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It wasn’t in the cards. WWE has a lot going on at any given time and it can be a bit difficult to keep track of everything taking place at once. You know a special story or moment when you see one though and that is certainly the case with the top story in WWE today. However, it turns out that the original plan for the angle went a lot differently than what wound up on television.

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The Bloodline has been the top story in WWE for over a year now and the last several months have focused on Sami Zayn’s involvement. This is expected to continue at the Royal Rumble, where Zayn is to show his loyalty to the team. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, there was no original plan to make Zayn a star. Zayn’s story with the team was expected to last about three weeks but he kept making everything work. Eventually WWE decided to let him run with it and he became a much bigger star as a result. There is no word on where the Zayn/Bloodline angle is going or how long it has left.

Zayn and the Bloodline have been magical. Check out some of their time together:

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Opinion: This is interesting for a few reasons, as while the team has benefited from Zayn being around, it also shows that WWE is willing to change things on the fly. There is little good to be found from sticking with one idea no matter what but maybe now the backstage mentality is changing. Zayn has saved the team from becoming boring multiple times and it would have been a disaster to not have him around. Maybe WWE is changing a bit and if so, it seems to be for the better.

What do you think of these changes? Where do you see this story going Let us know in the comments below.

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