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They might need to work on that. A tournament is one of the easiest concepts in all of wrestling. You have a bunch of people and put them together into a bracket and see who is the last one standing. Maybe it’s one wrestler or one team, but ultimately it is about finding the best of the field. That is harder than it sounds in some ways though, and that is the case again at the moment.

WWE has promoted the second annual women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic for the last several weeks, but the tournament has yet to begin. According to Wrestling Observer Live, the tournament has yet to start because there are not enough teams available. Only a few teams have been announced and there have been no brackets revealed for the tournament. No official start date was ever given aside from February.

Opinion: I’m not sure what can be done here, as NXT just does not have the roster to make something like this work without having almost all hands on deck. There are only so many women in NXT and I’m not sure how they are going to put together an eight team tournament. It might not sound great, but at the end of the day, this is not the most practical idea at the moment and that is becoming obvious.

How can WWE make the tournament work? Who do you have winning? Let us know in the comments below.

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