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Monday Night Raw
Date: March 15, 2021
Location: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, Byron Saxton

It’s the pass house display for Fastlane, which is such the most important display that it doesn’t in fact have any uncooked fits introduced but. Odds are this is fastened this night, however it doesn’t cover the truth that even WWE doesn’t care in regards to the factor. This must be an eventful one so let’s get to it.

They don’t waste time by way of saying Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania.

Here are Bobby Lashley and MVP for a talk to get issues going. MVP says we at the moment are within the Almighty Era and Lashley guarantees to damage McIntyre at Wrestlemania. Lashley: “Right now are in the….Almighty Era.” And that’s why MVP handles many of the speaking. Cue Miz and John Morrison with Miz praising Lashley’s speech and pronouncing they’re all in at the Almighty Era. They assume Miz must be within the identify fit at Wrestlemania as a result of Miz defended the identify two times in a single evening and had cramps each occasions!

Cue Drew McIntyre to mention he is aware of what it’s love to be on a 16 yr adventure. McIntyre was once knocked down off the ladder and claw again up after which they’ve each reached the end line. MVP tries to break however will get close down and is requested why he’s right here. Miz interrupts and will get glared down, with McIntyre pronouncing he owes Miz one.

They are dealing with each and every different this night and Miz must run as a result of McIntyre goes to Fastlane to overcome up Sheamus after which take the identify again from Lashley at Raymond James Stadium. The battle is just about on however a Miz distraction shall we Lashley leap him from in the back of. MVP and Lashley depart so Miz hammers away. Cue Sheamus to leap Lashley till referees destroy it up. MVP holds Lashley again.

Post destroy Sheamus says he’s going to overcome McIntyre on Sunday however then he sought after to turn Lashley what’s ready on him after Wrestlemania.

Miz vs. Drew McIntyre

Miz hammers away within the nook however McIntyre is correct again with the chops to take over. The toss suplex sends Miz flying and the Glasgow Kiss makes it even worse. John Morrison throws his sun shades at McIntyre, which simply will get on his nerves. There’s the opposite Alabama Slam out of the nook so Morrison tries every other distraction incomes himself an ejection.

We take a destroy and are available again with McIntyre sending Miz flying with an overhead stomach to stomach suplex. McIntyre takes him to the ground for a ram into the apron and a number of other into the stairs. Back in and the Futureshock drops Miz on his head, adopted by way of the Claymore for no quilt. Instead McIntyre alternatives him up, issues to the Wrestlemania signal, and finishes with the Hurt Lock at 11:20.

Result: Drew McIntyre b. Miz – Hurt Lock (11:20)

Bad Bunny gained a Grammy.

We take a look at Shane McMahon calling Braun Strowman silly.

Here is Strowman within the ring however Shane cuts him off in a rush. Strowman is aware of that Shane isn’t going to express regret as a result of that’s now not what McMahons do. Instead, Strowman problems the problem for this night however Shane says no as a result of Strowman can’t care for him. Shane talks about how this proves Strowman is silly, just like the t-rex, which went extinct as neatly. Then he accepts the fit.

R-Truth, dressed like Steve Austin, interrupts Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, Lana and Naomi, who inform him that 3:16 Day is the following day. They can’t drink regardless that as a result of they’ve a fit subsequent.

Mandy Rose/Dana Brooke vs. Lana/Naomi

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are on statement. Naomi knocks Dana down to start out and it’s briefly off to Mandy to hammer away within the nook. Dana is available in with a handspring elbow within the nook and Mandy provides a operating knee to the face. That’s damaged up and it’s off to Lana to scrub space. Everything breaks down and right here’s the returning Asuka (dealing with Baszler later) for the large distraction. Shayna is going after her and will get kicked within the head, leaving Lana to hit an X Factor to complete Mandy at 4:28.

Result: Lana/Naomi b. Mandy Rose/Dana Brooke – X Factor to Rose (4:28)

New Day is able to get the Tag Team Titles again when Riddle is available in. He needs them to win like he’s going to do in opposition to Mustafa Ali this night after which they are able to get matching scooters. Or have matching pancakes!

Tag Team Titles: Hurt Business vs. New Day

New Day is difficult. Woods takes Alexander down by way of the arm to start out and it’s briefly off to Kofi, who pulls Alexander to him with an invisible rope. A leaping knee places Woods at the flooring regardless that and Shelton sends him exhausting into the stairs. Back in and Kofi hits the center rope status double stomp, which is sufficient to carry Woods again in to scrub space.

Everything breaks down they usually head out of doors with Woods being whipped HARD into the stairs as we take a destroy. Back with Woods hitting a clothesline however getting kneed within the ribs. The Michinoku Driver offers Alexander two however Woods will get in a shot, permitting the recent tag to Kofi. The SOS offers Kofi two as the whole thing breaks down. Woods hits a DDT on Alexander at the flooring and Trouble in Paradise hits Shelton. Woods hits the highest rope elbow into Daybreak for the pin and the titles at 13:04.

Result: New Day b. Hurt Business – Daybreak to Benjamin (13:04)

Post fit listed below are AJ Styles and Omos to break. AJ mocks New Day for having every other win however says he’s operating out of items to perform. He hasn’t ever been a Tag Team Champion regardless that, so he and Omos must be the following champions. The problem is on for Wrestlemania, however Kofi needs to understand if they’re even registered as a crew. Woods accepts the problem and the whole thing is ready.

Damien Priest and Bad Bunny mock Miz and John Morrison for shedding the whole thing however Miz asks what Priest has gained. Priest will get in his face, sending Miz and Morrison operating off. R-Truth is available in seeking to hit Bad Bunny within the head with a Steve Austin lunchbox. Priest calls him out and Truth offers Bunny a host of Austin products as an alternative. Bunny is so touched that he offers Truth the 24/7 Title again, that means Truth can be mindful Bunny’s title. The menagerie of numskulls offers chase and we’re again at it.

Jaxson Ryker vs. Damien Priest

Broken Arrow and Lights Out end Ryker in 37 seconds.

Result: Damien Priest b. Jaxson Ryker – Lights Out (0:37)

Post fit Elias tries to herald the guitar however Bunny takes it away. Elias alternatives him up for a slam however Bunny slips out and hits Elias within the face, putting in place Hit The Lights from Priest. Cue John Morrison for a distraction regardless that and Miz runs in with a guitar shot to Bad Bunny.

Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman

Hold on as Shane must heat up. After some pushups, Shane is going over to the hopscotch sport he has arrange, as a result of Strowman mentioned how this was once like being again at school. Strowman isn’t having that and grabs Shane, who he sends into the barricade. The Strowman Express is loaded up however Shane is ready on him with a digicam to the face as an alternative. Another digicam pictures units up the elbow in the course of the announcers’ desk. Shane isn’t completed as he pulls out….a bucket of inexperienced slime to hide Strowman. With that completed, Shane pulls out…..every other bucket of inexperienced slime to hide Strowman once more! No fit.

Rhea Ripley remains to be coming.

We take a look at Alexa Bliss tormenting Randy Orton.

Bliss, on her swing set, says that if Orton needs to eliminate her, he can do it at Fastlane. But is he going to do it?

We take a look at Molly Holly being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler

Non-title. During the entrances, Baszler says she is satisfied she harm Asuka a couple of weeks in the past. Asuka assaults them each sooner than the bell and sends Jax out of doors with a Codebreaker. The bell rings and Asuka kicks away however will get kneed within the face. They brawl at the mat till Asuka will get as much as dropkick Jax. Shayna grabs the Kirifuda Clutch however Asuka flips again for the pin at 1:31.

Result: Asuka b. Shayna Baszler – Rollup (1:31)

Post fit Shanya doesn’t let pass however Asuka escapes anyway. The beatdown continues with Asuka firing off Kawada Kicks and pulling off a turnbuckle pad. Baszler’s face is beaten in opposition to the buckle and Asuka lots up a curb stomp. The referee breaks it up simply in time.

Mustafa Ali is yelling at Retribution when Riddle speeds thru on his scooter.

Fastlane rundown with Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman added.

US Title: Mustafa Ali vs. Riddle

Ali is difficult and has Retribution with him. Riddle knocks him out of doors to start out however will get despatched into the announcers’ desk. A swinging neckbreaker off the apron drops Riddle and we take a destroy. Back with Ali hitting every other neckbreaker for 2 however Riddle moves away. A suplex units up the Broton for 2 and he kicks Ali within the head. There’s a rollup so T-Bar will get up, simplest to have Ali opposite into one in every of his personal. T-Bar drops down however the extend shall we Riddle kick out and hit the Bro Derek to retain at 8:31.

Result: Riddle b. Mustafa Ali – Bro Derek (8:31)

Randy Orton is able to kick Alexa Bliss out of his lifestyles.

Here’s Drew McIntyre to mention he has been looking at the display and doesn’t like MVP’s promises. That’s why he’s out right here this night, as a result of he needs to look this fit up shut and get able for Wrestlemania.

Sheamus vs. Bobby Lashley

Non-title and Sheamus sends him into the nook to start out in a rush. Some forearms to the again have Lashley in bother however he powers Sheamus to the mat. A clothesline drops Sheamus once more and the not on time vertical suplex does it yet one more time. Sheamus is again up and sends Lashley to the apron for the forearms to the chest.

Lashley is okay sufficient to catch him with the overhead stomach to stomach regardless that and we take a destroy. Back with Lashley running at the armbar and sending Sheamus into the nook once more. The operating fee hits the put up regardless that and Sheamus will get up most sensible for the clothesline. Some elbows to the shoulder and an armbar stay Lashley in bother and Sheamus sends him out of doors.

Back in and the Irish Curse will get two and Sheamus grabs one of those difficult leglock. Lashley fights up once more and hits a Downward Spiral, adopted by way of a superplex for the large crash. The spear is blocked by way of a leaping knee to the face and Sheamus grabs White Noise for 2. Lashley doesn’t appear to thoughts and pops up with the spear for the pin at 17:41.

Result: Bobby Lashley b. Sheamus – Spear (17:41)

Post fit Lashley grabs the Hurt Lock on Sheamus however McIntyre breaks it up with the Claymore. Sheamus and McIntyre stare each and every different down to finish the display.

Drew McIntyre b. The Miz – Hurt Lock
Lana/Naomi b. Mandy Rose/Dana Brook – X Factor to Rose
New Day b. Hurt Business – Daybreak to Benjamin
Damien Priest b. Jaxson Ryker – Hit The Lights
Asuka b. Shayna Baszler – Rollup
Riddle b. Mustafa Ali – Bro Derek
Bobby Lashley b. Sheamus – Spear

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