We all are familiar With the Wrestling Legend and now promoter Jeff Jarrett. We all saw him Investing a lot in the Indian Wrestling show “Ring ka King“. Now he has started a new wrestling promotion Named Global Force Wrestling and after a long wait he has finally started TV Taping. Although the number of episodes are still uncertain its seems the have a TV deal at last. Jarrett has started Four tournaments at the start and one of them is The Nex-Gen Division. He says that there are a lot of Wrestler in 2015 who wrestle like Next Generation and will be a household in the future even if they are not right now. The tv taping will be PG but will be different from WWE it will have story-lines bit will be more like a documentary style. The already have videos out for guys like Mordetzky, the Akbars, the Bollywood Boys, and PJ Black.

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