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Date: July 5, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph

It’s another special night this week, as we have the Great American Bash. That means we have a stacked card, including multiple title matches. The main event is Cameron Grimes challenging Bron Breakker for the NXT Title, which should be a heck of a match. NXT does well enough with these shows so let’s get to it.

The opening video is at a cookout, hosted by Fallon Henley, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs. Most of the roster is there, with Jensen enjoying the women in the pool and wrestlers making various wrestling related threats.

Tag Team Titles: Cora Jade/Roxanne Perez vs. Toxic Attraction

Jade and Perez are challenging and Jade takes Jayne down early on. A running knee against the ropes gets two on Jayne and it’s off to Perez to forearm Dolin. Back with Perez and Jayne trading pump kicks for a double knockdown, setting up a double tag. Jade takes over on Jayne’s arm and a dropkick gets two.

There’s a double superkick for the same but Mandy Rose pulls the referee out at two, earning a well deserved ejection. A running neckbreaker drops Perez for two but Jade comes in to knock Jayne outside. Pop Rox gives Perez the fast pin on Dolin to give us new champions at 10:35.

Result: Cora Jade/Roxanne Perez b. Toxic Attraction – Pop Rox to Dolin (10:35)

Bron Breakker arrived earlier today and said his shoulder was fine.

Tony D’Angelo yells at Legado del Fantasma, saying that only Elektra Lopez has done well. Next week, they have one more chance. There is an implication that Santos Escobar has been taken out.

Pretty Deadly doesn’t think much of Josh Briggs/Brooks Jensen.

Trick Williams vs. Wes Lee

Carmelo Hayes is here with Williams, complete with some water as Williams is in a boxing robe. Williams takes him down to start but gets sent into the corner, where Williams wants a time out. Back up and they both miss some kicks until Lee dropkicks him into the corner. Back up and Williams spins Lee into a powerslam for two. Lee knocks him outside though, where Williams sprays some of the water on his hands and then sends it over to commentary. The liquid is rubbed into Lee’s eyes to blind him and it’s the Trick Kick for the pin on Lee at 3:45.

Result: Trick Williams b. Wes Lee – Trick Kick (3:45)

Post match, commentary says that smells like rubbing alcohol.

Tiffany Stratton is getting her makeup done but Wendy Choo comes in to throw powder into her face. Apparently this is the start of a match, which begins during a break.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Wendy Choo

We’re joined in progress with Stratton raking Choo’s hand over the rope. She even rips off Choo’s nail but Choo fights back in a hurry. Choo has to shake her hand back to live but she is fine enough to knock Stratton down and grabs a sleeper. With that broken up, Choo hits a suplex for two and a high crossbody connects, only to hurt the hand. Stratton is right back and knocks her into the corner for the corkscrew Vader Bomb and the pin at 4:38 shown.

Result: Tiffany Stratton b. Wendy Choo – Corkscrew Vader Bomb (4:38)

Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade are happy and Perez isn’t done: she’s cashing in her title shot next week against Mandy Rose.

Bron Breakker is warming up when Cameron Grimes comes in to say he’ll do whatever it takes to win the title. Breakker insists the shoulder is fine.

Here is Apollo Crews for a chat. He talks about how his kids saw what he was doing on Raw and Smackdown and they didn’t recognize him. Then they just stopped watching, but they have been watching every week since he has been back in NXT. Now he’s back though and it’s true that everything has changed.

He’ll be watching everyone around here and lists off some names, but here is Giovanni Vinci to interrupt. His name wasn’t on the list and that isn’t a surprise because Crews knows what happens if they face off. Vinci knows that he can match him in athleticism and beat him in style, so Crews invites him to come in and prove it. Vinci says we can do this next week.

Ivy Nile is ready to find out which Diamond Mine team is better. Hold on though as Nile has to go break up an argument between a bunch of the women. As a result, Tatum Paxley needs to be in the gym tomorrow morning.

Grayson Waller is ready to win the North American Title.

Carmelo Hayes is ready for Waller.

JD McDonagh is still coming.

North American Title: Carmelo Hayes vs. Grayson Waller

Hayes is defending and has Trick Williams. Feeling out process to start with Hayes grabbing a rollup with tights for two. They hit right hands at the same time before Hayes drops him with a clothesline. The Fade Away connects but Waller is right back with an electric chair belly to back for a knockdown.

Back from a break with Hayes still in trouble and getting pulled into a triangle choke. That’s broken up and a headscissors faceplant gives Hayes two. Waller gets knocked into the corner and it’s time for another slugout. A running dropkick takes out Hayes’ knee and a running flipping Unprettier (almost a reverse Blockbuster) gives Waller two. The rolling Stunner connects but Hayes rolls outside. That means Waller needs to load it up again, only to have Williams cut him off. Cue Wes Lee to take out Williams, leaving Hayes to hit the top rope ax kick to retain the title at 11:43.

Result: Carmelo Hayes b. Grayson Waller – Top rope ax kick (11:43)

We see a QR code and are told to SCAN HERE. Apparently it brings up a screen that says “8:10:11”.

Xyon Quinn says he is the future.

Ivy Nile fires up Diamond Mine.

Mandy Rose isn’t worried about Toxic Attraction losing earlier today because they can correct things. Nor is she worried about Cora Jade next week.

We go to Chase University where Bodie Hayward is falling asleep in a history lecture. Thea Hail won’t stop sleeping and is way too happy to be here. A guy named Chad tells Andre Chase that the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2 and Chase goes into a rant (“WHO THE F*** DID JOHN ADAMS EVER BEAT???”). With Chad gone, Hail wants to go to England, which is cool with Chase.

Tag Team Titles: Damon Kemp/Roderick Strong vs. Creed Brothers

The Brothers are defending in an all Diamond Mine showcase. Brutus runs Strong over to start and it’s quickly off to Julius to grapple with Kemp. That’s fine with Julius, who takes Kemp into the corner and hands him off to Brutus for a fireman’s carry slam into said corner. Kemp tries to get out but Strong sends him back in, allowing Julius to send him outside. Brutus goes up top for a cannonball to the floor and the crash sends us to a break.

Back with Strong kneeing away at Julius but Brutus comes back in to clean house. Strong runs over and slaps Julius on the apron. The distraction lets Strong hit the jumping knees to the face and he hands it off to Kemp for a slingshot spear. Brutus fights out and hands it back to Julius to clean house again. Julius powerslams both of them down and hits the sliding lariat to Kemp to retain the titles at 12:12.

Result: Creed Brothers b. Damon Kemp/Roderick Strong – Sliding lariat to Kemp (12:12)

Post match Diamond Mine poses, though Roderick Strong isn’t pleased.

We hear from someone who seems to be a math genius who has used his match skills to learn to fight. His name is Axiom and while we don’t see his face, he sounded a bit like A-Kid from NXT UK.

Video on Cameron Grimes vs. Bron Breakker.

Mr. Stone and company aren’t happy with Von Wagner being off the show but Solo Sikoa comes in to say he doesn’t want to hear it. A match seems likely for next week.

NXT Title: Cameron Grimes vs. Bron Breakker

Breakker is defending and, after the Big Match Intros, grabs a headlock. That’s broken up and Grimes goes for the arm, earning himself a trip into the corner as we take an early break. Back with Breakker hitting a suplex but getting sent to the floor for a dive from Grimes. They get back inside with Grimes hitting a kick to the arm and cranking back on it to make things worse.

Breakker fights up and hits some clotheslines but Grimes nails a superkick. There’s the running flipping crossbody for two but Breakker catches him on top for the Frankensteiner. The spear misses so Grimes pulls him into something close to an Octopus. That doesn’t work so Breakker is sent into the corner, setting up the Cave In for a near fall. Grimes heads up, only to dive into a spear to retain the title at 12:36.

Result: Bron Breakker b. Cameron Grimes – Spear (12:36)

Post match Grimes goes to celebrate but JD McDonagh shows up to jump him, calling himself the necessary evil.

Cora Jade/Roxanne Perez b. Toxic Attraction – Pop Rox to Dolin
Trick Williams b. Wes Lee – Trick Kick
Tiffany Stratton b. Wendy Choo – Twisting Vader Bomb
Carmelo Hayes b. Grayson Waller – Top rope ax kick
Creed Brothers b. Roderick Strong/Damon Kemp – Sliding lariat to Kemp
Bron Breakker b. Cameron Grimes – Spear

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