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They’re gone too. WWE has such a big roster of talent that they can move wrestlers from one show to another without much trouble. It is the kind of thing that you do not get to see happen very often but WWE knows how to move things around quickly. That is what they did with three names on Monday, but it turns out that is not the only move that has been made on the same day.

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Earlier this week, all three of the Maximum Male Models were moved from SmackDown over to Monday Night Raw. This came after the Models appeared last week for an angle on Monday Night Raw. Now, according to, two more stars are moving from SmackDown to Monday Night Raw, as Los Lotharios (Angel/Humberto) as well. There is no word on why the move was made or if any more moves are expected.

That is more talent moving. Check out what is coming to Monday Night Raw:

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Opinion: I get the idea of having team jump but it is weird to have two of them go over in the same day. It also opens the question of who is going to be sent over to SmackDown in exchange for the stars who have made the jump. There is often the need to shake things up a bit, but this is quite a bit of movement for a run of the mill Monday in February rather than the annual Draft.

What do you think of the move? How will Los Lotharios do in their new home? Let us know in the comments below.

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