope that it’s gonna be as great as it should be, and I feel bad because that’s Martha’s fault.”

Boxing Champion Thinks that Rouda Rousey Would Beat Floyd Mayweather


The Verbal and Imaginary battle between Rouda and Mayweather is still going on and is picking Pace. Now Boxing Champion Maureen Shea is on Ronda Rousey side and is among Those who thinks that Ronda can Beat Mayweather. She Said “I got Ronda. She’ll break his arm off. Shoot, I’d help her,”
Ronda Rousey Have insulted Floyd Mayweather on Several Occasion And Mayweather have replied too.

Ronda Rousey

John Cena Possibly Injured Again on Live Event (Video)


It was reported that John Cena Might Have been injured in a Live Event Against Kevin Owens Performing The Code Red.

Now A fans Have Posted this video in a Tweet Featuring What could have injured Cena.

Pro wrestling Illustrated Launches its Top 500 Ranking list for 2015, WWE star Topped the List


Pro wrestling Illustrated 500 for its 25th annual edition is now Available at It is a ranking of top 500 Wrestlers in the world made by PWI staff and as always it has created stir among Wrestling Fans. The top wrestler this year, for the first time is Seth Rollins whose Achievements in the last year and all the wins he had made him the No.1 This year.
Seth Rollins Tweeted this on Thursday “Thanks @OfficialPWI for the number 1 spot, But let’s be honest here…was there really ever a second option? Mwuhahahaha!!”

Rollins has joined the Very Elite group of wrestler who have won The First place for 25 years of its history, Names like Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold and Brat Hart and last year winner Daniel Brian

The Top Ten List

1. Seth Rollins
2. John Cena, who achieved his 12th consecutive Top 10 ranking.
3. AJ Styles
4. Roman Reigns
5. Shinsuke Nakamura
6. Randy Orton
7. Jay Briscoe
8. Rusev
9. Alberto El Patron( Alberto Del Rio)
10. Kevin Owens

WWE Poll on John Cena Dream Match


A new Book on John Cena Is going to release in 2016 and WWE and starter Taking A poll for “Which Dream Match WWE Universe Wanna see, Matches are John Cena vs Brat Heart, John Cena vs Stone Cold, John Cena vs Undertaker, John Cena vs Sting, John Cena vs Ricky Steamboat, John Cena Vs Ric Flair. The Result will be Published in “Hustle, Loyalty & Respect: The World of John Cena” book which will come out on 15 march 2016.

we have already seen a dream match, Cena Vs The Rock

WWE Hall of Famer and Wrestling Legend ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka is Arrested in a 3rd Degree Murder charge for his Girlfriend Murder in 1983


More than 30 Years have passed since the mysterious Death of Wrestling Legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka‘s Girlfriend but now he is facing Murder charges for her murder. Reportedly a New Autopsy report has come up which shows That Nancy Argentino has bruise on her body that are similar to Domestic violence. According to Snuka He never hurt Nancy and that he didn’t kill her and that she fell and hit her Head on contcrete and Died. This Incident happened in May 1983 at a World Wrestling Federation event in the Allentown Fairgrounds, Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka was the biggest superstar in The WWF at that time Known for his Highflying Moves in the Ring.

Bret Hart On Kevin Owens being his Favorite, Hulk Hogan scandal, and CM Punk (Video)



In the Interview, WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart Says that Kevin Owens is his Favorite heel in the Industry right now and that some people say that he is Fat or too big but I (Bret Hart) think that the things he is doing are like of a 100 lbs guy and he is huge, no wrestler in the history has done what he is doing.

Bret also said that he have only respect for CM Punk and what he did by Leaving WWE, He did the right thing to Do, He stood for the Indies And he Took A bullet for the Whole Industry.

On Being asked about Hulk Hogan, Bret Said the he is not a big Hulk Hogan Fan, and That its good that he got busted for what he did. I Didn’t actually remember him for being A racist but there was racism in the industry quiet much And that Hogan is probably Glad Roddy Piper Died Because It took The Edge off of him.

HE also said that Tysan Kid Is also One of the Best Wrestler in the World and also one of the Most Underrated Wrestler in the world, He’s the kinda wrestler you won’t miss him Until he’s gone.

Two More Indie Stars In WWE NXT, Will Compete in Dusty Rhodes Classic


Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano recently had an Interview with, After there NXT Detub This week, They will be Partiocipating In the Dusty Rhodes Classic against Bull Dempsey and Tyler Breeze.
Here is the Interview::

WWE: You’re in different locker rooms every week on the independent scene. What is the impression that NXT is making on you and your colleagues?

GARGANO: Right now, I feel that NXT is the hottest thing in wrestling. There’s no doubt about that. The guys that they’re utilizing are some of the best talent in the world. I know a lot of those guys. I’ve been in the ring with Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens numerous times. You look at a guy like me, I’m not 6-foot-8, 300 pounds, but from what I’ve been able to do with my talent around the world, I can come to NXT and show the world what I have. Based on the past, that wouldn’t happen. NXT gives guys like me that opportunity, to do what we love to do and show the world what we’re capable of.

CIAMPA: It has an indie, underground vibe to it, but the production value and expertise of WWE leading it. It’s the best of both worlds. From the first live special they did, I think that was the first time that the masses saw that this was something special and the place to be. From that point on, seeing things like Sami Zayn and Cesaro’s 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, seeing Kevin Owens do so well, it’s seeing guys who were the top of the independent world going to NXT and getting a bigger platform to show themselves on. Seeing how well they’re doing gives you this drive to want to be a part of it. I just watched TakeOver: Brooklyn a couple days ago. When Triple H was in the ring introducing the show and it was dark, all you could hear was his voice. When he says, “You told us the future is now!” and throws his arms up and the cameras go wide [to show the crowd], you could feel this energy. I told my wife, “I want that. I need to be a part of that.”