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He’s out. There have been several World Champions throughout WWE’s history. Some of them have been more successful than others but almost all of them champions are memorable in one way or another. Just being a former title holder means a lot and occasionally WWE will bring one of them back to help someone else. The most recent edition of this experiment seems to be over.

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Back in October, John Bradshaw Layfield returned to WWE as Baron Corbin’s manager. The two have been associated on television since, though Corbin has been on a losing streak in recent weeks. This week on Monday Night Raw, Layfield said that he was done with Corbin and was washing his hands of him. According to, this was done as a way to write Layfield off of television as he is not scheduled to appear on WWE TV going forward. There is no word on what is planned for Corbin.

Layfield has had quite the career. Check out some of his time in WWE:

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Opinion: If nothing else, this is a good sign for WWE as it did not feel like the association between Layfield and Corbin was working. The two were not exactly gelling and it was becoming an issue to have Corbin lose over and over again, even with Layfield there. Maybe this is the latest way to get something going for Corbin, but it certainly feels like another reset.

What do you think of the change? How will it go for Corbin? Let us know in the comments below.

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