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That’s a bad one. There are all kinds of injuries in the wrestling world and you never know how bad something can be at first. While you can see someone get hurt and know that something is wrong, the question becomes just how bad things are. That was the situation earlier this week and now we have at least an idea of what might be wrong with an injured wrestler.

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This week on AEW Dynamite, the Bunny was dropped on her head during a match against Jamie Hayter, with the match ending only a few moments later. According to, the backstage believe is that Bunny suffered either a broken orbital bone or a concussion, though there is no word on an official diagnosis. It is not clear when Bunny will return to the ring.

Bunny is a star while she is around. Check out what she can do while healthy:

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Opinion: You could tell that something was wrong as soon as the suplex didn’t work, as Bunny got dropped hard and there was almost no way she wasn’t banged up in some way. That was a nasty crash and what matters now is finding out just how long Bunny is going to be out of action. It could be a rather serious situation and now all that matters is getting her back to full health.

What do you think of the Bunny? How can she be best used in AEW? Let us know in the comments below.

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