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That’s bad. Wrestlers have to deal with a lot of health and injury issues when they are in the ring and those things can catch up to them in a hurry. Over time they are going to build up no matter what, but those are not even counting other health concerns they might have outside of the ring. Now a legend is having a very serious problem, years after he last set foot in the ring.

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Former NWA World Champion Barry Windham suffered a heart attack on Friday evening and has undergone emergency surgery to save his life, leaving him in ICU. However, Windham does not have health insurance, resulting in a GoFundMe being set up (which you can donate to right here). Windham, 62, is a former member of the Four Horsemen and won multiple titles in WCW/Jim Crockett Promotions, plus the WWF World Tag Team Titles with Mike Rotunda as the US Express.

Windham is an all timer. Check out some of his best moments in the ring:

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Opinion: That is a rough one to hear and hopefully things get a lot better for Windham. Sixty two years old is far too soon to be having this kind of health issue and it will be great to hear these things getting a lot better. Windham is someone who has unfortunately been a bit forgotten over the years, but the talent is absolutely there and it would be great to have him around even longer.

What is your favorite Windham match? What is your favorite wrestling family? Let us know in the comments below.

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