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Date: February 18, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Sudu Shah, Nigel McGuinness

It’s a new show, which seems likely to be a fresh coat of pain with a new name for what 205 Live has been for the last several months. That does not exactly get my attention going, but 205 Live has been decent enough recently. Granted some of that was due to how short the show has been and that might be changing. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here are Joe Gacy and Harland for a chat. Gacy says that he told us he was an agent of change and now everyone is welcome around here. That’s why Harland will be in the first match on this show.

Harland vs. Javier Bernal

Harland hammers him in the corner and tosses him right back out of it. Bernal’s face is rammed into the mat over and over but he comes back with forearms and a dropkick. That’s broken up with no trouble and a belly to back slam (ala John Cena’s finishing sequence) gives Harland the pin at 2:04.

Result: Harland b. Javier Bernal – Belly to back slam (2:04)

Fallon Henley/Kayla Inlay vs. Ivy Nile/Tatum Paxley

Malcolm Bivens is here with Paxley (debuting) and Nile, who seems very popular. Nile takes Inlay down without much effort as the fans think Ivy is going to kill her. Henley comes in to help double team Nile down and then a solo shot does the same for an early two. A blind tag brings Paxley in though and she chokes away on Henley in the ropes. Paxley’s standing flip dive gives Nile two and a German suplex gives Nile the same. Nile grabs a headscissors choke but Henley rolls away and brings in Inlay to clean house. Everything breaks down and Nile dragon sleepers Inlay out at 4:13.

Result: Ivy Nile/Tatum Paxley b. Fallon Henley/Kayla Inlay – Dragon sleeper to Inlay (4:13)

The Rock narrates the Rocky Johnson Black History Month video.

Kushida vs. Edris Enofe

Ikemen Jiro and Malik Blade are here too. Feeling out process to start with Kushida taking him to the mat for a quick amateur ride. A headlock has Enofe in more trouble but he slips out and grabs one of his own. Back up and a running hurricanrana drops Enofe and Kushida sends him outside.

They head right back in with Enofe running him over for two, setting up a half crab. The rope is grabbed so Enofe hits a quick suplex. Enofe heads up top so Kushida hits a handspring kick to the face for a breather. Kushida gets kicked away but manages to dropkick him out of the air. Some kicks stagger Enofe a bit and it’s a tornado DDT into the cross armbreaker. With that broken up as well, Kushida tries the handspring elbow but Enofe dropkicks him in the back. A shooting star press gives Enofe the upset pin at 7:01.

Result: Edris Enofe b. Kushida – Shooting star press (7:01)

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