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He’s a big deal. There are certain wrestlers who make their returns and have an immediate impact. You can tell when you are seeing someone special and they change the way a promotion works. That can make for some very interesting moments and you can feel the change taking place. It is currently taking place in WWE and now we have some numbers to back it up.

Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE at Extreme Rules in October, revealing himself to be the White Rabbit that had been teased for weeks leading up to the show. During WWE’s Q3 Earnings call, Triple H revealed that the White Rabbit story was credited with causing Extreme Rules’ viewership to rise 30%. In addition, the September 23 SmackDown saw a 20% viewership increase in the second hour on the thought the White Rabbit would be revealed. Wyatt has since been regularly appearing on SmackDown.

Opinion: That is the kind of thing you do not get to see very often but it is cool to see one name getting credited with this kind of success. Wyatt has certainly felt like a big deal now that he is back and now the question is where he goes from here. I’m curious to see what happens to him with the Uncle Howdy deal and all that jazz, but we might be needing some time before we find that out.

What do you think of Wyatt’s return? How will his current story go? Let us know in the comments below.

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