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Impact Wrestling
Date: February 16, 2021
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: D’Lo Brown, Matt Striker

We’re completed with No Surrender and that implies it’s time to get shifting in opposition to Rebellion. There weren’t a ton of adjustments popping out of No Surrender however one of the most extra attention-grabbing ones noticed Josh Alexander turning into the brand new #1 contender to the X-Division Title. The query for this night is seeing what we’ll be seeing from AEW subsequent. And what’s up with Tommy Dreamer. Let’s get to it.

We open with a No Surrender recap.

David Finlay and Juice Robinson, higher referred to as FinJuice, are coming from New Japan.

Opening collection.

X-Division Title: Josh Alexander vs. TJP

TJP is protecting they usually’re beginning rapid this week. They move to the mat to start out and the specter of an ankle lock sends TJP instantly to the ropes. Back up and an stomach stretch has Alexander in some bother however that’s damaged up. An anklescissors takes Alexander down however he grabs an ankle lock. STRIKER: “STAND UP AND APPLAUD!”

Alexander takes him down and works at the ankle some extra ahead of switching to a few leg cranking. A surfboard has TJP in much more bother however he slips out and grabs a triangle choke. That’s damaged up with a powerbomb backbreaker however TJP slaps it on once more. This time Alexander takes him into the nook and catapults him into the center buckle for a suave counter. Alexander places a knee within the again and cranks on each hands, best to have TJP turn ahead….and no longer spoil a factor.

Back up and the stomach stretch is damaged up so TJP climbs on his again and tries a complete nelson however can’t get the palms locked. Alexander reverses into every other ankle lock however this time it’s rolled out to the ground. The slingshot dropkick knocks Alexander foolish and the twister DDT offers TJP two again within. Alexander dumps him out of doors in a heap however TJP dropkicks him out of the air for a double knockdown. It’s the ankle lock occurring once more so TJP counters once more, this time with an enziguri.

TJP is going up best however will get kicked within the head however can’t hit an ideal Divine Intervention. Instead TJP shoves him off the highest and the Mamba Splash…hits raised knees. Another ankle lock, this time with the grapevine however TJP slips out once more Another Divine Intervention is countered into the Octopus, which is countered into the ankle lock. TJP counters, this time with a slap to the face right into a suplex. Josh’s giant boot is countered into the Detonation Kick and the Mamba Splash keeps at 11:23.

Result: TJP b. Josh Alexander – Mamba Splash (11:23)

Tommy Dreamer isn’t proud of what Moose did to Rich Swann on Saturday. Tonight, Moose is getting some sense overwhelmed into him in an Old School Rules fit.

Brian Myers runs into Hernandez and offers him the remainder of his pay for the win at No Surrender. It labored on Saturday so let’s do the similar factor once more this night, with Hernandez getting paid once more if he beats Matt Cardona. Fallah Bahh comes as much as say he has been in search of Hernandez. This isn’t going down once more however Bahh says he’s right here as an investor. If Bahh offers him $20, he’ll carry him $40. Hernandez says we’ll see if he can flip $10 into $20 first.

The announcers speak about FinJuice, who’re right here this night. They speak about the remainder of the display as neatly.

Willie Mack vs. Daivari vs. Suicide vs. Trey Miguel

Daivari jumps Mack to start out however will get double dropkicked to the ground for his efforts. Trey and Suicide leave out some moves and neither can snap off a Japanese armdrag. Mack is again up with a double flying shoulder to position them each down however misses a fee and crashes to the ground. Suicide backdrops Miguel out of doors as neatly however Daivari shoves him off the highest for a crash.

Back up and Daivari fees into an elbow, leaving Mack to nail him with a sitout powerbomb. Mack’s Samoan drop crops Suicide after which Miguel will get the similar, putting in the status moonsault to either one of them. Daivari will get in a shot on Mack however will get despatched out of doors, leaving Miguel to hit a best rope Meteora to complete Suicide at 4:50.

Result: Trey Miguel b. Suicide, Daivari and Willie Mack – Top rope Meteora to Suicide (4:50)

Post fit Trey runs into Sami Callihan and doesn’t appear glad. Sami talks about how Trey can’t win when the whole thing issues, like when he misplaced at No Surrender. Trey storms off with out pronouncing the rest.

Scott D’Amore congratulates TJP on his name protection when Ace Austin is available in with the Super X Cup. Austin needs the name shot however D’Amore makes a six guy tag for subsequent week. The successful workforce will face off in a triple risk the following week and the winner of this is #1 contender.

Hernandez vs. Matt Cardona

Brian Myers is right here with Hernandez, who throws Cardona down very easily. Back up and Cardona low bridges him to the ground, putting in the massive working turn dive. Myers isn’t having this and gives a distraction, permitting Hernandez to get a divorce Radio Silence with a low blow. Cardona will get knocked out of doors and we take a spoil. Back with Cardona preventing out of a bearhug and hitting a faceplant. The center rope dropkick connects however Hernandez Pounces the heck out of him. The Border Toss is damaged up regardless that and Radio Silence offers Cardona the pin at 7:52.

Result: Matt Cardona b. Hernandez – Radio Silence (7:52)

Post fit Cardona says he isn’t right here to cross a torch, however to ignite his personal. Myers will get within the ring to mention that is his position and Cardona is solely looking to replica him. Cardona asks what’s up with that as a result of they’re very best pals when the digicam is going off. Hernandez jumps Cardona from in the back of however Eddie Edwards runs in for the save.

Video on FinJuice.

Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan (in middle formed shades) hope we had a just right Valentine’s Day however Khan didn’t get any presents. He did give Impact Wrestling what they wanted essentially the most: cash! It is helping that it’s a charitable donation too and sure that used to be his thought. We run down the Dynamite card and Khan says Eddie Kingston reminds him of Michael Corleone.

Havok comes as much as Nevaeh, who’s unwell of shedding and asks the place they’re going from right here. Should they also be a workforce? No no longer truly, however virtually no Knockouts on this corporate will have to be. Tenille Dashwood comes out to indicate that she and Havok be a workforce however Nevaeh doesn’t just like the sound of it so let’s have a fit this night. Dashwood is down.

Reno Scum vs. FinJuice

Striker loses his thoughts at FinJuice being right here, once more being way more excited than he ever is set virtually somebody in Impact. Finlay and Robinson get started in on Thornstowe’s arm and a double bulldog takes him down. Thornstowe is again with a spinebuster to Finlay (Brown: “SIT YOUR A** DOWN!”) and the Pit Stop makes it even worse. A ignored fee within the nook lets in the tag off to Robinson to wash space. Everything breaks down and there’s a double dropkick to Luster. The PowerPlex finishes Thornstowe at 4:12.

Result: FinJuice b. Reno Scum – PowerPlex to Thornstowe (4:12)

Post fit listed here are the Good Brothers to name FinJuice younger boys and we listen concerning the Brothers’ luck in Japan. Then they may be able to purchase some beers and feature a welcome to Impact birthday party, or simply move and purchase a few of their Good Brothers whiskey. FinJuice says cool, however suggest Anderson will cross out and lose keep an eye on of his physically purposes.

At the bar, Rohit Raju blames Mahabali Shera for costing him the X-Division Title. Shera shoves him away and into James Storm, spilling his beer. Raju gained’t say sorry or settle for Storm’s be offering of a lager so Storm breaks the bottle over his head. Shera is able to combat however Chris Sabin intervenes. Johnny Swinger is available in to provide then an evening at his palace, which they in fact settle for. Then Swinger steals the bartender’s tip.

Post spoil we move to the Palace the place beer is ate up and James Storm….begins freestyle rapping to provoke Alisha Edwards. Fallah Bahh sits down on the Blackjack desk and says hit me, so Sabin does jut that. Bahh loses his cash once more however Edwards says have a middle as a result of Bahh is hurting. Swinger says you don’t know what it’s love to be hurting till Bob Seger’s ex female friend will provide you with crabs. Daddy.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Nevaeh

Kaleb With A Ok is right here however there’s no Havok. Dashwood takes her down to start out however will get tossed out of doors as we take an early spoil. Back with Dashwood in keep an eye on thank you to a few Kaleb With A Ok dishonest, together with a neckbreaker over the center rope for 2. A backbreaker will get Nevaeh out of bother and he or she moves away for the comeback.

An STO right into a working basement clothesline will get two on Dashwood, as does a stomach to again faceplant. Dashwood is true again with a whip into the nook, putting in the Taste of Tenille. The Spotlight Kick connects to complete Nevaeh at 9:54.

Result: Tenille Dashwood b. Nevaeh – Spotlight Kick (9:54)

Flashback Moment of the Week: Moose assaults Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann at No Surrender. Three days in the past.

Violent By Design is able to handle Jake Something, with Deaner promising to position Jake via a desk to finish the whole thing. If no longer, he’ll face the effects as a result of not anything is greater than this.

Susan needs to take out Jordynne Grace, ODB and Jazz for what they did final week however Deonna Purrazzo says that’s no longer how champions do issues. She flags down Scott D’Amore (who appears to be about 3 toes away) to invite a couple of Knockouts Tag Team Titles shot for Kimber Lee and Susan. D’Amore likes the theory so they may be able to have their shot….in the event that they win a #1 contenders fit over Jordynne Grace and Jazz subsequent week. Susan turns out…..happy? I believe?

Here’s what’s coming subsequent week.

Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer

Old School regulations. Dreamer hammers away to start out and knocks Moose out of doors for a rake to the eyes. A reversed whip sends Moose into the stairs and Dreamer poses so much as we take a spoil. Back with Moose unloading with a garbage can lid as Striker will get all solemn about Dreamer being overwhelmed up an excessive amount of. Striker: “When do you say enough is enough?”

They head again within with Moose hitting a dropkick and status on Dreamer’s face. Dreamer comes again with a testicular claw and a cutter for one as Moose isn’t having this. A garbage can lid shot to the again rocks Moose somewhat and a chair to the again does it once more. The Dreamer DDT is countered with a shove onto the chair regardless that and it’s desk time. Dreamer spears Moose throughout the desk within the nook, sending Striker into his largest RAH RAH speech. Moose isn’t having this and spears Dreamer for the pin at 14:36.

Result: Moose b. Tommy Dreamer – Spear (14:36)

TJP b. Josh Alexander – Mamba Splash
Trey Miguel b. Suicide, Willie Mack and Daivari – Top rope Meteora to Suicide
Matt Cardona b. Hernandez – Radio Silence
FinJuice b. Reno Scum – PowerPlex to Thornstowe
Tenille Dashwood b. Nevaeh – Spotlight Kick
Moose b. Tommy Dreamer – Spear

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