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That could be an issue. There are a variety of different aspects that come together to present a wrestler in the right way. This includes the wrestler’s look, character and in some ways, nicknames. Finding the right moniker can be quite the trick but if it done right, it can bring about a lot of good. WWE is trying out a new nickname for one of its stars, but there might be a snag.

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In recent weeks, WWE has begin referring to Liv Morgan as “the Queen Of Extreme” as Morgan has been using more hardcore and weapons based offenses. Corey Graves also used this nickname for Lita on Monday Night Raw. During a recent edition of her “Eyes Up Here” podcast, former ECW and WWE star Francine, who was known as the “Queen Of Extreme”, took issue with WWE using the name.

Francine claimed that she applied for the trademark for the name, though she is still waiting on it to come through. While Francine does not blame either woman for what is happening, she said that she spent years building up the name and does not want to give it up. Francine also said that she would file a cease and desist letter if WWE continued to use the name, though she has not done so yet.

There are three interesting choices. Check out the three women in question:

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Opinion: If what Francine is saying is true, and there is no reason to believe it isn’t, this is a pretty open and shut case. Francine has used the name for the better part of thirty years and did it far before anyone WWE has presented. Hopefully this is settled quickly, as it isn’t like Morgan or Lita need the nickname. Let Francine have this one and move on, as it her name and has been for a long time.

What do you think of the name? What is your favorite wrestling nickname? Let us know in the comments below.

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