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They have a unique relationship. There has never been anyone in wrestling as powerful or influential as Vince McMahon. During his time running WWE, McMahon was able to make or break anyone’s career in the blink of an eye, meaning a relationship with him was one of the most important things a wrestler could have. Now we are hearing about one of the stranger relationships that McMahon had with anyone.

During a recent edition of his The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy talked about McMahon’s relationship with Bray Wyatt during Wyatt’s time in WWE. Hardy described the relationship as McMahon looking on Wyatt as a son at times. When Wyatt did something positive, McMahon would heap praise on him. When Wyatt did something McMahon didn’t like though, McMahon would punish and insult him. Wyatt returned to WWE at Extreme Rules, months after McMahon retired from WWE.

Opinion: To say McMahon is a strange character is an understatement as you never knew what he was going to do at any given time. As was the case with Wyatt, he would do anything for someone he liked but not so much with someone he didn’t. That is a strange situation to have and it might be better for McMahon to be gone, if nothing else for the sake of calming things down a bit.

What do you think of McMahon’s relationship with Wyatt? How will Wyatt do in his second WWE run? Let us know in the comments below.

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