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Can you blame them? There are all kinds of wrestling promotions around the world today and some of them have quite the audience. This is often the result of a television, or at least streaming, presence, with fans being able to see the show around the country or even the world. Appearing on such a show can mean a lot for a wrestler’s career, which is why some issues have arisen.

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This week, Ring Of Honor TV returned after a year plus hiatus, with the first episode under Tony Khan’s ownership. The show featured ten matches with another ten having been taped for the second episode. However, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, several more wrestlers were brought in for the tapings and not used. Many of these wrestlers canceled independent bookings and while they were paid better for being at the Ring Of Honor show, they were upset about not being used.

One such wrestler was Dak Draper, a former Ring Of Honor star. An independent promoter was said to have lost his top four stars due to the taping, with none of them appearing on the show. While he understood the value of appearing for Ring Of Honor, he was still upset at his own show losing some of its top talent. There is no word on how many wrestlers were backstage and not used.

Ring Of Honor has meant a lot to several wrestlers. Check out some moments from the company’s recent history:

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Opinion: This is one of those things I don’t quite understand. While I get the idea of having more wrestlers that needed just in case something happens, how many extras or backups do you need? At the same time, it must be at least somewhat frustrating for these wrestlers, as while they were paid, no one actually saw them, with the exposure from their independent dates possibly leading to more work in the future. Working for the bigger company makes sense, but it was quite the mess that probably could have been at least somewhat avoided.

What do you think of the situation? What do you want to see from Ring Of Honor? Let us know in the comments below.

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