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Monday Night Raw
Date: April 12, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center, Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Adnan Virk, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

It’s the unofficial season premiere of Raw after the somewhat superior two evening Wrestlemania. We’re within the new Thunderdome this week and that shouldn’t make a lot of a distinction in comparison to the opposite ones. In concept this must be the massive display with a wide variety of items happening, however you by no means can inform this present day. Let’s get to it.

Bobby Lashley arrived previous and Riddle in an instant challenged him. Lashley doesn’t assume so as a result of Riddle misplaced to Sheamus ultimate evening. Riddle talks about dressed in a tin foil hats on account of extraterrestrial beings however Lashley turns him down once more. That earns Lashley some quotes about how any person may have a shot, so Lashley shoves him down and calls him a loser. The fit appears to be on.

Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle

Non-title and MVP is right here with Lashley. Riddle scooters to the hoop so Lashley jumps him ahead of the bell and the beatdown is on out of doors. Lashley posts him and rams him into more than a few issues ahead of taking it inside of. For some reason why Riddle says let’s pass and will get despatched into the nook for the shoulder to the ribs. The not on time vertical suplex drops Riddle once more and Lashley tosses the scooter round at ringside. Riddle will get in a couple of photographs however will get knocked down once more as we take a destroy.

Back with Lashley operating on a neck crank and hitting the Downward Spiral to drop Riddle once more. Lashley throws him round once more and begins at the arm. Riddle manages to get in a kick to the top and a few kicks rock Lashley, adopted by way of the leaping knee. The Floating Bro misses although and the Hurt Lock finishes Riddle at 10:30.

Result: Bobby Lashley b. Riddle – Hurt Lock (10:30)

We have a look at Rhea Ripley profitable the Women’s Title at Wrestlemania.

Ripley says it’s time to proceed her self assurance and welcomes us to the Brutality World Order.

Cedric Alexander/Shelton Benjamin vs. Viking Raiders

This is Ivar’s go back after seven months off because of neck surgical procedure. Ivar throws Alexander into the nook and hammers away with the forearms. Erik slams Ivar onto Alexander and it’s off to Benjamin in a rush. Cedric takes Erik’s knee out and Shelton will get two off a knee to the face. Shelton suplexes Erik for a similar and Alexander kilos away with forearms. There’s a suplex to offer Shelton two however Erik knocks him away and palms it off to Ivar to scrub area. Some shoulders arrange the cartwheel and double clothesline as the whole lot breaks down. The Viking Experience finishes Alexander at 5:37.

Result: Viking Raiders b. Cedric Alexander/Shelton Benjamin – Viking Experience to Alexander (5:37)

Asuka guarantees to get the identify again.

Here is the returning Charlotte (with Virk seeming reasonably inspired) for a talk. She isn’t pleased with now not being on Wrestlemania as a result of she is a franchise participant and she or he wasn’t at the display because of causes that aren’t her fault. It wasn’t her fault that Asuka wanted a spouse or that her dad acted like a idiot at Raw Legends or that Asuka didn’t solution her problem. Asuka approved Rhea Ripley’s problem although and now she is the brand new Women’s Champion.

Charlotte is aware of that everybody used to be overjoyed that she wasn’t on Wrestlemania as it intended that everybody else had a possibility. Now Asuka has every other likelihood on the identify however understand that karma is a b**** and Charlotte is that b****. This is the brand new Charlotte and she or he isn’t apologizing for being that excellent anymore. She has given the whole lot to this trade and what has she gotten in go back? Enjoy your identify fit that she must be in, and there’s the mic drop.

Women’s Title: Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

Asuka is difficult and jumps Ripley to start out however will get shoved away. The danger of a go armbreaker sends Ripley into the ropes for the destroy. Ripley sends her out of doors and we take an early destroy. Back with Ripley sending her laborious into the nook however Asuka comes again with a center rope dropkick. Some moves to the face, together with a operating basement kick to the face, get two on Ripley.

A couple of photographs put Asuka down once more and the Prism Trap is going on. With that damaged up in a rush, Ripley pulls her into an electrical chair. That’s damaged up as neatly and we hit the Fujiwara armbar, with Asuka switching into the Asuka Lock. Ripley will get her into every other electrical chair and drops her face first for every other destroy. They head to the apron with Asuka ramming her into the turnbuckle….and this is Charlotte to leap either one of them for the double DQ at 11:50.

Result: Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley went to a double DQ when Charlotte interfered (11:50)

Post fit the beatdown is on and Charlotte is reasonably happy.

Miz and John Morrison are pissed off finally evening however Maryse is right here to make Miz smile once more.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler giggle at Mandy Rose falling at Wrestlemania. Rose and Dana Brooke arise and take Jax down as Baszler simply isn’t there.

It’s time for Alexa’s Playground, with Alexa Bliss speaking about how there used to be as soon as a scared little lady who must be stored. Then the darkness got here alongside and stored her, however at some point she learned she didn’t want to be stored anymore. The lady learned she didn’t want the darkness anymore and did what she may do to eliminate the darkness on her personal. Now the lady goes to have her personal a laugh. We additionally meet Lily, a reasonably hectic Alexa Bliss doll….who involves reside and bites on the digital camera.

It’s time for MizTV with Maryse and John Morrison. They plug their media talents and plug Miz and Mrs., which is again this night. Morrison thinks he must be added to the forged, however Miz reminds him that he’s in this night’s episode. After a plug for Maryse’s new moisturizer, we transfer directly to Bad Bunny and Wrestlemania, with Miz bragging about making Bunny a larger megastar. Cue Damian Priest to mention he doesn’t wish to listen it. The problem is thrown out for a handicap fit presently, although Miz and Morrison are in fits.

Damian Priest vs. John Morrison/The Miz

Miz and Morrison are in side road garments and organize to take Morrison down for a slingshot right into a forearm. A slingshot elbow will get two on Priest and we hit the chinlock. Back up and Priest kicks Morrison into the nook, putting in the operating elbows within the nook. The Broken Elbow crops Morrison and the sequence of moves drop Miz. The chokeslam connects however Morrison breaks up the quilt, incomes himself a clothesline.

Priest dives onto the 2 of them at the flooring and a best rope spinwheel kick drops Morrison for 2. Hit the Lights takes out Morrison however Maryse saves Miz from taking the similar factor. Then Priest pulls off Miz’s pants, revealing….just about trunks, and every other Maryse distraction we could Miz grasp a rollup with toes at the ropes for the pin at 5:35.

Result: John Morrison/The Miz b. Damian Priest – Rollup with toes at the ropes (5:35)

Nia Jax says Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke orchestrated a cowardly assault on her behind the curtain to distract from Mandy’s Wrestlemania mishap.

Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke/Mandy Rose

Non-title. Nia is going after Brooke to start out and sends her into the ropes to start the thrashing. We hit the neck crank for a little as Brooke isn’t precisely ready to do a lot right here. Brooke in spite of everything will get away and palms it off to Rose, who takes over on Baszler in a rush. Rose manages to ship her out of doors and Jax is tossed as neatly. Jax begins coming again in however slips at the apron….so Dana and Mandy bail for the countout at 5:35, pronouncing it’s now not value it.

Result: Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler b. Dana Brooke/Mandy Rose by the use of countout (5:35)

Dana and Mandy’s track performs as a result of none of this issues.

Here is MVP to discuss how Drew McIntyre went out like a gladiator. There is not anything flawed with being 2d easiest however he misplaced to Bobby Lashley on Saturday. No one can take care of the drive of the Hurt Lock, together with McIntyre. So who can take care of it? Cue Drew McIntyre, who MVP says must be feeling humble. McIntyre says Wrestlemania got here all the way down to the Claymore, the Hurt Lock, and whoever made the primary mistake. He made that first mistake and sure the Hurt Lock goes to finish any person.

McIntyre will get within the ring to signify he desires every other identify shot however MVP says the whole lot needs to be earned. Cue Braun Strowman, with MVP beginning to get a little worried. Strowman says McIntyre wishes to move tot he again of the road however right here’s Randy Orton (MVP: “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???”) to mention say that the Fiend is long past so it’s time for him to move after the identify once more. Adam Pearce comes out to make the number 1 contendership triple danger fit for this night.

Post destroy, McIntyre runs into Strowman within the again and says it’s a Claymore this night. Strowman thinks McIntyre is insulting his intelligence and guarantees to win.

We recap Charlotte’s promo and interference previous this night.

Here are Jaxson Ryker and Elias to devote a music to Shane McMahon. Elias begins enjoying however we listen a trombone as an alternative. Elias doesn’t know what’s going on so this is New Day to mention that Elias and Ryker have shamed the tag crew department. It is time to revive honor presently.

New Day vs. Jaxson Ryker/Elias

New Day clears the hoop in a rush and hit stereo dives to the ground as we take an early destroy. Back with Woods in bother and Elias grabbing a chinlock as we pass cut up display screen for an advert for the film Nobody. Back to complete display screen with Ryker coming in to throw Woods round however an enziguri knocks Ryker foolish. The sizzling tag brings in Kofi to pick out up the tempo with a dropkick and one footed stomp to the status Elias. Everything breaks down and the Daybreak finishes Elias at 9:35.

Result: New Day b. Jaxson Ryker/Elias – Daybreak to Elias (9:35)

Randy Orton is able to get again within the identify hunt since the Fiend and Alexa Bliss are at the back of him.

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House the place everybody turns out reasonably glad to be right here. This contains Bray Wyatt, who’s so happy to be again. Abby the Witch isn’t glad, which Bray says method witches be lyin. Ramblin Rabbit is happy that she, most probably that means Alexa Bliss, is long past. Bray throws him away and says they nonetheless have each and every different. This is usually a new get started for they all and a brand new season for they all. Maybe even a brand spanking new him, as a result of he might be reborn. Everything will likely be wonderful as a result of HE will go back and the Fun House will likely be robust. Bray just about broke into music on that ultimate section, whole with a reasonably up pace beat at the back of him.

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman

The winner will get a shot at Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania: Backlash. Strowman is going after McIntyre to start out however Orton is helping make the save with a double suplex. Everyone is knocked to the ground however the Strowman Express is bring to a halt by way of the stairs to the face. Orton drops McIntyre onto the announcers’ desk and we take a destroy.

Back with Orton knocking McIntyre down and stomping on the ankle. They head out of doors with Orton sending him face first into the announcers’ desk time and again. Strowman is again as much as run them each over however Orton will get in a shot of his personal to gradual Strowman down. Back in and the RKO hits Strowman however Orton takes eternally to get the pin, permitting McIntyre to Claymore Orton within the face for the pin at 11:12.

Result: Drew McIntyre b. Randy Orton and Braun Strowman – Claymore to Orton (11:12)

Post fit this is MVP at the level and McIntyre waits for Lashley. Instead, T-Bar and Mace run in from at the back of to put McIntyre out with a double chokeslam. They stand at the flooring with MVP looking at on, although they don’t recognize each and every different.

Bobby Lashley b. Riddle – Hurt Lock
Viking Raiders b. Cedric Alexander/Shelton Benjamin – Viking Experience to Alexander
Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka went to a double DQ when Charlotte interfered
Miz/John Morrison b. Damian Priest – Rollup with toes at the ropes
New Day b. Jaxson Ryker/Elias – Daybreak to Elias
Drew McIntyre b. Randy Orton and Braun Strowman – Claymore to Orton

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has observed over 50,00zero wrestling suits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,00zero complete presentations coated. You can to find his paintings at, or take a look at his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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