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A fashion accessory? WWE is the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world and to a lot of fans, it is the wrestling promotion. Several fans associate the industry with WWE and a lot of fans are going to be familiar with the company’s signature logo. Unfortunately the logo was involved in something rather negative earlier this week with police having to be involved.

According to KWTX (CBS affiliate near Waco, Texas) in Temple, Texas, a man is wanted for suspicion of an armed robbery of a store. The man was filmed wearing a replica WWE Title upside down with a hood over his face and no shoes. The amount of money stolen was not reported and the suspect has yet to be apprehended. In the article, the suspect is described as a “WWE Champion”.

Opinion: This is one of those things that you don’t see very often and it doesn’t make WWE look great. At the same time, the good part is that WWE isn’t directly involved as this is more about a suspect doing something that is more than a little out there. Hopefully everything is figured out and the money is recovered, though I’m more curious about the deal with the belt.

What is your favorite WWE belt design? What is your favorite WWE merchandise? Let us know in the comments below.

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