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Date: July 14, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

We are in for a big time title match this week as the Heritage Cup is on the line. Noam Dar has dominated the division for such a long time that he is starting to repeat challenges, which will be the case this week as Mark Coffey gets another shot. Other than that, we have the continuing adventures of just about everyone else around here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Oliver Carter vs. Teoman

The rest of Die Familie is here with Teoman. They go technical to start until Teoman elbows him in the face. It’s too early for a wristlock though and Carter takes over on the arm instead. That’s broken up as well and Teoman hits a neckbreaker onto the knee for two.

We hit the chinlock for a bit, followed by some slow stomping to keep Carter down. Carter fights up and hits a quick springboard moonsault to start the comeback, including an elbow to the face. Another neckbreaker cuts Carter down for two, only to have him kick Teoman in the face for a breather of his own. That means it’s time for Carter to cut off Die Familie’s interference, setting up the springboard missile dropkick. A running spinwheel kick in the corner gives Carter the pin at 7:27.

Result: Oliver Carter b. Teoman – Running spinwheel kick (7:27)

Post match Die Familie comes in and beats Carter down.

Trent Seven jumped Sam Gradwell at the Performance Center.

Fallon Henley is at the Performance Center when Isla Dawn comes up to freak her out. Well at least she tries to, as Henley doesn’t seem impressed.

Dave Mastiff congratulates Josh Morrell on his win last week but says next week won’t go so well when they meet. Morrell says he’ll give it everything he has.

Wolfgang is kicking a soccer ball around and has heard that Ilja Dragunov respects him. That means something, but there is no animal more dangerous than Wolfgang. Why can’t he take the United Kingdom Title?

Stevie Turner vs. Amale

Blair Davenport is on commentary. Turner grabs a headlock to start and runs Amale over, setting up the pose as Davenport brags about her own awesomeness. Amale is back with a running neckbreaker into a running basement dropkick. That’s too early for a comeback though and Turner kicks her down again. A running boot to the face and a running knee lift get two on Amale as Davenport doesn’t approve. Amale starts screaming a lot and hits a running bulldog for two, followed by the Hope Breaker for the pin at 4:16.

Result: Amale b. Stevie Turner – Hope Breaker (4:16)

Sha Samuels can’t accompany Noam Dar to the ring tonight.

Meiko Satomura and Sarray are happy with their win, but Satomura wants a match with her next week. Satomura doesn’t say anything but leaves with Sarray. Emilia McKenzie isn’t happy but is less thrilled with Nina Samuels coming up to ask how that makes her feel. McKenzie leaves as well, with Samuels finding this intriguing.

Mark Andrews and Wild Boar would like a Tag Team Title shot.

Sid Scala announces Ilja Dragunov vs. Wolfgang for the United Kingdom Title in two weeks.

Heritage Cup: Mark Coffey vs. Noam Dar

Dar is defending and has no Sha Samuels, who has put Coffey as a 100-1 underdog. Round One begins with a bit of a slow pace as they go for some grappling. The threat of an armbar sends Dar into the ropes, where he compliments Coffey on his intelligence. Coffey takes him to the mat before letting him back up for a running shoulder. The armbar has Dar in more trouble as the round ends, with Dar seeming to sucker Coffey into an illegal cheap shot.

Round Two begins with the Nova Roller missing and Coffey grabbing the Gator Lock (kind of a Tazmission but with Coffey on the mat like he would be for a crossface) for a tap and a 1-0 lead at 16 seconds of the round and 3:56 overall. Round Three begins with Coffey going for an early rollup, followed by a quick middle rope bulldog. Dar is sent to the apron and manages to get up a kick to the face.

Another shot the face gives Dar two and it’s time to start stomping on the arm. Coffey tries to fire up but gets kicked down for two more. A suplex is blocked but Dar can’t hit the Nova Roller before the time runs out (leaving Samuels panicking even more in the back). Round Four begins with Coffey grabbing another rollup but getting kicked in the face for his efforts. The kneebar makes Coffey tap to tie it up at 40 seconds of the round and 9:01 overall.

Round Five begins with Dar hitting a running corner dropkick for two. Another kneebar is countered so Coffey can boot him in the face. Dar is back up with a guillotine choke, which is countered into a suplex for a double knockdown. They fight up against the ropes until Dar kicks the knee out. Dar goes up top but gets caught, setting up a superplex as time expires.

Round Six begins with another kneebar being blocked so Dar kicks him in the face. The Gator Lock goes on again, with Dark making it over to the rope in a hurry. They head outside with Dar taking him out but Coffey just beats the count. An elbow to the face gives Dar two but Coffey is back with a running clothesline. The sliding forearm gives Coffey the pin and the title at 2:58 of the round and 18:35.

Result: Mark Coffey b. Noam Dar 2-1 (18:35)

Post match Samuels comes out, tears up his betting slips, and cries a lot as Dar comes over to him. A lot of the locker room comes out to celebrate with Coffey….and to get their money. With everyone else gone, Joe Coffey comes to the ring and celebrates with Mark to end the show.

Oliver Carter b. Teoman – Running spinwheel kick in the corner
Amale b. Stevie Turner – Hope Breaker
Mark Coffey b. Noam Dar 2-1

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