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Date: June 3, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

It’s time for a grudge fit as Joe Coffey will get to stand Rampage Brown in a hoss struggle rematch. What extra may you in reality ask for from a display than that? Well on this case we will be able to even be getting Ilja Dragunov vs. Noam Dar and Pretty Deadly protecting the Tag Team Titles. Let’s get to it.

Opening series.

Here’s what’s coming this night.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Noam Dar

Dar in fact takes over at the mat to start out but it surely’s a handy guide a rough spoil to allow them to each up. This time Dragunov down however he holds himself again from going nuts. Instead Dragunov wrestles him again to the mat with out a lot time and cranks at the arm. A large boot staggers Dar once more however he’s proper again with a cradle for 2. Dragunov tries the Constantine Special however the knee offers out, permitting Dar to knock him outdoor in a rush.

Back in and Dar begins operating away at the arm however Dragunov pulls him into an armbar of his personal. Dragunov fights up for a German suplex till the knee offers out, despite the fact that he manages to carry on anyway. The part crab is damaged up in a rush so that they slug it out, with Dragunov nailing an enziguri.

Back up once more and now the Constantine Special can attach for 2 on Dar. Dragunov misses a center rope knee and Dar is correct there to bar that knee. The rope will get Dragunov out of hassle so Dar moves away….which wakes Dragunov up. Something like a fireman’s raise slam right into a gutwrench suplex will get two on Dar. A forearm staggers Dragunov despite the fact that and Dar so much up the Nova Roller, most effective to stroll into Torpedo Moscow to provide Dragunov the pin at 13:36.

Result: Ilja Dragunov b. Noam Dar – Torpedo Moscow (13:36)

Video on Aoife.

Jordan Devlin is again and Sid Scala is satisfied to peer him. Before Devlin is again for just right despite the fact that, he has some calls for: a personal dressing room, any individual taking good care of his Mustang and a place on Supernova Sessions.

Tag Team Titles: Pretty Deadly vs. Jack Starz/???

Pretty Deadly is protecting and that is fallout from the 2 of them mocking Starz. The thriller spouse is…Nathan Frazer.. Stoker drives the a lot smaller Starz round with out a lot effort to start out, adopted through a entrance facelock. Howley is available in to whip Starz laborious into the nook however Starz jumps over him for the new tag off to Frazer.

An overly fast armdrag into an armbar doesn’t ultimate lengthy on Howley, as he is taking Frazer into the nook as smartly. It’s again to Stoker and Frazer is tossed laborious out to the ground. Frazer is again in fairly quickly and dives over for a sizzling tag of his personal. Starz will get to wash area as the entirety breaks down. Something like a slam faceplant offers Starz two on Howley however Frazer is distributed outdoor. That leaves Starz to get jumped, putting in Spilled Milk to retain the titles at 7:10.

Result: Pretty Deadly b. Jack Starz/Nathan Frazer – Spilled Milk to Starz (7:10)

Tyler Bate is doing a little blindfolded coaching and meditation, whilst announcing any person can come after the Heritage Cup.

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Joseph Conners

Jinny is right here too. Webster works on a wristlock to start out and a few leg journeys arrange a status inverted turn backsplash. That’s somewhat an excessive amount of for Conners, who unloads on Webster to take over. Some fast rollups give Webster two so Conners cuts him off with a backbreaker.

=Webster comes to a decision to slug it out with Conners and in fact will get the easier of items, together with knocking Conners outdoor. That manner the large operating turn dive at the flooring. Back in and so they stagger each and every different once more so Jinny grabs Webster’s helmet. The referee offers with that, permitting Jinny to crotch Webster on best. The hangman’s neckbreaker offers Conners the pin at 5:03.

Result: Joseph Conners b. Flash Morgan Webster (5:03)

Post fit Subculture runs in for the save.

Walter is again subsequent week.

Video on Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura prior to their rematch for the identify subsequent week.

Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey

Rematch from a couple of weeks in the past the place Brown gained. No seconds right here and so they cross directly to the ability off, as you will have guessed. Coffey is going for what could be banged up ribs prior to getting dropkicked out to the ground. They slug it out at the apron prior to going within, the place Brown stomps on Coffey’s hand. That doesn’t paintings for Coffey, who knocks him outdoor for a dive into the barricade.

Back in and Coffey unloads at the ribs, together with rights and lefts into an aspect slam. The operating shoulder to the ribs within the nook have Brown in much more hassle, adopted through a abdominal to abdominal. A double leap moonsault offers Coffey two extra and a few fast fireplace proper fingers within the nook stay Brown down. Brown blocks a superplex however and rives off the highest to drop Coffey once more however the ribs give out. Coffey misses a spinning top crossbody and is derived up favoring his knee.

They crash outdoor once more with Coffey getting the easier of items, despite the fact that they each spoil the depend. Then they cross proper again to the ground to slug it out, with Brown being despatched into the stairs. Back in and Coffey hits a missile dropkick, adopted through a bridging German suplex for 2. Brown can’t hit the Doctor Bomb so Coffey hits a couple of operating headbutts to position him within the nook. All The Best For The Bells finishes Brown at 11:38.

Result: Joe Coffey b. Rampage Brown – All The Best For The Bells (11:38)

Respect is proven submit fit and so they each appear up for a rubber fit. Cue Ilja Dragunov to stare them each down to finish the display.

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