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Well that’s a turn. WWE has been running quite the mystery in recent weeks, but very little of it has been taking place on television. Instead, WWE has been doing more of an underground story, with incidents taking place at live events and a series of QR codes appearing on television, leading to more clues. There was another one this week and things got even weirder.

A new QR code appeared this week on Monday Night Raw, taking you to a site that features a collection of WWE clips which comprise the words “Who killed the world? You did.” It also included coordinates for Prata Nevoso, Italy, the location of the Giant Pink Bunny. In addition, according to Ryan Satin, looking at the site’s source code shows the phrases “No man is ever truly good, no man is ever truly evil”. These were the lyrics to Aleister Black’s WWE theme music, though there is nothing to suggest that Black is on his way back to WWE.


While searching for the QR code on here, because I was having trouble on my TV, I saw someone pointing to the source code of the website for some reason.

When you look at it, however, the code has the opening lyrics to ALEISTER BLACK’S THEME!!!

— Ryan Satin (@ryansatin) September 27, 2022

Opinion: These clues keep getting weirder and weirder but there is a good chance that a lot of them are red herrings or meant to trick the fans, which makes it all the more interesting. At the same time, WWE is taking an interesting path with the idea by having so little of it mentioned on WWE TV. The fans know that something is up and it is becoming a talking point among them, but WWE is letting them do all of the work. That has a lot of possibilities, and now we might get to see what it is leading to.

What do you think of the clue? Where do you see it leading? Let us know in the comments below.

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