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Maybe not? WWE presents a lot of television in any given week and some of it can be rather interesting. The company has more than enough talent to make things work but at the same time, WWE also has a tendency to change its plans at the last minute. That can be rather annoying to see, and now it seems to be the case again. This time, one of the company’s legends is involved, or at least he was supposed to be.

Last month, Kurt Angle revealed that he was scheduled to return to WWE television for a short term storyline. However, during his most recent podcast, Angle revealed that the plans WWE had have been scrapped. Angle did not reveal what the original plans were or why they were canceled. He also made it clear that he is not signed to WWE at the moment and his only obligation is to his podcast.

Opinion: This is about as WWE as you can get, as the company seemed to have a plan in mind and then dropped it almost as fast. The only good side is that Angle did not appear on television so unless you heard about it from his podcast, there was no disappointment. I’m curious to know why Angle did not appear on television, but at the same time I would almost be scared to know what they had planned for him.

What would you have liked to see Angle do? Who should he work with in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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