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That is some high praise. There are several different factors that go into making a wrestler feel like a big star. While in-ring abilities and presentation are important, there are other things that can help a lot, including the proper nickname. Almost every big time wrestler has had one over the years and now one of the most prominent of all time sees it in use for another star.

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During an appearance on WWE’s After The Bell podcast, Edge said that he saw Seth Rollins as the “Rated-R Superstar of now”, playing off of Edge’s moniker of the Rated R Superstar. Edge made it clear that Rollins has carved his own path and done his own thing, but compared to rosters of previous years, Edge sees Rollins fitting that mold. Edge and Rollins feuded in 2021, including facing off inside Hell In A Cell.

He might be onto something. Check out the two of them on their own and facing off:

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Opinion: To say someone else is like your own moniker is quite the praise and Edge seems to think a lot of Rollins. He is on to something as well, as you can see similarities between the two of them. I could go for more of them together at some point in the future, as both Rollins and Edge can work well with anyone. It seems to have rubbed off on Edge, who does not hand out that kind of praise every day.

What do you think of Edge’s statement? Who is today’s Rated-R Superstar? Let us know in the comments below.

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