CM Punk who is currently a UFC fighter was on a UFC Q&A event but things got personal when Fan named Dillon Pousson who is also happen to be a MMA fighter got the mike and this is what happened:

Pousson: “You might remember me on Twitter blowing you up all the time asking for a fight”
Punk: “You might remember me from Twitter is the greatest Troy McClure that the Simpsons ever, ever used.”
Pousson: “Are you finished?”
Punk: “No, I’m here all day, but guess who’s finished? You are. Bye.”
and when Security tried to take the mike things really got personal when pousson said this about CM Punk’s sister:
Pousson: “I could beat your sister’s pussycat up!”
Even after that he went on Rammbeling on twiter.

you can watch the Video at this Link:

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