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That would be a change. There are different ways to freshen up a star in wrestling and some of them are rather simple concepts. One of the best ways is to turn someone from bad to good or vice versa, as such a change can freshen someone up almost immediately. It changes everything around and can give a wrestler a different attitude. Now a top WWE star is interested in making such a switch.

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre appeared on NBC Boston’s The Ten Count podcast and discussed the possibility of a heel turn. McIntyre said that if he were to ever turn heel again, he would not want to be the angry big man again. Instead, McIntyre wants to educate himself on who he is and be more interested the second time around. McIntyre was speaking hypothetically and there is nothing to indicate that McIntyre will be turning anytime soon.

Opinion: This is something that does seem to be a possibility down the line and it is something that could go well if that is what WWE decides to do. McIntyre has found himself with his current run and I would be curious to see what happens if this version were to go to the dark side. Should WWE do something like this, it could be a heck of a story and that is something they could make work.

What do you think of the idea? How would you do a McIntyre heel turn? Let us know in the comments below.

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