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Date: January 13, 2023
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Sudu Shah, Byron Saxton

As usual, LVL Up has me wondering what in the world I should be expecting. It might be a boring show, it might be a show with some slightly bigger NXT names or it might be a show that winds up being rather entertaining. It really is a show that could go anywhere, but it would be nice to have some more consistency. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Von Wagner vs. Oba Femi

Mr. Stone is here with Wagner, who powers Femi into the corner to start. A running shoulder drops Femi but he’s back with a running shoulder of his own. Wagner cuts him off with a clothesline though and starts in on the back. A belly to back suplex and elbow to the face put Femi down again and we hit the chinlock. Femi fights up and hits a running clothesline in the corner, earning himself a big boot. The Death Valley Driver finishes Femi at 4:13.

Result: Von Wagner b. Oba Femi – Death Valley Driver (4:13)

Jakara Jackson is a goal (yes goal) digger and she needs to check Isla Dawn off her list tonight.

Jakara Jackson vs. Isla Dawn

They go with the grappling to start and Dawn takes her to the mat with a headscissors. Back up and Jackson grabs a headlock before dropkicking Dawn into the corner. Dawn isn’t having that and goes after Jackson’s hand, setting up the chinlock. A Meteora gives Dawn two so she yells at the referee (whom she has hurt before). The distraction lets Jackson get two off a rollup and a knee in the corner gets the same. Dawn uses the rope to block a suplex though and a Nightmare On Helm Street finishes Jackson at 5:25.

Result: Isla Dawn b. Jakara Jackson – Nightmare On Helm Street (5:25)

Duke Hudson vs. Damon Kemp

Chase U is here with Hudson. Kemp struts to start and mocks Chase U and it’s Hudson cranking on his arm to stand up for his school. A knee to the ribs cuts Hudson off though and a fireman’s carry sets up the armbar on the mat. Hudson can’t flip away but he can power up and hit a hiptoss. Kemp is back up with a flapjack and neckbreaker, setting up a slingshot seated senton to the back for two. The chinlock goes on before some shots to the face just annoy Hudson. A running shoulder lets Hudson hit some spelling jabs and a running elbow (the Big Elbowski) finishes Kemp at 6:31.

Result: Duke Hudson b. Damon Kemp – Big Elbowski (6:31)

Von Wagner b. Oba Femi – Death Valley Driver
Isla Dawn b. Jakara Jackson – Nightmare On Helm Street
Duke Hudson b. Damon Kemp – Big Elbowski

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