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As good a reason as any. Wrestling is a sport all about conflict, which is made all the trickier when a majority of fans know that what they are watching is scripted. At times though, there are some feuds that look more realistic than others because there is an element of reality in them. Two major WWE stars have some real life issues and now one of them is explaining a bit more.

There have long been stories of real life heat between Charlotte and Becky Lynch, despite the two of them formerly being friends. Lynch appeared on the MMA Hour (Lynch’s segment begins around 1:43:40) and discussed the issues between her and Charlotte and offering an explanation. According to Lynch, the issues stem from the two of them being competitive and wanting to be the best. The two of them competed for the top spot and ultimately fell out because of it. There is no word on how the relationship status is now. Both are currently off WWE TV, with Charlotte on a hiatus and Lynch recovering from a shoulder injury.

Opinion: Unfortunately this is something that will happen at one point or another and it does make sense. Charlotte is arguably the most successful woman in modern wrestling history and Lynch became one of if not the biggest star in WWE at a time. It makes sense that the two of them might have some issues and that seems to be what happened. Hopefully they can bury the hatchet at some point and we can get some great matches between them as a result.

What do you think of Lynch’s statement? Who is better, Lynch or Charlotte? Let us know in the comments below.

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