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Date: July 1, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Sudu Shah

It’s the second half of the year and odds are that is not going to make the slightest bit of difference around here. This show has gotten into another funk as of late and I wonder if that is due to the NXT house show circuit starting up again. Those shows are far more valuable than this one and WWE seems to realize that. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Stacks vs. Hank Walker

Tony D’Angelo is here with Stacks. This is Walker’s debut and he’s in jeans and a collared shirt. Walker takes him down into an armbar and does it again for a bonus. Back up and a knee to the ribs cuts off Stacks as we talk about something unfortunate happening to some (unnamed) member of the D’Angelo Family. A shot to the face drops Walker and we hit the neck crank but he is right back with a backslide. Walker fights out of another neck crank and takes off his shirt. Stacks kicks him down and hits a running big boot to finish Walker at 4:21.

Result: Stacks b. Hank Walker – Big boot (4:21)

Amari Miller vs. Sloane Jacobs

Feeling out process to start with Jacobs taking her down for an early two. Miller does the same and we get a standoff. Jacobs works on the arm before hitting a quick crossbody for two as frustration is setting in less than three minutes into the match. The arm cranking goes on again until Miller sends her throat first into the bottom rope. Back in and Jacobs is right back with the arm cranking but Miller fights up and kicks away in the corner. The Kansas City Knockout finishes for Miller at 5:55.

Result: Amari Miller b. Sloane Jacobs – Kansas City Knockout (5:55)

Javier Bernal vs. Duke Hudson

Hudson powers him down to start and looks annoyed that he has to deal with Bernal. With Bernal ready, Hudson drops to his knees to negate some of the size difference. Bernal’s headlock doesn’t get him very far but some strikes do, including a step up enziguri. Hudson runs him over though and a slam gets two.

Back up and Bernal reverses a suplex into a small package for two, only to get dropped for a neck crank. Another slam is countered into a swinging Downward Spiral and Hudson is staggered for a change. A sliding lariat into a high crossbody gets two on Hudson but he crotches Bernal on top. The Razor’s Edge finishes for Hudson at 6:56.

Result: Duke Hudson b. Javier Bernal – Razor’s Edge (6:56)

Hudson talks a lot of trash to end the show.

Stacks b. Hank Walker – Big boot
Amari Miller b. Sloane Jacobs – Kansas City Knockout
Duke Hudson b. Javier Bernal – Razor’s Edge

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