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Date: June 1, 2021
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph

We have lower than two weeks to move sooner than Takeover and that suggests it’s time to get started putting in the cardboard. One of crucial fits will likely be made this night as we now have a triple risk fit between Kyle O’Reilly, Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano to determine Karrion Kross’ subsequent challenger. Let’s get to it.

The opening video seems on the triple risk fit, with all 3 individuals getting to mention why they are able to win.

Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Johnny Gargano

The winner will get the name shot in opposition to Karrion Kross at Takeover. They get started rapid with Gargano being despatched out of doors, leaving Dunne to paintings on O’Reilly’s arm. Gargano comes again in to tie up O’Reilly’s leg on the identical time, which is damaged up in a rush. The moderately sore O’Reilly rolls out of doors, leaving Gargano to pass over an armdrag on Dunne, who ties up the legs. O’Reilly comes again in to kick Dunne to the ground so O’Reilly can paintings on Gargano’s arm.

That’s positive with Dunne, who comes again in to crank on considered one of their palms on the identical time. Dunne will get despatched to the ground and Gargano drops O’Reilly for 2 as we take a destroy. Back with O’Reilly kicking away and throwing some suplexes. O’Reilly hits a working knee off the apron to drop Dunne however Gargano hits a suicide dive every. The slingshot spear will get two on O’Reilly however Dunne is again in for the X Plex for 2 on Gargano.

Dunne grabs an armbar on O’Reilly with Gargano making the save. Gargano sends Dunne to the ground and O’Reilly grabs a kneebar, leaving Dunne to return again in for the save. The Lawn Dart offers Gargano two on Dunne however O’Reilly will get again in, leaving everybody to knock every different down for a breather. O’Reilly chokes Gargano so Dunne chokes O’Reilly, who drops Gargano consequently.

Gargano breaks that up with the Gargano Escape on Dunne as O’Reilly is distributed out of doors. Dunne manages to snap the palms for the get away and hits the Bitter End, most effective to have O’Reilly make the save with the highest rope knee. O’Reilly follows Dunne out of doors for a double clothesline….and right here’s Adam Cole to chair either one of them down. A furious William Regal comes out with safety to eliminate him, despite the fact that Cole throws in any other low superkick to Cole as he leaves in a super transfer. We’ll say it’s a no contest at about 18:00.

Result: Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Johnny Gargano went to a no content material when Adam Cole interfered (18:00)

Post destroy Regal ejects Cole from the construction, with safety dragging him out.

Ember Moon is within the ring and calls for Raquel Gonzalez get out right here at this time. Cue Gonzalez and Moon superkicks her instantly again out to the ground. Regal and safety cling them aside however Dakota Kai runs in to take out Moon from in the back of. Regal tests on a downed Moon.

Santos Escobar offers Legado del Fantasma a pep communicate sooner than their Tag Team Title shot this night. It’s going to be their coronation, as a result of that’s what they do.

Earlier lately, Hit Row interrupted Drake Maverick and Ever Rise, the previous of whom is named a clown. Killian Dain got here in and a tag fit appears to be arrange.

LA Knight vs. Jake Atlas

The digital camera follows Knight from the again, with Knight speaking about how he’s going to drop Atlas and turn out that he’s the only worthy of the Million Dollar legacy. Atlas armdrags Knight down to start out and grabs a springboard armdrag for 2. The armbar assists in keeping Knight down however he fights again up and nails a sizzling shot. Cue Ted DiBiase to look at as Atlas grabs a springboard sundown turn for 2. Knight slams him down despite the fact that and hits a fist to the face, adopted via a slingshot shoulder.

We take a destroy and are available again with Atlas hitting a crossbody for 2 however getting despatched excessive. Knight hammers away again within however Atlas punches him out of the air (with Knight doing the entrance turn bump that DiBiase would do again within the day). Atlas moves away as Cameron Grimes is out to mention he merits the Million Dollar legacy. Something like a Death Valley Driver into a status moonsault will get two on Knight so Atlas is going again up. Knight runs the nook however Grimes provides a distraction, permitting Atlas to knock him back off. The cartwheel DDT finishes Knight at 12:35.

Result: Jake Atlas b. LA Knight – Cartwheel DDT (12:35)

Post fit, DiBiase shakes his head at Knight and leaves.

Oney Lorcan chases the digital camera out of the instructor’s room. Lorcan says Adam Cole simply price Pete Dunne the name shot however this is Austin Theory to mention that it’s Gargano’s shot. Shoving ensues.

Ted DiBiase talks about how essential it’s to have brains and brawn…..and Adam Cole walks via so let’s apply him to a destroy.

Post destroy Cole is within the ring to rant about how he simply took out 3 primary match stars in a single evening. That manner he desires the NXT Title again as a result of Karrion Kross is only a few large musclehead. It’s no twist of fate that Cole used to be NXT Champion for 403 days….and listed below are Karrion Kross and Scarlett to break. Kross says Cole stopped being particular once he signed right here, however entertain him anyway. Cole: “All right Mr. Overrated.”

Cole talks about how NXT has achieved the whole lot they are able to to make Kross really feel particular however all they’ve to do with Cole is ring the bell. Kross isn’t particular as a result of he’s only a man who has Cole’s belongings. Cue William Regal to mention Cole’s plan isn’t going to paintings however Kross cuts him off. Kross desires…….EVERYONE within the fit without delay, together with this type of weasel. Regal: “Done. Done.” Cole will get at the announcers’ desk to shout at Kross, who mocks him for simply speaking. With that now not running, Cole throws a bottle of water on the two of them and leaves.

Candice LeRae is pissed off that Poppy goes to be again subsequent week however much more pissed off that Indi Hartwell is paying attention to 80s energy ballads on her headphones.

Video on Carmelo Hayes, previously referred to as Christian Casanova. He is able to turn out himself this night in opposition to Kushida. You’ll see a UFO sooner than you spot somebody as excellent as him.

Tian Sha is looking at Mercedes Martinez and turns out to have a brand new goal.

Dexter Lumis selections up Indi Hartwell’s headphones and turns out to love what he hears.

Cruiserweight Title: Kushida vs. Carmelo Hayes

Hayes is difficult and will get a fairly large front. Feeling out procedure to start out till Hayes snaps off some armdrags right into a dropkick. Hayes kicks him at the back of the top for 2 and ties Kushida within the ropes. That manner a springboard legdrop (with Hayes going backwards as a substitute of forwards) for 2 on Kushida as we take a destroy.

Back with Kushida knocking Hayes off the apron and tough into the barricade. Hayes comes again in with a springboard….I assume we’ll say clothesline, as even remark isn’t positive what to name it. Something with regards to La Mistica crops Kushida for 2 so Hayes tries it once more, most effective to get taken down for a basement dropkick. The Hoverboard Lock is countered however Kushida punches Hayes out of the air. Now the Hoverboard Lock can retain the name at 10:58.

Result: Kushida b. Carmelo Hayes – Hoverboard Lock (10:58)

Post fit Kushida shakes Hayes’ hand and tells the fanatics to provide him some applause. Hayes shakes the hand and will get a pleasing ovation.

MSK is able to retain the Tag Team Titles.

Frankie Monet is moderately happy with the evaluations of her debut. She is solely getting began.

Zayda Ramier/Zoey Stark vs. The Way

Non-title. Hartwell slams Ramier down to start out and it’s off to LeRae to take it into the nook. The neck crank/chinlock have Ramier in bother and Hartwell kicks Ramier from a tag strive. LeRae elbows Stark off the apron however the tag brings her in only some seconds later. Stark is available in and drops LeRae in a rush for 2 sooner than wheelbarrow slamming Ramier onto her for a similar. Everything breaks down and get started will get despatched excessive, together with her face touchdown laborious at the apron. Back in and the Wicked Stepsister units up Pretty Savage (springboard elbow) to complete Ramier at 3:37.

Result: The Way b. Zayda Ramier/Zoey Stark – Pretty Savage to Ramier (3:37)

Mercedes Martinez isn’t fearful about being marked as Tian Sha as a result of she has been a marked lady for her entire profession. At Takeover, she’s working thru her, assuming this is legit.

Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight is showed for Takeover.

The Diamond Mine is opening quickly.

Ember Moon is bored with Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. That’s why it’s Kai subsequent week and Gonzalez at Takeover, the place Moon is turning into a two time Women’s Champion.

Tag Team Titles: MSK vs. Legado del Fantasma

Legado, with Santos Escobar, is difficult. Wes Lee and Joaquin Wilde business armdrags to start out as Escobar has a seat at ringside. Wilde slams Lee down and runs Nash Carter over as neatly to position the champs in early bother. Raul Mendoza is available in to drop Wilde onto Carter for 2 however Carter fights again up. Cue the Grizzled Young Veterans however Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa pop out to battle them to the again. The champs hit a couple of moonsaults to the ground and we take a destroy.

Back with Mendoza getting two on Lee and handing it off to Wilde for an armbar. A troublesome elbow to the jaw units up a slingshot splash right into a Lionsault for 2 on Lee. Back up and Lee in any case will get in a DDT, bearing in mind the new tag to Carter. House is wiped clean in a rush and the rush moonsault will get two on Wilde. It’s already again to Lee however Mendoza makes a blind tag in the back of Lee’s again. That we could him are available in with a springboard missile dropkick and a swinging suplex will get two.

Carter will get knocked off the apron and a few working clotheslines within the nook have Lee in additional bother. A perfect hurricanrana right into a powerbomb will get two with Lee being tossed out of doors. Escobar sends Lee into the stairs, putting in the working boot/Russian legsweep mixture. Carter makes the save and Bronson Reed runs in to overwhelm Escobar in opposition to the barricade. The Blockbuster Hart Attack keeps the name at 15:26.

Result: MSK b. Legado del Fantasma – Blockbuster Hart Attack to Wilde (15:26)

Reed and MSK have the staredown with Legado and pose to finish the display.

Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Johnny Gargano went to a no contest when Adam Cole interfered
Jake Atlas b. LA Knight – Cartwheel DDT
Kushida b. Carmelo Hayes – Hoverboard Lock
The Way b. Zayda Ramier/Zoey Stark – Pretty Savage to Ramier
MSK b. Legado del Fantasma – Blockbuster Hart Attack to Wilde

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has noticed over 50,00zero wrestling fits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,00zero complete presentations coated. You can to find his paintings at, or take a look at his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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