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He would know. There has been a lot of movement in the wrestling world in recent months, with stars either jumping from one promotion to another or just taking some kind of a hiatus. That has led to some interesting changes in the wrestling landscape and it is not clear where it will all end. However, one star whose name has been discussed in recent weeks has spoken up and straightened a lot of things out.

In recent weeks, Malakai Black has been reported to have left AEW or at least taken a hiatus from the company. Black released a statement saying he was recalibrating after several years and would need some time to think. This week, Black live streamed a video on his Instagram page, addressing several of the rumors and explaining some of his current situation. Here are some highlights:

• Black’s contract with AEW is not for five years.
• Black has been granted time off from AEW by Tony Khan to deal with some things.
• He has received criticism over unconfirmed stories, including two death threats.
• Many of the reports about what he is dealing with or his current status are not true and he pointed people to the statement he released.
• Black will be back in AEW in weeks or months.

Opinion: In short, Black would know better than anyone else what is going on and it must be frustrating to have so many things spinning around at once. The death threats stuff is completely over the top and ridiculous and hopefully that nonsense ends quickly. It would be nice to have Black back on TV but what matters most is his health. Hopefully this puts some of the issues to rest and he can focus on what matters the most.

What do you think of Black? What should he do when he is back on AEW TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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