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That’s some high praise. There are wrestlers who have put together such a career and legacy that they are looked at as something of a sage. Anything they say is worth listening to and praise from them can mean quite a bit for anyone. It makes a difference if they give someone an endorsement and now one such legend is praising someone who might take you by surprise.

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During a recent edition of his Gentleman Villain podcast, AEW’s William Regal named former WWE star Damien Sandow as “the one that got away”. Regal said that Sandow reminded him of himself, in that he might not have been the top star in the company, but he was going to be able to make anything work. He also praised FCW for helping train Sandow, saying that FCW stars were polite, asked the right questions and were respectful, with Sandow having those qualities. Regal said that he believed Sandow would always have a job in wrestling at a high level as he is that talented. Sandow was released from WWE in 2016.

Sandow did some great things in WWE. Check out some of his time there:

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Opinion: I like the way Regal put this, as he didn’t say that Sandow would have been an all time great, but rather someone who was valuable to any promotion. Saying someone would be some kind of a legend is easy to say, but being realistic about what someone could do while still praising them is more difficult to do. Regal is still very insightful and it is fun to hear what he has to say about the wrestling world.

What do you think of Regal’s comments? Who is your “one that got away”? Let us know in the comments below.

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