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That’s a big step. Wrestlers are part of a very physical sport that can cause all kinds of health problems over the course of their careers. At the same time, there are other factors that can make things even worse for them through a variety of ways. That can be on display for all of them but there are time when things do turn around a bit. We might be seeing that again with a wrestling legend.

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This week’s AEW Rampage featured a surprise return from Lance Archer, with his manager Jake Roberts, as the two made their first appearance since November. While speaking with the New York Post, Roberts revealed that he had been on oxygen for the last year and a half due to lung issues. Now though, Roberts is now only receiving oxygen at night through his CPAP machine. He is also exercising five or six days a week and riding his exercise bike for 45 minutes a day. Roberts called being cleared by AEW a pat on the back.

Roberts is quite the asset for AEW. Check out some of his time in the company:

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Opinion: It’s always good to see someone’s health improving, especially when it comes to something like their lungs or oxygen levels. Roberts has had more than his share of health issues and you never know how bad things could get for him. Hopefully everything gets better for him going forward, as he is still someone who can do a lot of good for AEW if he is able to be around.

What do you think of Roberts? How should AEW use him? Let us know in the comments below.

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