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He isn’t a fan. AEW has only been around for a few years now but they have already had a number of stars who have shown up, stuck around for a good while, and then left. Many of them have good things to say about their time in the company, but now one former AEW star does not have the best things to say about one major aspect about AEW’s weekly schedule.

Former AEW star Joey Janela took to Twitter this week to praise the Rey Fenix vs. AR Fox match from the most recent edition of AEW Dark. In addition, Janela criticized the format of the show, which is mostly focused on one sided squash matches. Janela said that stale matches meant nothing in 20222 and described the show as stale. He also said that he would not want to waste time watching a show like Dark as a fan. Janela wrestled from AEW from 2019-2022.

This is what dark should be, all around competitive action packed sprints, and maybe a one longer type storyline based match weekly. What that show does is nothing for anyone anymore, tbh it’s stale ass! Squash matches do nothing for anyone in 2022, especially on a YouTube show.

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) November 2, 2022

No one wants to watch fucking squash matches on YouTube in 2022, I understand if you’re introducing a new wrestler on tv then I’m all for squash matches. This is the reason for talent degression doing nothing but pointless bullshit for the sake of it.

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) November 2, 2022

I always made it a point to make my matches with local talents 60/40 or even 50/50, because I’m a fan myself and I know that I would never waste my time watching something presented like that & was constantly watching me get shittier in ring. That’s my Wednesday morning rant!

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) November 2, 2022

Opinion: That was quite the rant from Janela and while I do get part of the idea, I don’t know if he needed to go that far. I can get the idea of not wanting to watch that many squash matches in a row though, as they can get a bit repetitive after a little while. Janela does make some good points with what he is saying, but it might not have come off in the best tone.

What do you think of Janela’s comments? What do you think of Dark? Let us know in the comments below.

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