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Another one on the list. We are less than a month away from the Royal Rumble as WWE is going to be starting their new year in a big way. With so much going on, it is time to start building up one of the most important nights of the year. That is going to include some major matches and now we have one more thing added to the card outside of the show’s namesake matches.

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Over the last few weeks, LA Knight and Bray Wyatt have been having issues, including Knight accusing Wyatt of attacking him multiple times. This week on SmackDown, Knight challenged Wyatt to a match at the Royal Rumble, with Wyatt accepting. Later in the night, the match was announced as a Pitch Black match, which had been advertised in advance without participants. There is still no word on what the stipulations or rules of the match will be.

It’s been a big feud. Check out how we got here:

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Opinion: This is the kind of match that you need to add at some point as Wyatt has to get in the ring after his return. While he has wrestled on live events, you can only get so far without putting Wyatt in the ring. I’m not sure what the stipulation is going to mean, but it could be quite the interesting situation given what we have seen from Wyatt in his previous unique matches.

What do you think of the match? How do you see it going? Let us know in the comments below.

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