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That is some high praise. There are moments in wrestling where you can tell that something big has changed. It might be a win, it might be a speech or it might be something else entirely, but something has happened that is going to shake things up in wrestling. That was the case with a special moment back in 2018, and now a WWE star has some high praise for what happened.

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On the November 12, 2018 Monday Night Raw, SmackDown’s Becky Lynch invaded the show to attack Monday Night Raw’s Ronda Rousey, setting up their Survivor Series match six days later. A brawl broke out between the two shows’ women’s divisions, with Lynch being punched by Nia Jax. The punch busted Lynch open and left her with a concussion, causing Lynch vs. Rousey to be postponed. Lynch, with her nose bleeding, posed in the crowd to end the show. A fan posted the image to Twitter, causing Lynch’s husband Seth Rollins to describe Lynch as “a god”.

A god.

— Seth “Freakin’” Rollins (@WWERollins) November 12, 2022

It was pretty amazing. Check out the invasion and Lynch’s iconic pose:

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Opinion: That really is one of those moments that became a huge stepping stone for Lynch’s rise through WWE. It felt like a big moment and Lynch sold it to perfection on her way to becoming the biggest female star in wrestling history. That is a level that few have ever approached and it makes sense for Rollins to think so much of what his future wife did that night.

What do you think of the moment? What do you remember about that night? Let us know in the comments below.

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