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Impact Wrestling
Date: June 2, 2022
Location: Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee, Florida
Commentator: Tom Hannifan

We’re closing in on Slammiversary and in this case that means even more Eric Young. I’m not sure what that is going to mean, but the good thing is that things haven’t been too terrible so far. Young is set to challenge Josh Alexander for the World Title at Slammiversary but the show needs some more buildup first. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at last week’s main event, with Violent By Design beating Josh Alexander and the Briscoes.

We get a new opening sequence, complete with a THIS IS TNA voiceover, albeit set to the current roster.

Mia Yim vs. Savannah Evans

Deonna Purrazzo is on commentary and Tasha Steelz is here with Evans. The entrances let commentary explain the still rather complicated Queen Of The Mountain rules. Yim fires off knees to start and sends Evans down early. Evans is right back with a DDT for two as Purrazzo talks about how she never needed an insurance policy. Hannifan: “You don’t remember Matthew Rehwoldt?” Purrazzo: “No.”

Yim fights out of a chinlock but gets powerbombed down to cut her off. There’s a World’s Strongest Slam to give Evans two but she misses a charge into the post. A cannonball gives Yim two, only to have Evans come back with a fisherman’s suplex for two of her own. Evans is sent outside so Steelz grabs Yim, only to have Jordynne Grace run down to cut her off. The distraction lets Yim hit Eat Defeat for the pin at 7:41.

Result: Mia Yim b. Savannah Evans – Eat Defeat (7:41)

Slammiversary rundown.

Earlier today, Shark Boy told Eddie Edwards to treat Impact with more respect. Chris Harris of all people came in to break it up.

The Influence annoys Rosemary and offers her some makeup. Rosemary says they’ll need it after she bites their faces off. The rest of Decay comes in to scare them off.

Kenny King vs. Blake Christian

Trey Miguel is on commentary and King’s Ultimate X spot is on the line. King strikes him into the corner to start but Christian flips around and hits a kick to the face. They head to the floor and neither can get anywhere, with Christian using the steps to jump over him. Back in and a kick to the head puts King on the floor, setting up the big suicide dive as we take a break.

We come back with King hitting a t-bone suplex for two and we hit the seated abdominal stretch. Christian fights up and hits a dropkick to the back, setting up a quick splash for two. King knocks him away and comes back with a springboard Blockbuster. The spinebuster gives King two more but Christian manages to drape him over the top. There’s a splash to King’s back but the 450 hits raised knees. The Royal Flush finishes King at 13:00.

Result: Kenny King b. Blake Christian – Royal Flush (13:00)

Jack Evans of all people is in the Ultimate X match.

Bhupinder Gujjar thanks W. Morrissey for having his back last week and says he has Morrissey’s back anytime. We pan over to PCO, who is losing his mind.

Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Rich Swann

Swann’s newly won Digital Media Title isn’t on the line, but Matt Cardona has stolen the title anyway, which is in no way or shape code for hiding the fact that this show was taped first. Rehwoldt takes him down to start and poses but Swann goes to the test of strength offer, meaning it’s time to alternate hands into some dancing. Swann dropkicks him to the floor but Rehwoldt gets in a kick to the head to take over back inside. Some kicks rock Rewholdt again but he’s right back with a fireman’s carry slam for two. That’s fine with Swann, who hits a Lethal Injection into a phoenix splash for the pin at 5:14.

Result: Rich Swann b. Matthew Rehwoldt – Phoenix splash (5:14)

On BTI, Alisha Edwards was given an envelope by Masha Slamovich.

Edwards reveals that it was an 8×10 of herself with a red X drawn through it. Gisele Shaw comes in to suggest that Edwards is in trouble.

Here are the Good Brothers for a chat. After confirming that his skinny jeans look good, Karl Anderson talks about getting to face the Briscoes at Slammiversary. We hear about all of the places they have won gold over the years, from Las Vegas to Tokyo to London to Saudi Arabia. The Briscoes have won a lot but they can’t touch the Good Brothers. Sure they might be the Delaware State Sack Racing Champions, but the Good Brothers were at Madison Square Garden.

Anderson has a special video though: the top ten things the two of them have done here in Impact Wrestling. 10-7 are a variety of Magic Killers, but then we get to 6-2, which is THAT TIME WE BEAT THE BRISCOES! #1 is…actually cut off by the Briscoes themselves as things get a bit serious. Dang I wanted to know what was on top. Jay calls the Good Brothers soft, because the Briscoes are the ones out there putting in the work every day.

They’re still on the farm working hard because that is what they do, but Anderson wants to tell us what was #1: it was THAT TIME WE BEAT THE BRISCOES. The fight is on with the Briscoes clearing the ring to send the Brothers running. Despite the Good Brothers physically towering over the Briscoes, this feels big and like an actual major tag team showdown.

Josh Alexander is ready for Eric Young, but not so ready for getting jumped by Violent By Design.

Come to some upcoming shows. The fact that these shows are happening is almost hard to fathom when you consider how low Impact reached at some point.

Josh Alexander wants Joe Doering next week but Scott D’Amore tries to talking him out of it. Alexander gets the match anyway.

Matt Taven/Mike Bennett vs. Rhino/Heath

Eddie Edwards is on commentary. Bennett and Rhino start things off with Rhino shouldering him down early on. Heath comes in to crank on the arm before it’s off to Taven. That doesn’t go well either as Taven is knocked outside and we take an early break. Back with Heath in trouble as we keep looking at Edwards and Hannifan on commentary.

Bennett drops an elbow for two and we hit the chinlock to keep Heath down. That’s broken up though and a missed charge/enziguri…isn’t enough for Heath to bring Rhino back in. A clothesline drops Taven though and now the hot tag brings Rhino back in to clean house. Everything breaks down and Taven Climaxes Rhino for the pin at 9:44.

Result: Matt Taven/Mike Bennett b. Rhino/Heath – Climax to Rhino (9:44)

Post match Honor No More runs in for the big beatdown on Heath and Rhino, complete with a bunch of chair shots to Rhino’s knee. Frankie Kazarian and the Motor City Machine Guns make the save.

Post break Rhino is put in an ambulance with Heath riding along. Kazarian and the Machine Gus want Honor No More so Scott D’Amore tells them to find two partners who have been in Impact at any time ever to settle this.

Slammiversary/next week rundown.

Moose/Steve Maclin vs. PCO/W. Morrissey

Matthew Rehwoldt joins commentary for the first time. PCO isn’t having any of Maclin’s headlock to start so it’s off to Moose vs. Morrissey instead. That means an exchange of chops in the corner with Morrissey getting the better of things and handing it back to PCO. Everything breaks down with PCO and Morrissey cleaning house with running splashes in the corner.

There’s a double chokeslam to Maclin and Morrissey gets to choke Moose with a boot. A cheap shot allows Maclin to come back in though and it’s time to start working on Morrissey’s knee. The standing leglock goes on but Morrissey uses the good leg to kick Maclin out to the floor. PCO comes back in to clean house, including the Cannonball to Maclin.

The Deanimator crushes Maclin on the apron and a belly to belly puts Moose down. PCO’s running flip suicide dive drops both of them again but the PCOsault misses back inside. That doesn’t seem to bother PCO as he is right over for the tag to Morrissey so everything can break down. Morrissey gets tied up in the Tree of Woe so Maclin can hit a spear in the corner, followed by a suicide dive to PCO. Back in and a double arm DDT finishes Morrissey at 14:19.

Result: Moose/Steve Maclin b. PCO/W. Morrissety – Double arm DDT to Morrissey (14:19)

Post match Moose spears PCO but Sami Callihan appears and baseball bats Moose down.

Mia Yim b. Savannah Evans – Eat Defeat
Kenny King b. Blake Christian – Royal Flush
Rich Swann b. Matthew Rehwoldt – Phoenix splash
Matt Taven/Mike Bennett b. Heath/Rhino – Climax to Rhino
Steve Maclin/Moose b. PCO/W. Morrissey – Double arm DDT to W. Morrissey

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