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And that’s that. There have been all kinds of wrestling changes taking place throughout the year but nothing has come close to the retirement of Vince McMahon from WWE. McMahon officially retired from WWE in July, with the announcement coming during an official internal WWE investigation into McMahon’s reported affair with a WWE employee. The investigation continued after McMahon’s retirement and now we have quite the development.

WWE held its Q3 earnings call on Wednesday, where they officially announced that the investigation into McMahon was finished. The investigation came with an $18 million expense, though McMahon had agreed to pay “reasonable” costs for the investigation which was not covered by insurance. The report also says that McMahon can “effectively exercise control over our affairs”, meaning he could run WWE again, but according to Fightful Select, there is no chance that this will happen. McMahon is described as being “done, done” with WWE.

Opinion: This isn’t a major surprise, but it is hard to fathom that the investigation cost that much money. That is into millions of dollars per moth to investigate McMahon, even though he has already retired from the company. At the end of the day though, WWE moving on from McMahon is a hue change and I cannot imagine that he will be back with the company in any meaningful role.

What do you think of the investigation? Will McMahon ever return to WWE in any capacity? Let us know in the comments below.

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