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Popularity of Pro wrestling brands such as WWE, AEW, Impact and New Japan Pro wrestling in India is very huge, India stands at 2nd position to have biggest audience of pro wrestling viewers.
As per the reports the WWE Performance center is in the Pipe line as Well as the try-outs of Major wrestling promotions will take place in near future.
The key factor is there are many men and women are currently training in India to become professional wrestler to prepare themselves for next Big opportunities by these abovesaid foreign companies.
The pro wrestling scene in India can be evolved only when there are good wrestlers in industry who are ready to put up their laces patiently to rise to the top.
Mostly Indian people struggle with financial problems and for being a good wrestler you need to support your career with affording to go to training school where you can learn all the techniques to perform in pro wrestling matches safely. Wrestlers need to maintain good diet, Gym schedule as well as they must be able to spend money on themselves in International tours.

We have interviewed an anonymous guy (name cannot be revealed) who trained in Punjab in the year of 2015 and till 2019 he spent about 15 lakh rupees on training, diets and self-accommodating all these years to reach to the level. According to him it was the worst mistake of his life as he chose to become a pro wrestling since he has wrestled only in house shows and even didn’t get the opportunity to be in try-outs and international matches. Now he is married and sitting at his home watching wrestling. He says depending totally to be on pro wrestling is big mistake everyone does, If you want to be a wrestler you must find a good company where are less people and more opportunity, In Punjab he found there are a lot of students and because of that he never got big shot.

So through our research we are able to provide you some details on How to become a pro wrestler from India
In India Training is available in few places cost is about $1000 for whole training and there are some school charging about double the cost, Joining a big name wrestling school could be your worst mistake because the only investment you have to do is on yourself. Many of the legends such as Stone cold, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart , The Rock they have trained in small wrestling schools . So remember its not the place which makes you a great wrestler, Its your hard work which makes you a great wrestler

Lets break down the costing and budgets to build your career in pro wrestling
Training – Rs 80,000/- (Including wrestling gear)
Food and Expenses – As per your need


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