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It was a last second situation. The Royal Rumble is one of the most unique WWE events of the year and will feature more wrestlers than any other show of the year. With two Royal Rumble matches on a single night, there are going to be sixty wrestlers spread out over two matches. That can lead to some difficulties in finding enough people, and this year it took until the very last minute.

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WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T. appeared in the men’s Royal Rumble event this year. He spoke about the match on his Hall Of Fame podcast, where he revealed that he was only told he was participating in the match during the Kickoff Show. Booker T. brought his gear with him and went to the ring cold, without having time to warm up. He joked that he would have won the match if he had time to get ready. Finally, he said that he was sore after the match, with his wife Sharmell having to walk on his back to get it in line again.

Booker T. is quite the legend. Check out some of his time in WWE:

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Opinion: I liked Booker T. as a surprise entrant as he’s kind of perfect for the spot. His music hits, the fans react because he is a surprise and a legend, but then he only lasted about forty seconds. That isn’t going to take away any spotlight from a younger star but the fans still get to cheer for something like the Spinarooni. It was a great cameo and it worked out rather well, even with the limited prep time.

What did you think of the appearance? Who is your favorite Royal Rumble surprise? Let us know in the comments below.

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