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It could be a start back. There have been a lot of changes in WWE this year and some of them have been rather important. A few of them have involved wrestlers coming back to the company but there was one instance of two leaving, seemingly for good. Their situations have changed a bit in recent months, and now one of them might have taken another big step back towards wrestling.

Back in May, Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out on WWE, vacating the Women’s Tag Team Titles in the process. Neither has appeared in WWE since, though their returns have been rumored in recent weeks. This week, LuchaLibre Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain posted a picture to its Facebook page showing Banks at their training facility. One of the comments said that she was at the facility training with the students. There is still no word on when or if Banks will return to WWE.

IMG Credit: LuchaLibre Barcelona Facebook

Opinion: I’m not sure if Banks is going to come back to WWE but it is nice to see that she is at least doing something in the wrestling business. It would be nice to have her back as Banks is one of the most talented stars in the world today, but it seems like several things are going to have to change before she can return. Hopefully this is the first step of many, but it might take some time before that happens.

What do you think of Banks training again? Do you want her to return to WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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