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Fusion #122
Date: February 17, 2021
Location: Filthy Island, Hawaii
Commentators: Dan Lambert, Tom Lawlor, Jared St. Laurent, Rich Bocchini

It’s time for a unique tournament as MLW gives their tackle UFC’s Fight Island. As lengthy as we don’t must care for some other Fyre Fest shaggy dog story, I’m serious about attempting one thing new, as MLW is getting weaker and weaker each and every display. The primary tournament is a protracted awaited showdown between Low Ki and King Mo. Let’s get to it.

We get a disclaimer that MLW assumes no legal responsibility at the display.

Tom Lawlor tells Dominic Garrini that there’s a drawback with catering, which means there’s no unsolicited mail. Lawlor sends him all the way down to the port and fingers him a bottle of one thing. Garrini: “You want me to drown him?” Lawlor: “It’s for you.” Garrini stares into the digicam.

Opening collection.

Commentary welcomes us to the display and runs down the cardboard.

The ring, which has no ropes or ring skirts, is surrounded through bushes and there are some other folks on a sofa. Music is treated through a man with a growth field.

Mauna Loa vs. Dominic Garrini

Lambert calls Lawlor out for the low hire ability. Loa runs him over and hits a dash for an early two, sending Garrini out to the ground for a session with statement. Back in and Garrini chokes him out at 39 seconds.

Result: Dominic Garrini b. Mauna Loa – Choke (0:39)

There goes to be a jungle combat in a while between Savio Vega and Mil Muertes. In the jungle.

Los Parks are in a position to shield the Tag Team Titles in opposition to Contra on March 3. LA Park additionally needs Alex Hammerstone’s National Openweight Title.

Commentary previews the principle tournament.

We have a look at the primary Low Ki vs. King Mo combat.

Azteca Underground now has its personal web page.

The Dynasty isn’t overly inspired with Hawaii however are in a position to make it paintings.

We recap Salina de l. a. Renta attempting to shop for out IWA from Savio Vega, who says no. Her bosses at Azteca Underground aren’t glad and Mil Muertes is coming.

Commentary is afraid of the Jungle Fight however Salina de l. a. Renta has despatched in a notice. The boss of Azteca Underground guarantees blood might be spilled. It’s signed El Jefe.

Kevin Ku vs. Zenshi

Dominic Garrini is right here with Ku…who’s taken down through Zenshi diving out of a tree. Zenshi dropkicks him to the ground and geese some kicks to the top again inside of. A kick to the ribs slows Zenshi down and a part crab is going on. Since there are not any ropes, Zenshi pulls himself to the put up for the wreck as an alternative. Ku stands on Zenshi’s throat for a little, most effective to have Zenshi come again with a handy guide a rough rollup for 2. They strike it out till Zenshi nails a Pele for 2 and follows with some extra kicks to the top. Ku’s part nelson suplex is countered with a backflip however a working cutter is countered right into a dragon suplex to provide Ku the pin at 4:59.

Result: Kevin Ku b. Zenshi – Dragon suplex (4:59)

The Von Erichs can’t be right here this night however they would like Low Ki to win to turn up Tom Lawlor. Maybe they’ll display up anyway.

We return to the jungle the place Savio Vega yells at Salina de l. a. Renta, most effective to get jumped through Mil Muertes. More in this later.

Next week: MLW Underground fairly than Fusion.

TJP sits down with Alicia Atout and is uninterested in dropping such a lot of tag fits with Bu Ku Dao. He likes teaming with other folks however Dao has been dragging him down through no longer figuring out what successful time is. No he isn’t a bully as a result of Dao can’t raise his finish. Alicia says Dao appears to be like as much as him, which TJP attributes to Dao being 4’11 (TJP: “Maybe 5’5 with the hair.”). That’s sufficient of the interview.

Gringo Loco vs. Rocky Romero

Loco is indexed as being “super over in Cancun.” Romero throws his jacket to one of the most “fans” at the sofa and we’re in a position to head. Feeling out procedure to begin they usually move with the check of power into the flipping alternate. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker offers Loco two and we hit the double arm crank. Back up and Romero grabs a flying mare however Loco runs him over with a clothesline.

A leglock with an arm crank has Romero in hassle for all of 5 seconds and Loco’s chops simply hearth Romero up. A working hurricanrana takes Loco to the ground however he’s proper again in to drop Romero onto the sofa. The giant dive knocks Romero and the sofa over and units up a opposite DDT for 2 again inside of. Loco misses a cartwheel moonsault however he’s positive sufficient to hit an enziguri. Romero grabs a Stunner at the arm and a twister DDT offers Romero the pin at 8:50.

Result: Rocky Romero b. Gringo Loco – Tornado DDT (8:50)

Back to the Jungle Fight, which is a number of strolling and brawling….till Contra hacks the feed.

Contra doesn’t like Injustice.

We have a look at extra of Low Ki vs. King Mo.

The Von Erichs are diving to Filthy Island.

Here’s what’s coming over the following few weeks.

More Muertes and Vega. This time they’re choking and strolling round till Muertes hits him with a crowbar. Salina says end it and Muertes will get the pin.

More Low Ki vs. King Mo.

Tom Lawlor offers the Dynasty ringside seats however Hammerstone needs Gatorade and Spam thrown in.

Here’s the Top 10.

10. Jordan Oliver
9. Calvin Tankman
8. Myron Reed
7. Mil Muertes
6. Richard Holliday
5. Mads Krugger
4. Low Ki
3. Lio Rush
2. Tom Lawlor
1. Alex Hammerstone

King Mo vs. Low Ki

They move instantly to the slugging within the clinch however Mo takes him all the way down to the mat for a leglock. Another leglock has Ki in hassle however he reverses right into a choke. Mo reaches for the non-existent ropes….and the referee says that’s a faucet at 1:34.

Result: Low Ki b. King Mo – Choke (1:34)

Lambert is ticked and Team Filthy jumps Ki. The Von Erichs make the save and Team Filthy is cleared out to finish the display.

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